Ric Flair, Dustin Rhodes And 5 Ways WWE Starrcade Can Be A Success

September 20, 2017 - WWE

WCW Starrcade was done famous by domain legends such as Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.

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WWE Starrcade will lapse Saturday, Nov 25.

WWE Starrcade, however, is a pairing of difference that roughly protest one another.

One word represents a bullion customary of veteran wrestling that prevails to this day, while a other was a tack of a ended epoch from a opposition promotion.

WWE Starrcade is like conference “ECW Healthcare” or “ICP Daycare.”

Still, WWE influenced fad with the announcement of a classical pay-per-view authorization as it seems to finally be capitalizing on WCW nostalgia, that has proven to be very marketable.

In 2011, with 142,000 units shipped in a initial dual weeks, The Very Best of WCW Nitro, Vol. 1 outsold 2011 DVDs The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (115,000 units), Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator (115,000) and Stone Cold Steve Austin: Bottom Line (136,000).

In 2013, usually a DVD for WrestleMania 29 outpaced The Best of WCW Nitro, Vol. 2, with 172,000 units and 121,000 units sold, respectively.

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WCW nostalgia has dominated WWE DVD sales in a past, and WWE is capitalizing on that nostalgia by bringing behind Starrcade.

Furthermore, a subsequent dual highest-selling DVDs of that time support were WCW War Games (79,000 units) and Goldberg (74,000).

Following a success of Goldberg’s brief WWE run final year, a graduation is correct to continue capitalizing on a subculture of wrestling that many fans still feel fondly of.

Starrcade 2017 has spawned a fun collection of amicable media buzz, namely after a ornery-but-talented Cody Rhodes took a swipe during his former employer for profiting off an his father’s idea.

WWE executive Michael P.S. Hayes playfully invited Cody to appear, yet a warn (and unlikely) reunion between a Rhodes brothers is only one of many moments that would make Starrcade a noted showcase that could revive WWE’s live eventuality attendance.

Ric Flair’s Emotional Return. Ric Flair won a conflict of his life recently as a 16-time universe champion struggled with numerous health complications. Flair’s new video message from a sanatorium put many of his friends, family and fans during palliate as a Nature Boy seems good on his approach to a full recovery.

Charlotte returned to SmackDown Live to appreciate fans for their support in an enlivening pointer that a potential appearance by Flair himself can’t be too distant away. Provided his health improves significantly by November, there is no improved end for Flair’s initial open coming in a WWE locus than in Greensboro, N.C. at Starrcade.

Dustin. Dustin was a explanation Monday night on Raw. The artist before famous as Goldust was a anti-Finn Balor in his compare opposite Bray Wyatt, as stealing his facepaint done fans caring more about his character.

I’ve been lukewarm on Balor for utterly some time now, and am many some-more meddlesome in a argument between Dustin and Wyatt than a Man vs. Man SummerSlam rematch.

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Dustin incited behind a time with a selected opening in his tellurian form.

Fortunately, Dustin has been concerned in a Starrcade pay-per-view by a aforementioned play sparked by Cody. At a really least, Dustin should have a match. At most, he should reunite with his Cody. 

Cody. I’ve always felt that, yet their attribute is strained, there will always be a doorway open for Cody to return. After betting on himself and apropos a bigger star on a independent/international market, there’s a good possibility Cody would be welcomed behind with open arms in WWE.

A one-off appearance, where a Rhodes Bros. take on a Hardy Boyz, would be a form of warn that will inspire fans to never skip a WWE live eventuality when it comes to their town.

A Themed Set-Design. If WWE is going to have a Starrcade-themed show, it needs to go all-in with an suitable set design. Unique prolongation values will set this eventuality detached from a run-of-the-mill residence show. WWE is entirely able of putting together immaculate set designs, and by spending a fragment of what it did on a costly set for WrestleMania 33, it could make Starrcade special. 

Starrcade as a WWE Network Special. WWE has pulled out all a stops in perplexing to boost a niche subscriber base, that has flattering many surfaced out during 1.6 million. WWE No Mercy will underline a double-main eventuality that could simply title WrestleMania, while Hell in a Cell a following month will underline a singular in-ring coming by Shane McMahon.

With Survivor Series set to take place in a month of November, WWE can continue to smoke-stack a rug by broadcasting Starrcade that same month as a WWE Network special.

Starrcade can simply figure into WWE’s ongoing vital swell to keep WWE applicable in between WrestleMania season.

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