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March 3, 2016 - WWE


WWE Creative 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is stating there is a order for WWE artistic to couple a “major informative event” to a opening promo on that week’s part of RAW.

Events such as a Super Bowl, a Grammys or Emmys were new events cited as examples that need to have something associated to it created into a opening promo of RAW for a subsequent airing. 

Undertaker / Shane 

While skeleton could always change, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is stating Undertaker is not now advertised for any events until Wrestlemania. His Wrestlemania 32 opponent, Shane McMahon, is now advertised for Raw this week and subsequent week, as good as on Mar 28th, though not a Mar 21st RAW in Philadelphia. 

Finn Balor

The following video facilities NXT Champion Finn Balor articulate about who he would rather urge his pretension opposite between Samoa Joe or Sami Zayn: 

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