Roman Reigns’ Continued Failures Creates Tremendous Potential WWE Storyline

November 26, 2015 - WWE

Having Roman Reigns keep hardly brushing his fingers opposite the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, incompetent to possess it, incompetent to celebrate, is a pivotal to carrying him win over a resistant audience.

As a male many see as a subsequent John Cena, a common impetus to a pretension won’t be enough. WWE needs to beget pathos for him. He needs to struggle.

His critics mostly see Reigns as WWE‘s golden boy. In their minds, he’s being towering too high and too fast. Some feel that he’s reduction honourable of core theatre than other wrestlers.

And so WWE is tasked with convincing those detractors to deposit in Reigns. It has detected a intelligent trail to that, casting him in a Greek tragedy of sorts.

At Survivor Series, Reigns bloody his approach into a WWE pretension contest finals, afterwards bested his crony Dean Ambrose to turn champion. But amid all a raining confetti, usually moments after Reigns had retained a bullion in his arms, Sheamus cashed in his Money in a Bank agreement to erase that delight in an instant.

A weeping Reigns didn’t pierce adult from a board during first. He was gutted.

That is a tension WWE needs to serve daub into as Reigns’ follow continues. The some-more he suffers, a some-more fans are probable to feel for him. Make him a plant of injustice, and it’ll usually be healthy to side with him, to eventually wish him to mangle through.

This is a tip to creation Reigns his possess male and not Cena 2.0.

One of a categorical issues with Cena is that he is too superhuman. He wins no matter a odds. He has degraded dual group during once, fended off Damien Sandow with one good arm and seems to shake off even a many howling blows. WWE has to equivocate that with Reigns.

Instead of carrying him rip by a register in predicted fashion, creation him knowledge beating after disappointment creates him some-more human, some-more relatable.


Yank a carpet from underneath him adequate times and eventually, he goes from Superman to Charlie Brown.

WWE already has a substructure for that account to build on. In further to Survivor Series, Reigns was painfully tighten to pretension excellence at WrestleMania 31. He was in a midst of rocking Brock Lesnar, clearly one large pierce divided from downing a beast. Then, in came Seth Rollins with a Money in a Bank briefcase to take divided Reigns’ chance.

At a Money in a Bank pay-per-view, he had a contract-laden briefcase within his grasp. But Bray Wyatt sent him acrobatics downward.  

As PWTorch’s Greg Parks forked out, it’s mocking how that briefcase was after Reigns’ downfall:

At Survivor Series, WWE toyed with fans’ expectations. At WrestleMania, a association threw a ruin of a curveball. Each time out, Reigns was left empty-handed, a comfortless figure in an indeterminate drama.

The some-more WWE does this relocating brazen with him, a better. 

One of dual paths afterwards awaits. Reigns can quarrel by all a disappointments and uncover off his resiliency as he creates his approach to a towering he can’t seem to summit. Otherwise, Reigns can unravel.

Failure creates him crazy. It enrages him. It army his impression to change, to darken. 

There’s a possibility there to have him change naturally into a heel role, apropos a beast rather than a warrior, a male finished fearsome by apropos totally unhinged. There’s a resources of fundamental play in that story.

And it’s a purpose Reigns will flower in.

He’s come by in large spots several times over so far. His collection of noted matches continues to grow. Against Lesnar, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Big Show and Alberto Del Rio, he’s looked each bit like a star WWE has hoped he would become.

Kyle Fowle of a A.V. Club wrote of Reigns’ hitch on Monday’s Raw opposite Rusev: “The compare usually proves once again that Reigns is now doing a best work he’s finished post-Shield, something he’s been doing for many of 2015.” 

WWE has a right thought of how to ensue with him, to make a arc of his tour many intriguing.

Piling on a obstacles to forestall a impression from attaining a thought he pursues with each partial of himself is Storytelling 101. And a best shot of winning over a territory of fans rejecting a thought of Reigns with a climax on his conduct is to tell a good story.

A Sisyphean tour for Reigns is accurately that.

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