Rocket League partners with WWE to unite Backlash, Great Balls of Fire and SummerSlam

May 17, 2017 - WWE

3:34 PM ET

Game developer Psyonix, a creator of vehicular soccer video diversion Rocket League, has partnered with a WWE for an graduation understanding that will final by August, a diversion developer and wrestling graduation association announced Wednesday.

The understanding will see Rocket League pretension unite dual brand-specific WWE Network events, SmackDown Live’s Backlash on May 21 and Raw’s Great Balls of Fire in July. In addition, it will offer as one of several promotional sponsors for WWE’s flagship, multibrand eventuality SummerSlam in August. Rocket League will also be a presenting partner for a promotion’s WWE Women’s Tournament during a summer.

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  • Rocket League will also be advertised via other products on a WWE Network, and on WWE’s unchanging radio programs on Raw and SmackDown on USA Network. Additional terms embody formation with UpUpDownDown, a WWE’s renouned video diversion YouTube channel started by Xavier Woods.

    “The integrated partnership with Psyonix will yield Rocket League with an event to implement WWE’s tellurian platforms and strech a ardent fan base, many of whom are zealous gamers,” WWE executive clamp boss John Brody pronounced in a news release. “We demeanour brazen to operative with Rocket League as we collectively build customized one-stop selling programs to strech their consumers.”

    Since a launch in a summer of 2015, Rocket League, that puts gamers in control of automobiles in a competitive, multiplayer soccer-style game, has seen a large volume of praise. The diversion has amassed a actor bottom of 31 million players opposite Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac, SteamOS and Linux. The diversion also partnered with Amazon-owned livestreaming height Twitch in Mar 2016 to horde a Rocket League Championship Series, a rival esports foe that featured several hundreds of thousands of dollars in esteem payouts.

    “As WWE fans ourselves, we are good wakeful of WWE’s clever capabilities as a vital selling partner,” pronounced Psyonix clamp boss Jeremy Dunham. “WWE has proven time and again that they know how to govern illusory integrated programming, and with an assembly that has identical interests to a own, it was usually healthy that we group adult to see what we could do together.”

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