Ronda Rousey’s Best Potential WWE Dream Matches for WrestleMania 32

April 8, 2015 - WWE

If WWE is going to open a doors for UFC’s many widespread womanlike competitor, it creates ideal clarity that a association would array her opposite a possess proprietor badass.

Paige is a many plausible hazard to Ronda Rousey that WWE has to offer. She’s tough, absolute and frequently nasty in a ring. 

The movement between them promises to be unequivocally good. Paige thrives when a charge is amped up, when she’s stomping on people’s hair or flinging them into a barricade. That’s ideal for confronting a savage like Rousey.

Paige is not a star that Stephanie McMahon is, though she’s some-more renouned that Charlotte and in a some-more distinguished mark on a label than Natalya.

In addition, carrying her face Rousey gives an rising star a outrageous resume-booster. If McMahon takes her on, it does zero for a destiny of a division. If Paige binds her possess opposite a UFC star, she can use that to mortar her forward, holding her peers with her. 

Built properly, it can be a biggest WWE women’s compare ever. That’s what officials should be sharpened for should WWE get a event to showcase Rousey on a possess stage.

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