Rob Van Dam’s Potential WWE Farewell Tour Would Be Major Success

August 5, 2015 - WWE

While it might have been an brusque comment, Rob Van Dam handed WWE executives a stellar idea—the former universe champ going on a farewell tour.

There’s income to be finished and memories to qualification by carrying Van Dam make his final stops inside a squared circle. Much like Ric Flair did heading adult to WrestleMania XXIV, a high-flyer could contend a prolonged goodbye heading adult to an romantic final bout.

It’s an thought that RVD himself dismissed off a cuff.

At a QA eventuality during a Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest (h/t, Van Dam pronounced that even yet he’s in between WWE contracts, going to Ring of Honor or TNA would crack a deal. And after observant he could go behind to a association during any time, a maestro mentioned a thought of doing a retirement tour.

Hopefully someone in a WWE relays that info to some higher-ups. It’s a no-brainer of an idea.


Van Dam isn’t meddlesome in a full-time deal, that he mentioned during a fanfest. He’s too aged to go on for years and years anyway. If he’s truly deliberation unresolved adult his boots, WWE should take that eventuality to showcase him as it did Flair, bettering a WWE Network and elevating new stars along a way.


A Network Special Waiting to Happen

The WWE prolongation group has finished a extensive pursuit with a strange specials. Backstage looks during WrestleMania 30, The Usos and Roman Reigns have been compelling, visually appealing hits.

A Van Dam farewell debate offers another eventuality to emanate something on that level.

Film Mr. Monday Night removing prepared for some of his matches. Show him articulate about his career. Put a camera on him as he travels alongside other members of a roster.

The documentary, like a debate itself, would lead adult to his final showdown. 

It’s an easy-to-make production. It’s a intelligent approach to maximize his final run with a company.


Fantasy Matches Along a Way

With a concentration being some-more on Van Dam jacket adult his career than zeroing in on a sold rivalry, WWE would have a leisure to span with a series of younger stars.

There are chances here to emanate some unequivocally fun matches in a capillary of Chris Jericho vs. Neville during Beast in a East. That hitch indispensable no buildup. It only interconnected dual sparkling talents in a ring and let them emanate their possess fireworks.

Do a same with Van Dam, and there’s certain to be a classical along a way.

Neville and Van Dam pulled off an glorious compare during NXT. Booking a rematch would be intelligent deliberation their chemistry and that WWE could play adult that Neville is arrange of a inheritor to Van Dam. In addition, a conflict with Finn Balor has good potential. The same can be pronounced for him confronting a hard-hitting champion such as Kevin Owens or Bray Wyatt.

There are series of matchups Van Dam simply hasn’t had since he hasn’t been around and new talent has emerged in his absence. A retirement debate is WWE‘s possibility to broach a series of these with an overarching story.


A Fresh Narrative

Van Dam wouldn’t be fighting for a championship. He wouldn’t be concerned in one of a many bitter, personal feuds that are such a tack of a industry.

He would be revelation a whole other story.

Mr. Monday Night could be out to infer himself opposite a new era of Superstars. He could only announce how many matches he has on his agreement and emanate a countdown feel as he finishes any one.


That opens a doorway for heels to wish to do mistreat to him and vanquish him to uncover their dominance. Babyfaces could step adult to plea him in sequence to benefit his respect.

WWE has options with a timeline as well. It could save that final hitch for WrestleMania or else it could make another eventuality feel vital by adding RVD‘s final stand. Were Van Dam to finish his WWE career during Extreme Rules in a disaster of splintered Kendo sticks and damaged tables, it would only feel right. Not to mention, it would give that pay-per-view a boost.

Before Van Dam is incompetent to contest during a high turn any longer, WWE needs to take him adult on his idea. Let him sing his swan strain in front of fans shower adult those final notes.

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