Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: Former Impact Wrestling Stars Finding New Life with WWE

March 16, 2017 - WWE

Credit: WWE.comRyan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 15, 2017

1. Making an Impact Elsewhere

For AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries, a pierce from Impact Wrestling to WWE has pumped high-voltage electricity into their careers. 

WWE’s New Era has seen many an Impact Wrestling castoff supplement constrained chapters to their story in their new homes. These group have found championship bullion and prime-time opportunities in a spotlight available them in Vince McMahon’s circus.

Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) for years was a scrapyard for well-worn WWE talent. 

Ric Flair followed his WWE retirement with an Impact Wrestling run in his 60s. Mick Foley won a TNA World Heavyweight Championship in his 40s. A past-his-prime Hulk Hogan became a focal indicate for a association in a early 2010s. 

The upsurge of talent has topsy-turvy of late, as former Impact Wrestling stars immigrate to a WWE world.

Styles had prolonged been one of Impact Wrestling’s cornerstones, yet their matrimony came to a startling end. Contract negotiations between him and a association stalled in 2013.

The Phenomenal One went on to flower during New Japan Pro Wrestling before nearing on a WWE theatre in 2016.

Against a likes of Roman Reigns, John Cena and Dean Ambrose, Styles put together a year for a ages. He was a WWE champion, SmackDown’s bedrock and a definite tip in-ring performer for a company.

A showdown with SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon during WrestleMania 33 now looms for Styles. It might not be a dream compare many fans hoped for, yet as Miami Herald columnist Scott Fishman forked out, it speaks to how rarely WWE coronet thinks of him:

And we can be certain Styles will rip it adult come Apr 2, fluctuating his considerable widen of pay-per-view performances.

Styles is anticipating a increasing spotlight of WWE to be a gentle place. He isn’t alone in a least. Familiar faces from his Impact Wrestling days fill out WWE’s roster.

Joe is a two-time NXT champ and now Triple H’s conflict dog. He stays undefeated on Raw so far.

Bobby Roode is a stream NXT titleholder. Austin Aries is staid to face Neville during WrestleMania 33 for the Cruiserweight Championship.

In any man’s case, a pierce to WWE has clearly rejuvenated them. 

Aries looks to be carrying a many fun in a ring that he’s had in years. Roode’s run as a adorned boaster has been excellent. Joe has been on glow as a barbarous predator. 

Kyle Fowle of The A.V. Club had high courtesy for The Destroyer after Monday’s Raw:

Credit a change of gait or removing to strife with WWE’s installed roster, yet these Impact Wrestling alum have all constructed some of their best work to date.

When NXT TakeOver: Orlando and WrestleMania reveal in April, there will be no necessity of contributions from a wrestlers WWE plucked from a rival. Styles, Aries and a others are any in a midst of their possess renaissance, multiplying in a light of a new sun.


2. Emma’s Extended Absence 

Waiting for Emma to lapse to a ring has turn too many like watchful for Godot.

After months of teasing a mutation into Emmalina, her re-debut saw her tell fans they would have to wait for her makeover behind to Emma. Her first vignette aired on Oct. 3.

The fact that she’s not active on a register nonetheless is astounding.

The Raw Women’s Championship has altered hands 6 times given WWE initial betrothed she was “premiering soon.” We’ve seen 17 matches featuring The Shining Stars on TV and pay-per-view in that span, per CageMatch, and not a singular one with Emma. And 23 editions of Raw have come and left with Emma usually removing about a notation of airtime sum in that stretch.

She continues to be Raw’s many squandered talent, and her long-awaited lapse has turn a brand’s go-to using joke.


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Dennis Stamp

Another wrestling maestro has left us. Figure Four Online’s Dave Meltzer reported that Dennis Stamp upheld divided during 68 years old.

The 1971 American Wrestling Association Rookie of a Year had a prolonged career that saw him competition in a Los Angeles and Amarillo, Texas, territories, as good as quickly for WWE. Many fans currently know him from his coming in a documentary Beyond a Mat.

This 1984 shave shows him locking horns with Rick Martel in a AWA:

Stamp did good to make this hitch an engaging one, giving Martel utterly a test. This was mostly Stamp’s role, to showcase bigger stars. 


4. Losing Leading Somewhere?

Drew Gulak’s diatribe after descending to Mustafa Ali on Tuesday’s 205 Live was some-more engaging than anything that happened during a tangible match.

The champion grabbed a mic after his better and attempted to censure everybody yet himself for a loss. He pronounced he didn’t have to change—205 Live did.

Gulak, who has been one of a lower-tier stars of a cruiserweight division, might have found something here. He came off as a brag with a bloodied nose and as a delusional male refusing to accept his failure.

That’s a start of a story with plain potential.

Gulak could continue to lose, flourishing some-more ornery any time. He could indicate his fingers during everybody else as his losing strain rolls on. There would be a possibility there to let a heel uncover and to grow some-more unfortunate for victory, creation him some-more dangerous in a process.


5. Andre’s Legend Continues on a Stage

The story of a larger-than-life Andre a Giant has been told in striking novel form interjection to Box Brown and shortly in documentary form as Bill Simmons will produce a film about a behemoth for HBO.

The museum is now showcasing Andre, too. 

Sam Dede, or My Dinner with Andre the Giant, a play about Andre’s attribute with author Samuel Beckett, opened final week at a 59E59 Theater in New York. The uncover is formed on a conversations a dual had when Beckett gathering a 12-year-old Andre to school. 

Dave Sikula (who plays Beckett) tweeted a look during a poster:

This positively won’t be a final middle to underline a vast man’s likeness. No wrestler has seeped into a common alertness like Andre.


6. Broken Brilliance Unleashed

Matt and Jeff Hardy are now giveaway agents after not re-signing with Impact Wrestling, as Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported.

That’s bad news for Impact Wrestling, yet it’s sparkling news for a rest of a wrestling world.

Wherever these brothers go, they are certain to do something special. The Hardys’ skirmish into a weird side of a art form has been tremendous, infusing teleportation, drones, volcanoes and an all-out kookiness into a business.

Matt and Jeff wrestled during Ring of Honor’s 15th-anniversary uncover over a weekend, yet what’s next?

Whether they conduct to WWE, stay with ROH or span a eccentric circuit, design creativity in surplus, an outside-the-box proceed and a reimagining of what wrestling can be.


7. Hawkins’ Empty Confidence

Curt Hawkins believes he’s unfailing to win the Andre a Giant Battle Royal during WrestleMania.

That would be his first feat of 2017. The former tab group champ has left 1-6 given returning to WWE final fall, per CageMatch. Not counting his dual pre-show matches, he doesn’t have a singular PPV hitch on his resume given then.

Hawkins hasn’t wrestled on SmackDown given January, either.

The annual Battle Royal is where WWE hurls a midcarders when a rest of a WrestleMania nonplus is complete. Hawkins will be distant from a usually Superstar entering that competition starving for momentum.


8. A Look Back during Swagger

Jack Swagger sensitively faded from SmackDown. After removing traded to a blue code from Raw final year, a powerhouse didn’t seem on TV many during all.

WWE announced on Monday that a association expelled Swagger.

It’s easy to remember him as a miscast universe champ, yet he had some intriguing moments during his tenure. These clips and highlights uncover off some of Swagger’s best WWE work: 

He will now enter a indys with a vast chip on his shoulder. Combine that with a leisure he’ll see out there, and Swagger is set to supplement to his resume in a vast way.

He should be certain to do all he can to take on Keith Lee, delivering a strife of hosses.


9. The Big Dog Starting to Snarl

Roman Reigns is solemnly apropos a impression he should have been prolonged ago.

WWE has stubbornly attempted to make Reigns a John Cena-like jokester. It has presented him as a gutsy underdog. And nothing of it has worked.

More recently, though, Reigns has shown signs of a shift.

He was daring and unpleasant in his assembly with Undertaker final week. On Monday night, he was constrained as he met Shawn Michaels, with The Big Dog looking inspired and angry. 

“I’m not messing around tonight,” he told a crowd.

That has to continue. Reigns has to continue to develop into a jerk with no courtesy for anyone. That’s a skin that will fit many absolutely on him.


10. Harper on Opportunity

Luke Harper tore divided from The Wyatt Family and now finds his WrestleMania standing unclear.

His former stablemate Bray Wyatt is a WWE champ, set to face Randy Orton in one of a PPV’s biggest bouts. As for Harper, there’s no pledge he even creates a card.

About a situation, he told Nick Schwartz of Fox Sports, “Honestly, we don’t consider there’s a vast devise for me, so we theory I’ll have to make one.”

That’s a right opinion to have. In wrestling and elsewhere, we mostly have to make your possess breaks.  

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