Roman Reigns Is Not Ready For Top Spot In WWE Says Jim Ross

December 21, 2014 - WWE

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Roman Reigns is decoration for a tip mark in a WWE. However, Jim Ross posted his latest blog during that maybe a luminary is not ready. Here are some highlights:

If Roman Reigns is prepared to be a male in WWE:

“Was asked currently by Jason Powell for Pro audio if we suspicion Roman Reigns was prepared to be a male in WWE and turn WWE World Champion. we don’t consider Reigns is prepared currently though it’s not diversion day only nonetheless though we do extol WWE for attempting to supplement some-more ‘new’ into a top label brew and holding a distributed risk on Reigns to be one of their centerpieces. Time will tell and we assure one and all that no one knows today. I’m optimistic.”

Josh Mathews replacing Taz on a TNA announce team:

“Congrats to Josh Mathews on replacing Mike Tenay on a promote group and who will join army with Taz on a Impact TV show. Josh will move a opposite proceed and feel to a uncover though has large boots to fill as it relates to Mike Tenay stepping divided to perform another purpose or dual in a company. Mike will also say his TV presence. Josh and Taz should be fun to listen to as they rise their chemistry. we wish both friends well.”

Dixie Carter appearing on his podcast:

“I’m going to have TNA/Impact Wrestling conduct honcho Dixie Carter on my podcast that will dump on Tuesday Jan 6 during 9:30 pm ET on Indeed, Dixie Carter will be my initial podcast guest of 2015 and we can’t wait. Dixie will have a good understanding to plead as her Impact Wrestling code is relocating networks in a few weeks and creation some inner changes that a fans will see on their initial promote on Destination America.”

Much some-more is contained in Ross’ latest blog, including his thoughts on operative with Matt Striker for a NJPW PPV, where Alberto Del Rio will finish up, heels not intrigue and many more. You can check out a full entrance by clicking here.

Jim Ross has a story on FOX Sports about Darren Drozdov, who wrestled forWWE from 1998-1999. Droz’s WWE career was cut brief in 1999 after he was inept during a compare with D’Lo Brown during a SmackDown taping. Droz told JR that WWE is still understanding of him, and that he has no ill will towards D’Lo.

“I have no tough feelings toward D’Lo given sh-t happens and everybody who gets concerned in athletics, including WWE, knows a risks that exist,” Droz said. “It was an accident.”

Droz, who has regained many of a use of his top physique and arms, also talked about a McMahons holding caring of him, harvesting his initial deer given a accident, smoking pot in front of his mom and more. It is a good and fascinating read, we can check it out here.

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