Roman Reigns Needs a Strong Supporting Cast Atop WWE

January 9, 2015 - WWE

Roman Reigns is a Superstar many fans feel is on a approach adult in WWE.  The former Shield strongman has been using on his possess given a organisation separate adult and has amassed a large fan following along a way.  And a closer a association gets to WrestleMania, a some-more some trust his singles run will see a biggest prerogative in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But there’s copiousness of time to prepared Reigns for that categorical eventuality stage, if that is indeed what WWE intends for him.  The biggest emanate for him is a company’s eagerness to ready a rest of a register for his ascent to a top.  The fact is that Reigns needs a clever ancillary expel if he is to turn a tip male in WWE.

It’s a idea that has held glow with many fans over a past year.  Since his depart from The Shield, Reigns has looked a partial of a categorical eventuality star in a making.  He has a swagger, certainty and opinion to get over in a large approach with a WWE faithful.

Reigns usually looks as yet he’s able of removing to that subsequent level.  Unlike others who have come before him, Reigns does not seem like he needs a lot of work.  Much of that is attributed to his distance and strength and a craving he shows whenever he’s in a ring.

Reigns has a killer’s power in his eyes, and it shows any time he stares down his opponent.


Reigns has a commercial image, one WWE could expected make a lot of income from.  Reigns could be for his era what John Cena has been for his: an enterprising performer able of carrying a association on his behind and creation a ton of income in a process.

But he should not do it alone.

Therein lies one of a pivotal differences between Cena‘s WWE tip run and a one many fans feel Reigns is streamer for.  

WWE has leaned heavily on Cena, mostly since he has been a tip moneymaker. Cena has been a one, a male all vital storylines have been built around.  Despite a instruction WWE has taken over a past 10 years, Cena‘s career and his strength as a tip star have always been a finish game.  

When The Nexus invaded, it was adult to Cena to stop them, and he did.  When The Rock came behind into a fold, Cena is a male who faced him in a categorical eventuality during WrestleMania for dual uninterrupted years. When CM Punk forsaken his barbarous pipe bomb in 2011, he did so during a responsibility of Cena and subsequently took a WWE title from him.


And when a time comes for Reigns to allege to a subsequent level, he will have to do business with Cena.

Whether or not Cena will be a ultimate win for Reigns on his approach to presumably confronting Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania 31 stays to be seen.  But what can't be debated is a fact that Cena is a measuring hang for any WWE Superstar who wants to stand a ladder.

It creates clarity that a association would go all-in with a male who creates it a many money, and fans can certainly know a logic.

But Cena has fundamentally finished it on his own.  Yes, Punk rose to a top, though he was arguably always right underneath Cena, not over him.  Randy Orton has had an considerable WWE career, including 12 universe championships, though he has always played second fiddle to Cena.

On a face of it, this does not seem like a problem.  But a flaws in WWE‘s instruction with Cena during a forefront might good be showing.

The law is that everybody around Cena is underneath him.  There is probably no one on a WWE roster Cena would not be authorised to pin, and no one can plea him adequate for fans to trust he can be unseated as a tip guy. 


Lesnar might have broken him during SummerSlam in 2014, though Cena looks as clever now as he ever has. He does not need a WWE World Heavyweight Championship to be successful, and he has finished good though it.

In a meantime, Lesnar has been an absentee champion; he has not been a cause during all.

This can't be a approach WWE continues to do business if Reigns ascends to a tip spot.  The association needs a clever ancillary expel for him to not usually attain though also flourish.  One male can't practically do it all, and if WWE artistic does not know that, afterwards Reigns could humour a same recoil from fans that Cena has dealt with for so long.

The emanate is not if Reigns can turn a large adequate star to lift WWE.  The emanate is that a rest of a Superstars around him contingency be legitimate threats to his pretension power and turn so interesting that a association does not have to rest on him as most as it relies on Cena.

Reigns would still be a tip guy, though he would have copiousness of assistance to keep fans tuning in.

Much of that all-for-one genius can be directly related to The Attitude Era.  Stone Cold Steve Austin was a tip star, a male who brought many fans to a list and put WWE in front of opposition WCW. But fans also came to see The Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. 

WWE‘s talent pool was low during those years, and while Austin was a categorical attraction, there was a clarity that a association had a lot to select from.  Fans could fundamentally take their pick.

This could be what is function with a association right now.  Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Ryback and Daniel Bryan are 6 Superstars who form a tip membrane of today’s WWE categorical eventuality scene.

Each male has singular talents and a opposite impression for fans to possibly adore or hate.  In Cena‘s WWE, any one is fundamentally a bit player.  But in Reigns’ WWE, these group would turn stronger and some-more viable categorical eventuality prospects.

Again, Cena has finished it all since that is a approach WWE has requisitioned him.  It worked for a prolonged time, and for many fans, it was a good thing, during slightest in a brief term.  But over time, Cena‘s impression and slight have turn painfully repeated and stale to a indicate that WWE has embellished itself into a dilemma with him.

It’s the Cena show, and everybody else is usually along for a ride.

A younger tip star means an event for a association to start again, to get behind to a business of not usually formulating new Superstars though cultivating them as well.  Other talents will have a possibility to grow, and they will do so along with Reigns.  It’s a slight that contingency take place if WWE is going to pierce into a destiny and grow into a kind of programming that offers some-more interesting options than what fans have seen in new years.

And it all starts with not usually elevating Reigns though also elevating a talent around him.  It’s a usually approach to safeguard that he can attain and that a association can grow in a future.

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