Ronda Rousey’s Potential WWE Future Is Complicated By Her Second KO Loss

December 31, 2016 - WWE

If Stephanie McMahon still wants to move Ronda Rousey to a WWE, her writers have a charge on their hands.

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 30: Ronda Rousey reacts to her detriment to Amanda Nunes in their UFC women’s bantamweight championship hitch during a UFC 207 eventuality on Dec 30, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

How do we sell Rousey to a overly critical and infrequently repulsive members of a WWE Universe, as good as infrequent fans whose voices mostly drown out a loyal connoisseurs of a art form?

If we pronounced “art form?” Then I’m articulate to you.

It has prolonged been speculated that Rousey competence have a destiny in a WWE. She is a large fan of veteran wrestling, a legit luminary and she’s already been a partial of a WWE eventuality (WrestleMania 31). Recently, McMahon reiterated her enterprise to move Rousey into a fold.

On Friday night, Rousey was beaten meaningless by UFC women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes in only 48 seconds. It was Rousey’s second true detriment and this one was even some-more unilateral than her initial conflicting Holly Holm in Nov 2015.

Brock Lesnar returned to a WWE in 2012 after losing his UFC pretension to Cain Velasquez and being battered by Alistair Overeem. There was only 5 months between a detriment to Overeem and his coming on Monday Night Raw.

When Lesnar returned to a WWE, fans welcomed him with open arms, though there are a few differences between his and Rousey’s situation.

Lesnar’s luminary grew in a WWE. The graduation done him a star and helped to yield an event for him to contest in a UFC. His story in a WWE had already served as his validation to fans. Also, when he was reintroduced, he came behind as a heel conflicting a many polarizing face in a business in John Cena.

Hitting a Franchise with an F5 now cemented Lesnar’s standing with a millions of fans who trust it’s en practice to hatred on Cena.

There is no womanlike homogeneous to Cena and Rousey has no foothold with a WWE Universe.

She is distant from made. While a appearance of a luminary will always beget some cocktail from a fans, a newness will wear off during some point.

Rousey would be a part-time Superstar with roughly no knowledge in any aspect of a business. Ideally, you’d like to deliver her to a WWE Universe as a formidable presence, though with a picture of her better so uninformed in a heads, that’s a tough sell.

WWE crowds can be tough. How will Rousey hoop “Nunes” or “48 seconds” chants? It’s tough to suppose her being anything solely a face, though what happens when a group of a throng doesn’t accept her?

Can she hoop being heckled?

The WWE contingency do all in a energy to strengthen her from those kinds of scenarios. That will need unequivocally clever booking.

Rousey would have to be aligned with a face who’s standing with a WWE Universe is atmosphere tight. That’s substantially Sasha Banks. Rousey would afterwards need to be pitted conflicting a heel who customarily generates feverishness from a fans.

That’s substantially Stephanie McMahon herself, and maybe Charlotte, though a Queen competence have too many fans.

That’s a protected approach, though if a WWE and Rousey unequivocally wish to do something adventurous and different, they have her tour start in NXT.

They could play off a new MMA failures and qualification her a persona that doesn’t try to brush a waste underneath a rug. NXT crowds competence be a small reduction vicious of her simply since they aren’t customarily authorised to see such outrageous stars.

Once she’s called up, that would have to occur unequivocally quickly, she could strike a WWE Universe with a vital snake by branch heel. Still sketch from a failures in MMA to make her persona some-more compelling.

Dirty wins over tip faces and a fixing with another super heel would be unpredictable, and it could also set adult a face spin later.

In any case, Rousey’s latest detriment would force WWE’s Creative Team to acquire their paychecks if they wish to benefaction her properly.

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