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August 8, 2015 - WWE

Ring Rust Radio is a best wrestling uncover on a airwaves, and this week was no different. With clever opinions on Rowdy Roddy Piper, Seth Rollins and more, this is where we need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.

Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. Current AAA and former WWE star Rey Mysterio also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Aug. 4: WWE Hall of Famer and former Four Horsemen member J.J. Dillon

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Rowdy Roddy Piper Dies during 61

Just one month after a black flitting of a American Dream Dusty Rhodes, a wrestling business mislaid another legend, as Rowdy Roddy Piper died at a age of 61. Piper, who categorical evented a really initial WrestleMania in a tab group compare opposite Hulk Hogan and Mr. T, was heralded by many as one of a biggest villains of all time.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What Is Hot Rod’s Lasting Legacy?

There is mostly debate when someone gets inducted into a WWE Hall of Fame with courtesy to possibly they are deserving, nonetheless Piper is a Hall of Famer in any clarity of a term. He was one of a biggest talkers to ever reason microphone, and he mastered a art of being a heel. In fact, it can be argued WWE would never have been such a large success nonetheless a participation of Piper as a foil to Hulkamania heading adult to a initial WrestleMania.

As good as Piper was as a heel, he valid to be a illusory face after in his career. He was frequency interesting as an announcer, and he had one of a biggest Intercontinental Championship matches in WrestleMania story opposite Bret Hart during WrestleMania VIII.

Following a cultivatable run in WCW during a late 1990s, Piper continued to be concerned with a wrestling business, intermittently hosting his interesting Piper’s Pit segments on WWE programming. He also seemed on a frequency renouned existence array Legends’ House on WWE Network. Piper positively died distant too young, nonetheless he radically did it all in a competition of veteran wrestling.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Many of today’s wrestlers have been desirous by those who came before them, and for those who are clever in terms of promos, Piper is customarily right nearby a tip of that list.

He had an supernatural ability to not usually get underneath a skin of protagonists and their fans, nonetheless he was also able of offered large matches on a mic as well. That art is mislaid during times during a stream epoch of veteran wrestling, nonetheless those who investigate Piper and his tendencies can assistance keep it alive.

Perhaps a one and usually repudiation on Piper’s resume is a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, nonetheless he wrestled during a time when heels frequency won a company’s tip prize. He would have been a multi-time universe champion in another era, nonetheless he eventually valid to be a conceptual star who didn’t need titles to be a legend.

Piper is one of a many iconic total to ever set feet inside a wrestling ring, and his impact on a business will continue to be felt for many years to come.


Seth Rollins Challenges John Cena to SummerSlam Match

One week after Seth Rollins pennyless John Cena’s nose during a compare for a United States Championship, a WWE world heavyweight champion called out a personality of a Cenation. While Cena wasn’t benefaction during Raw, a WWE Universe awaits his decision, as a face of a Authority challenged him to a compare during SummerSlam with both a universe and U.S. titles on a line.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: How Will This Match Play Out?

It is easy to be distressed about Cena being put behind in a universe pretension scene, deliberation how good he has been for a midcard, nonetheless a fact both titles will be adult for grabs during SummerSlam creates for a frequency intriguing situation. As formidable as it is to prognosticate possibly Superstar withdrawal a Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, with both titles in tow, it is a graphic possibility.

At a same time, WWE could simply book a approach out of a purify preference by some form of suspension or count-out or maybe even division of some kind. As things stand, conjunction Cena nor Rollins needs a pretension a other is holding. At a same time, conjunction indispensably needs to remove his pretension either.

Even nonetheless Cena and Rollins have sealed horns many times over a past year, it’s tough to not be during slightest rather meddlesome about where this angle could be going.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Rollins mislaid around acquiescence when he and Cena met a integrate weeks ago, so there is understandably some courtesy among Rollins fans that he might tumble to Cena during SummerSlam as well.

The probability of Cena winning a large compare can never be totally ignored given it has happened so many times over a years, nonetheless formed on how interesting he has finished a United States Championship stage with his open challenges, it is distant some-more likely WWE will contend a standing quo in that regard.

The easiest approach to keep possibly Rollins or Cena from winning both belts is interference, and that might really good come from Money in a Bank agreement hilt Sheamus. WWE hasn’t finished many with a Celtic Warrior in terms of teasing a cash-in, so SummerSlam would be a ideal time to make it happen. He is a clear hazard to money in his agreement and remove given he hasn’t been built as a tip star as of late, nonetheless don’t be astounded if he cashes in successfully and is eventually suggested to be partial of a Authority.


Rumor Mill 

Backstage news on SummerSlam (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


RRR Interview with AAA’s Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has finished it all over a march of his wrestling career as a former WWE World Heavyweight champion and a star in both WCW and ECW, and he has now left behind to his roots. The petite luchador is set to categorical eventuality AAA’s Triplemania 23 Sunday, and he stopped by Ring Rust Radio to plead a event, as good as his destiny in a business.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Mysterio?

Most wrestlers are commencement to breeze down their careers during 40 years of age, nonetheless Mysterio is instead operative toward one of a biggest matches of his life, as he will face Myzteziz in a tip compare during Triplemania 23. Myzteziz before worked as Sin Cara in WWE, and nonetheless there consistent rumors he and Mysterio would close horns there, it never happened.

The dream confront is finally entrance to delight during Triplemania, though, and Mysterio couldn’t be some-more excited:

Well, that compare between us is going to a bequest defining match. There is a lot of passion and egos that are going to come into play that night. we have to indicate out that this compare was finished for a fans by a fans. The fans were a No. 1 critiques on who is better. Rey Mysterio or Myzteziz.

At one point, we left Mexico to continue my career globally and a new star came about. He is famous now as Myzteziz, nonetheless behind afterwards he was famous as Mistico and afterwards Sin Cara when he assimilated WWE. we would have to contend a fans, in their eyes, see a lot of similarities between us. We even tagged during one indicate in WWE and now here we are opposite any other interjection to a fans.

Mysterio and Myzteziz are dual of a many achieved luchadores to ever beauty a wrestling ring, and they both have positively large followings, not usually in Mexico nonetheless opposite a world.

Since AAA’s Triplemania 23 will be accessible on pay-per-view in Mexico, a United States and Canada, fans around North America will have an event to declare what could spin out to be a compare of a year.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

While Mysterio’s evident destiny is really many secure in AAA, wrestling fans are constantly looking ahead. Everyone wants to know what a master of a 619’s subsequent pierce will be, and it is clear Mysterio has no necessity of possibilities.

Not usually has Mysterio voiced a eagerness to lapse to WWE during some indicate down a line if a conditions is right, he also has a good understanding of indebtedness for El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground:

I’m a large fan of their product, and we watch it on occasion. They are doing a smashing job, and we consider it’s good that they give an event to a destiny talent of AAA. we lay down and consider if we had that form of graduation going on when AAA was filled with Psychosis, Juventud [Guerrera], [La] Parka, Pentagon, Konnan, afterwards lucha libre would have been introduced years ago to a United States.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, nonetheless we consider all has a time to be exposed, and now it has happened for Lucha Underground. we consider if a time is right and we am interested, we don’t see since not. If a event came to [go] behind to a WWE with a 50-50 terms base, we would do that as well. It’s good to know we have options and when a options come we will be a initial to burst on it as prolonged as it favors both parties involved.

There is copiousness of doubt with courtesy to Lucha Underground since a initial deteriorate recently came to an finish and a second deteriorate hasn’t nonetheless been announced. The product shouldn’t go by a wayside formed on how interesting it is, nonetheless zero is guaranteed.

LU enthusiasts would positively adore to see Mysterio in a church during some point, nonetheless a ultimate loser will be usually excellent regardless of what happens.


B/R Article

Rey Mysterio Talks AAA Triplemania, WWE Departure, Lucha Underground and More (via Donald Wood)


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