Rollins, Reigns get artistic with new WWE toys

September 18, 2015 - WWE

The rivalries between WWE superstars are so epic infrequently that they brief out of a pro wrestling ring and into a fondle aisle.

Take former partners in a Shield coterie and now in-ring foes Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. They’re both vital characters and faces for Mattel’s new Create A WWE Superstar action-figure line, that facilities transmutable physique tools and accessories, and even nonetheless Rollins binds a WWE universe heavyweight and United States championships, “clearly I’m winning him in this customization world,” Reigns says. “My male could lift his conduct yet we don’t consider it goes a other approach around.”

Both wrestlers have large matches this Sunday during Night of Champions (airing live during 8 ET/5PT on a WWE Network) — in Rollins’ case, dual throwdowns in one night — and Mattel will be incorporating elements of a Create A WWE Superstar line into a event.

While many WWE total simulate their ring characters, a new toys ($14.99-$19.99 each) try into a over-the-top themes of each. For example, John Cena has a quarrelsome vibe, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets a gladiator outfit and Paul “Triple H” Levesque garners barbarous wear and defense — and all can do conflict in a ring ($39.99) with mix-and-match turnbuckles, ropes and mats.

“You can emanate a superstar, a superhero, a supervillain — whatever we want, really,” says Reigns, who like Rollins is a unchanging on USA’s Monday Night Raw and Syfy’s Smackdown programming.

Plus, there are general heads and other non-wrestling things in there as good so kids of all ages can “find ways to prognosticate what that subsequent WWE champion could be,” adds PJ Lewis, comparison executive of tellurian code selling pattern for Mattel movement figures. “That competence demeanour opposite to a 7- or 8-year-old than it would for somebody who has been examination WWE for 10, 15, 20 years.”

Both Rollins and Reigns’ total arrive in a subsequent dual weeks. Reigns’ “special ops” set facilities demonstration gear, a gas facade and shackles that fit his ring rigging and character. “I trust in tough work and being a good person. Why not supply yourself with a right rigging to strengthen those beliefs?” he says. “I like to consider I’m a good policeman in this Create A WWE Superstar world.”

And Rollins comes with a ninja and martial-arts accessories such as a samurai mask, kendo hang and ancient armor. Plus, his cosmetic reflection has a relating behind tattoo, he says. “I pierce around good in a ring, discerning and light on my feet, so we suspicion it was a flattering cold instruction to head.”

However, a figure does not come with his dual championship belts, and he’s noticed. “Well, they’ll be means to put that in a after chronicle to make it some-more accurate,” Rollins deadpans.

“As prolonged as it looks kinda like me, we don’t protest too most about my movement figure. They give me all my abs and my outstanding movie-star good looks.”

Rollins, 29, has utterly a few movement total of himself during this point, and they never get aged — mainly since he was such a fondle gourmet as a kid. When a Iowa native was unequivocally young, he had a aged rubber LJN guys of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Big John Studd, and later on came a Jakks total of a Dudley Boyz and a Hardy Boyz.

Similarly, Reigns’ 7-year-old daughter has a garland of her dad’s figures. “We have so many of cave now that she can only make them anybody,” he says. “I can be a servant, we can be a lawnmowing guy, we can be a handyman during a Barbie Dreamhouse. If a toilets are clogged, I’m a plumber we guess.”

At Night of Champions, Reigns, Dean Ambrose and a poser partner will face a Wyatt Family, including their grievous new member Braun Strowman. Reigns, 30, won’t provoke who their third male is yet, yet admits if “me and Dean could only go into a lab and emanate a customized superstar, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

The Create A WWE Superstar characteristics their Frankensteined partner would require: the distance of a 7-foot-tall Big Show, a ring savvy of Shawn Michaels and a nasty opinion of Vader, “to come and chuck bombs and large unbending complicated shots,” says Reigns.

“Can we get that made? we consider we have to start right now though. We need him by during slightest 4 on Sunday.”

Meanwhile Rollins defends his U.S. championship opposite Cena on Sunday as good as carrying a universe pretension compare vs. Sting — Rollins’ toy collection offering a integrate Sting total behind in a day, he recalls. “I had a blond surfer dude and the Crow one after on. we really had them all.”

WWE folks get to have movement figures, video-game versions (WWE 2K16 is out Oct. 27), T-shirts, splash sleeves, gym bags and other paraphernalia. So what’s left for a champ who has roughly everything?

“When we was a boy,” Rollins says, “I had an Ultimate Warrior toothbrush so if we could get a Seth Rollins moving toothbrush, I’d substantially be set for life.”

Not surprisingly, Reigns has a retort: “I need some toothpaste, a toothbrush. Just give me my possess aisle.”

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