Ronda Rousey in WWE Would Provide Answers to a WWE vs. UFC Debate

September 13, 2017 - WWE

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UFC star Ronda Rousey could be on her approach to WWE, and if her interactions with Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch during a Mae Young Classic yield any clues, she will combat her initial compare in a universe of sports party earlier rather than later.

When she does, she will move clarity to a long-running discuss of either a churned martial artist can leave a proportions of a Octagon and find tolerable success in WWE.


A History of Crossing Over

Over a years, some churned martial artists have done a burst to WWE—to varying degrees of success.

Ken Shamrock was a poignant partial of a WWE register during a Attitude Era. He was typically positioned in a upper-midcard, usually one step divided from a heavyweight pretension scene. His work with Shawn Michaels, Vader, The Rock and Chris Jericho stands out in a career that was brief nonetheless explosive.

Shamrock had prior pro wrestling experience, though, carrying wrestling in South Atlantic Pro Wrestling late in a 1980s.

Shamrock’s counterpart Dan Severn did not knowledge a same success in a WWE rings that he did.

The Beast was technically proficient nonetheless lacked healthy charisma, and shortly WWE fans were tuning him out rather than investing in his ground-based acquiescence ability set.

Matt Riddle was a competitor on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter and amassed an considerable winning strain for himself inside a Octagon. He entered a squared round in 2014 and has ascended to a tip of a eccentric scene, apropos one of a hottest giveaway agents in a industry.

With that said, he has nonetheless to step inside a Vince McMahon-owned ring and showcase his skills to a masses, nonetheless that day might shortly come.

Finally, there is Shayna Baszler, Rousey’s closest friend.

The Queen of Spades grown as an in-ring performer on a eccentric stage after a so-so quarrel career. In 2017, she seemed in a Mae Young Classic and done it to a finals, where she mislaid to Kairi Sane.

Rousey watched from ringside, tears stuffing her eyes when Baszler’s shoulders were pinned to a mat.

To advise churned martial artists find varying degrees of success in a squared round of WWE would be accurate. Typically, a miss of celebrity eventually hurts them, as does their ability to adjust to a party and opening side of things. 

Wrestlers, on a other hand, do not indispensably humour a same fate.

Brock Lesnar might not have a stimulating MMA win-loss record, nonetheless he became a biggest box bureau captivate in UFC—an ass-kicking appurtenance who talked a large diversion and murderous a purest MMA fans. He battered opponents into jelly, left for months, returned and did it again.

When he did lose, fans were overjoyed, nonetheless even afterwards they could not repudiate a hum he combined around whichever quarrel label he appeared.

Though former ECW champion Bobby Lashley has not had that turn of success, he has valid to be a gifted fighter, aggregation a 15-2 record for several promotions, including Strikeforce.

Like MMA, not any Superstar to leave a WWE ring has found success in a Octagon.

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CM Punk was among a tip stars in all of veteran wrestling when he abruptly quit in 2014 and focused his attentions on creation his MMA debut.

He proceeded to get his donkey handed to him by Mickey Gall.


What If Ronda Rousey Fails?

Rousey is entering a association full of performers who take their work really severely and do not demur to urge it in a face of MMA fighters who disregard it.

In 2016, Connor McGregor done headlines for a argumentative twitter in that he threatened to “slap a conduct off” a whole WWE roster.

The response from Superstars both past and benefaction was strenuous and valid a border to that they will go to strengthen their industry.

Rousey has been in a front quarrel for several pay-per-view and televised WWE events in a past, many particularly SummerSlam 2014 and WrestleMania 31, where she physically confronted Stephanie McMahon. She is a fan of a competition and so expected respects it some-more than McGregor ever will.

With that said, she will still face an ceiling battle.

She will expected have no problem with a physicality or jaunty elements of a business. Where she might onslaught is exuding her glamour and joining with audiences. She is a straight-forward badass, nonetheless wrestling fans mostly direct more.

This is not a same WWE that Shamrock walked into and immediately found success behind in 1997.

Wrestling fans do not conclude athletes from other worlds walking into WWE and enjoying a pull since of who they were somewhere else. They wish their Superstars to have paid their impost and rise a passion for a sport.

If Rousey fails, she not usually supports a thought that MMA fighters can't make a transition to a party universe of WWE, she also proves right those fans not so fervent to see her make her entrance and potentially go over their dear Superstars.


What If Ronda Rousey Succeeds?

If Rousey succeeds, WWE has a intensity box bureau captivate on their hands. She could do for women’s wrestling what Lesnar did for a masculine side of things, immediately bringing a credit to a product that sucks a many infrequent fans into examination her tip form battles.

Her impending matches with Charlotte, Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks would accept tip billing, her star energy adequate to remonstrate fans that her matches could be legitimate categorical events. It would advantage a Women’s Revolution and give women’s wrestling a biggest form to date.

Above all, though, success for Rousey might open a doorway for other UFC fighters to make a burst to WWE. It validates a thought that a genuine warrior can do “that feign stuff” nonetheless a choreographed warrior can't indispensably conquer a MMA game.

It would be a blow for those still wrapped adult in the WWE vs. UFC discuss who believed WWE Superstars are higher to those MMA castoffs who try their palm during a business.


An Antiquated Debate

The thought of WWE vs. UFC, during this point, is irrelevant.

Fighters and wrestlers have any crossed over to a opposition’s area and gifted success of some sort. Even those who have unsuccessful have had a abdominal restraint to step out of their comfort zones and radically start from scratch.

The fact of a matter is that there have been pro wrestlers that have been really good for a churned martial humanities universe and fighters who have benefitted a sports party world.

To disagree over that is improved and because is a rubbish of time.

Will Rousey find success in WWE? With a selling appurtenance and a clever pull behind her, of march she will.

Should MMA fans be dissapoint that a lady who helped change womanlike churned martial humanities and laid a substructure for Amanda Nunes, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Holly Holm (among others) to showcase their skills is streamer to a universe of sports entertainment?

No. She left UFC improved than she found it. Few athletes can ever make that explain about a classification for that they manipulate their craft.

Should WWE fans unjustly impugn her for not carrying a credentials of a pro wrestler?

No. Some of a biggest stars in wrestling story have come from backgrounds that did not embody operative in front of 12 people in an armory somewhere. John Cena, Roman Reigns, The Rock and Kurt Angle exploded on to a stage and found themselves in categorical events notwithstanding not carrying a “indie cred” many fans value today.

Fans should be vehement that an contestant famous a universe over is entrance to their favorite pastime, where she has a event to move some-more courtesy to a courtesy and, finally, put an finish to a foolish discuss of WWE vs. UFC—a discuss that creates no clarity and has no decisive winner, nonetheless has a transparent story of both sides benefiting any other.

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