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February 14, 2015 - WWE

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Tension Grows Between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

When Daniel Bryan degraded Seth Rollins on Raw a integrate weeks ago, he warranted a right to face Roman Reigns during Fastlane with a No. 1 contendership for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship on a line. Despite a fact that both Reigns and Bryan are faces, there was copiousness of feverishness between them on Raw as a build toward Fastlane kicked into another gear.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is WWE Handling This Feud Effectively?

Pitting dual faces opposite one another and formulating a constrained story can be really difficult, though it is clear WWE is committed to creation Reigns contra Bryan work.

The Authority forced a dual Superstars to group adult twice on Raw, and there were predictably some issues along a way. At one point, Bryan incidentally dropkicked Reigns. Following a categorical event, they exchanged difference and got into a shoving match, and Reigns eventually speared a personality of a Yes! Movement.

Reigns and Bryan teamed adult once again on SmackDown to run by a Tag Team Turmoil compare that resolved when they degraded Big Show and Kane. Although they were means to coexist to some degree, it was apparent around a compare that they were perplexing to one-up any other.

Both group desperately wish to plea Brock Lesnar for a pretension during WrestleMania, and they have shown no misgivings about going by any other in sequence to do so.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

The story between Reigns and Bryan so distant has been a elementary one, though it has positively resonated. It has authorised Reigns to turn some-more of a tweener due to Bryan’s popularity, and that has combined to his character. Even Bryan has shown as certain corner as well, that is a bit of a depart from his normal gimmick.

Neither Reigns nor Bryan is permitting a terms face or heel to extent what they can do, and blurring a lines in that proceed has finished this a many engaging angle going in WWE.

WWE has also drawn on a real-life concerns some fans have by carrying Bryan lift many of a bucket in a ring. Bryan has used that fact opposite Reigns, and it should supplement even some-more fuel to their rivalry. With Bryan creation a WWE Universe doubt Reigns’ willingness for a categorical eventuality scene, it will meant that many some-more when they put on a fantastic compare during Fastlane.

Reigns and Bryan’s interactions have been zero brief of compelling, and they will be usually obliged for a success of Fastlane.


Rumor Mill

Potential changes to WrestleMania categorical eventuality plans (F4WOnline around


Sting Accepts Triple H’s Challenge for Fastlane Confrontation

On a heels of Triple H severe Sting to a face-to-face assembly during Fastlane, a Vigilante responded on Raw. The Game demanded to know if Sting intends on appearing during a arriving pay-per-view, and he got his answer in an elaborate manner, as 3 Sting lookalikes played mind games with Triple H before a Icon supposed a plea by a video package.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Was This Build Necessary?

Now that a fight between Sting and Triple H is official, that total to be one of a many rarely expected aspects of Fastlane. With Sting carrying foiled a Authority’s skeleton on mixed occasions, one can usually assume a WrestleMania compare is in a cards.

Fastlane is a ideal event and venue to make it official, and that is expected what will happen, given that will be a vital pull in terms of conversion those who have a WWE Network for giveaway in Feb to compensate for it in March.

Having a shred involving Sting and Triple H during Fastlane creates all a clarity in a universe given even some-more eyes than common will be firm on it. With that said, it can really be argued that WWE would have been improved off withdrawal a Sting and Triple H adversary inexperienced until Fastlane. The Raw shred wasn’t overly effective, given Sting wasn’t indeed there, and it isn’t a widen to contend that it was trite during best.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Having Sting accept Triple H’s plea allows WWE to publicize a face-to-face confront as a certain thing, though it would have been some-more intriguing to leave some turn of doubt.

Most viewers would have been awaiting a Vigilante to seem during Fastlane, and it would have finished for a cold impulse when he eventually showed up. Essentially, a shred on Raw was usually a product of WWE wanting to keep Sting’s name during a forefront with WrestleMania approaching.

WWE also seems to like a thought of gripping Sting puzzling and ominous. There is zero to dislike about that as he had his biggest success in WCW with a identical character. At a same time, it simply wasn’t plausible that Sting would emanate a video package and sinecure attempt doubles in an bid to get inside Triple H’s head.

The fight during Fastlane should be interesting and one of a show’s highlights, though WWE should’ve taken a less-is-more proceed to get there.


Rumor Mill

Backstage note per Sting (PWInsider around


John Cena and Rusev Gear Up for Fastlane

John Cena and Rusev have been during contingency given carrying a backstage dust-up during a Royal Rumble. It was announced a following night that they would have a compare during Fastlane. Build toward that hitch continued on Raw, with Rusev and Lana focusing on Cena‘s maestro status, while Cena finished it transparent that he wasn’t prepared to give adult his spot. That evidence resulted in a fight that increasing tragedy forward of a pay-per-view.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is There Reason to Be Excited About This Angle?

Any argument involving Cena is firm to be treated like a large understanding by WWE, generally around WrestleMania time.

Cena was in a identical conditions final year, as he was divided from a WWE World Heavyweight Championship and feuding with a immature up-and-comer in a form of Bray Wyatt. That adversary focused on Cena‘s station as a tip man and his bequest within WWE. That eventually resulted in Cena violence Wyatt during WrestleMania XXX and entrance out on tip in their feud.

Rusev is a fast-rising heel in his possess right, and holding on Cena could be a outrageous branch indicate in his career. With that said, there is reason to be endangered about him exiting this argument looking strong. The Bulgarian Brute seems expected to win during Fastlane in some fashion, though it is tough to prognosticate it function cleanly. If that is a case, afterwards there is roughly no doubt that Cena will win during WrestleMania and overcome a contingency nonetheless again.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Wins and waste are one thing, though a really crux of a argument between Cena and Rusev is rather confusing.

The basement of Rusev‘s impression to this indicate has been his loathing for a United States. Some competence contend that a impression has been finished before, though it is clearly effective. Cena, on a other hand, is arguably a many nationalistic Superstar on a roster, as evidenced by a work he does with a troops. That would seem to advise that Cena contra Rusev should be about Cena station adult for his country.

Instead, WWE has motionless to go behind to an all-too-familiar good with Cena safeguarding his mark on a label from a hungry, immature challenger. It’s not required a bad angle, though it has already been finished many times before. Having Cena play a nationalistic face would be a bit of a depart from a norm, and it would be a ideal proceed to get even some of his many fervent detractors on his side entering WrestleMania.


Rumor Mill

Backstage greeting to Cena‘s impression portrayal (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 7 Fantasy WWE Standings

1. Brandon Galvin: 357.5

2. Joe Arcidiacono: 187.5

3. Mike Chiari: 135

4. Donald Wood: 40


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