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March 1, 2018 - WWE

Ronda Rousey photographed with dual vast fans.
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It’s tough to know what to design from Ronda Rousey in WWE, though many observers weren’t awaiting most going into final weekend. Yes, she’s an Olympic medalist and past MMA champion with a prolonged story as a wrestling fan and good honour for what a grub of pro wrestling entails. On a other hand, she’s an alarmingly bad singer whose initial coming as a correct WWE performer, during January’s Royal Rumble event, suggested that she was incompetent even to indicate during a WrestleMania pointer convincingly. There were some caveats, there, that were generally that Rousey seemed generally happy to be there and was maybe impressed by a moment. Anyway, a large exam for Rousey was always going to come this week, with her storyline agreement signing during a Elimination Chamber eventuality and her Monday Night Raw opening a following night.

The initial greeting for Rousey’s opening was comparatively muted, that seemed to clap her somewhat, though she pushed brazen into her storyline. When it was suggested that WWE management total Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were indeed signing Rousey as punish for her annoying them during WrestleMania 3 years ago, all snapped into place. Rousey, who had been kind and common so far—a appearance that was, with hindsight, substantially her best bit of opening yet—was unexpected and certainly a ardent and bulletproof Ronda Rousey that became a UFC megastar. More to a point, she slammed Triple H by a list and got slapped by Stephanie (who fled a ring), so environment adult her WrestleMania argument for this year. Rousey wasn’t ideal a subsequent night on Raw, though she was assured and noisy via in a approach she hadn’t been during a Rumble or Elimination Chamber.

We won’t get a good feel for what Rousey’s WWE career is going to be like long-term during slightest by WrestleMania, as she’s clearly being prepped for a churned tab group compare in that eventuality with a partner (likely Kurt Angle) opposite Triple H and Stephanie. How Rousey works with a non-wrestler in a gimmicky compare in that she will expected see minimal in-ring movement won’t unequivocally tell us most about if she’ll reason adult bell to bell. That said, it’s also a ideal approach to deliver her, as Rousey is divisive adequate that she’ll need a good knave to make certain she’s cheered. No womanlike WWE performer is going to be a some-more effective heel foil than Stephanie McMahon, in partial since of how facilely vitriolic she is when doing her genuine life Chief Brand Officer job, though mostly since she’s good during being evil. Whether it’s narrating a troll-tastic Triple H prominence video, speechifying while cosplaying as Patricia Morrison, or screeching “You OK, baby?” after her dear hubby is attacked, McMahon has turn a honestly good pro wrestling villain.


Dave Meltzer, in a Wrestling Observer Newsletter, reports that a Rousey/McMahon argument is expected to be a long-term thing. Meltzer described it as a graduation regulating Rousey as McMahon’s foil in sequence to put Stephanie on a same turn of stardom that father achieved as Steve Austin’s rival, though it has a combined account reward of gripping Rousey in a correct alignment. Rousey’s storylines will have to be delicately crafted not to make her opponents seem to be on her level. If a former UFC champion dominates, she runs a risk of being deserted by a fans as a luminary who got special diagnosis over women who have worked during this for years. Stephanie being a thorn in Rousey’s side is a best approach to equivocate that, during slightest creatively speaking.

It’s also a intelligent financial play. Rousey’s attainment comes as WWE is perplexing to negotiate a new TV agreement in a United States, a United Kingdom, and India. In a U.S., Rousey could unequivocally good be both a viewed and tangible disproportion maker. According to Meltzer’s stating on inner UFC marketplace research, fans who bought a events Rousey headlined generally didn’t buy other cards, and she brings a ardent and heavily womanlike fanbase with her to WWE. For Rousey to move those new viewers to WWE programming—and potentially some-more paid subscribers to WWE Network—she’ll need storyline longevity. She won’t have if she keeps bulldozing everyone, and McMahon seems singly matched to yield a grade of consistent dispute that Rousey will need if she’s unequivocally going to launch.


At Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, Fox Sports executives (flanked by Colin Cowherd for some reason) were in a front row, that lent a bit of faith to the reports of WWE/Fox negotiations for a U.S. TV contract. Fox hold a domestic UFC understanding for Rousey’s whole run with a MMA promotion, and they know full good about a audience-generating energy she brings. The rough fights before Rousey’s pay-per-view events generally had most stronger audiences than other prelim cards, and Rousey fights were rerun all a time on Fox’s UFC shoulder programming. If a UFC leaves Fox, it will also leave a outrageous hole in a Fox Sports wire programming since so most of a network’s toriginal and rerun calm is UFC-related. WWE can fill that void, and they can fill it most some-more simply with Rousey in their stable.

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