Roman Reigns Needs a New Direction to Succeed in WWE

April 16, 2015 - WWE

Roman Reigns is maybe a many extraordinary box of “too many too soon” that WWE has seen in utterly some time.  One day he was on tip of a world, operative a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania and a subsequent he’s behind to a same place he was before.

Love him or hatred him, there can be no denying; Reigns needs a new instruction to attain in WWE.

The extraordinary partial of all this is that a former Shield strongman had not unequivocally stood out as a successor apparent to John Cena.  Fans might have famous him for his intensity and positively accepted a association could find a approach to foster him though to trust he would arise adult that quick seemed to be a stretch.

The purpose seemed to be bearing on him instead of him usually flourishing into it.

That idea might have had some merit, as Reigns now finds himself behind in a incomprehensible argument with The Big Show over zero during all.  There are no splendid lights, no categorical eventuality mark and no WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


There’s usually Reigns, Show and a adversary that fans don’t unequivocally caring about.

Facing Brock Lesnar was undoubtedly a biggest impulse of Reigns’ career so distant and one that was ostensible to take him to a Promised Land.  The Beast Incarnate might be a part-time Superstar in WWE, though that does not meant a association usually throws anyone to him for a consequence of giving him a match.

WWE apparently believed in Reigns for him to even share a same atmosphere as Lesnar.  And besides Cena, there is unequivocally no one in a locker room who can make Reigns a approach Lesnar could.  The Samoan Superman was on a quick lane to stardom in a industry, interconnected with a male deliberate to be a many widespread contestant of a complicated era.

But as fast as it began, it was over.

Reigns did not win during Mania and was prosaic on his behind as his former Shield teammate Seth Rollins distinguished with a championship.  Reigns’ fans, as good as his critics, expected sat behind in awe as he had apparently reached a tip usually to usually discourage right before their eyes.

And now it’s behind to a sketch board.

The doubt is what happens now?  Where does a male go after losing in his initial WrestleMania categorical event?  Was Reigns usually a one-hit wonder?  Or does WWE maybe have nonetheless another run in mind for him again during some point?

It all starts with a new direction.  Reigns can't and should not be shoved behind adult a ladder if it’s not meant to be and positively not if he isn’t ready.  Fans got their fill of him on a highway to WrestleMania, suffered by his ungainly promos and forever debated his evolution.  

The whole time he was on that road, he was consistently featured on WWE programming. Fans could not balance into Raw or SmackDown though saying his face, conference about his family birthright or listening to him perplexing to remonstrate a universe he would win during Mania.

The throng is expected not prepared to face all of that again.  So because put them by it?

If The Big Show is a best competition WWE can find for Reigns, because not stop altogether and do something extreme with him?  Why not spin him heel, give him a spokesman to pronounce for him and a new fibre of opponents to face in a ring?

If a heel spin is not in a cards, afterwards maybe giving him some-more of an corner is a answer. Being a smiling, cocky babyface did not work for him, though maybe being a bit some-more dangerous would.  He could be famous as a male who should not be crossed; a male who had no friends and no loyalties.  Getting in Reigns’ approach would spell difficulty for any Superstar in a locker room, notwithstanding that side of a blockade they were on.

Presenting Reigns as some-more of a Samoa Joe impression could presumably advantage him some-more than anything else.

It would also concede him to pursue possibly a United States or a Intercontinental Championships, hold by Cena and Daniel Bryan respectively.  Both group are babyfaces, and Reigns should maybe not be if he were to face off opposite possibly one of them.

But if permitting him to turn re-established during a midcard again is not what WWE wants for him, afterwards Reigns contingency find a approach to turn applicable as a tip star, and he contingency do it now. Beating Big Show will not be enough; putting him on a shelf for a month could be.  Being pounded by The Authority will not do adequate for him; holding them down would be.

And vital off his WrestleMania celebrity will never be all he needs to entirely get over.  He needs to keep going, keep pushing, and wish he eventually gets adequate traction with a fans they will direct he be put behind into WWE World pretension contention.

The good news for Reigns is there’s time.  His arise to a tip was not years in a making, full of considerable achievements and unconstrained near-misses until he finally done it.  This was a male who went from a three-man coterie to headlining WrestleMania not even 3 full years after debuting on Monday Night Raw.  It’s not over for him yet.

Reigns has a ability to attain on a really high level, though in sequence to do that, WWE contingency confirm how to get him there.  And this time, it contingency work.

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