Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: Seth Rollins Proving WWE Smart for Showcasing Him

December 24, 2014 - WWE

1. Seth Rollins Continues to Be a Big Part of WWE‘s Plan

It might not demeanour like it deliberation Brock Lesnar and John Cena are battling it out for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during a Royal Rumble, yet a association is investing in a future.

Rollins has been a biggest target of a opportunities WWE is handing out to a up-and-comers.

Critics will plaint about Rollins losing to Cena on Monday’s Raw notwithstanding division from JJ Security. Take a step behind and peek during a bigger picture, though. WWE is charity Rollins an plenty apportionment of a spotlight, and he has ceaselessly done a many of his chances.

In many ways, this was a year of Rollins.

He supposing a biggest profanation of a year, ending The Shield perpetually with a array of chair shots to his brothers-in-arms. He categorical evented several pay-per-views and played pivotal roles in a Lesnar vs. Cena hitch during Night of Champions and Team Cena vs. Team Authority during Survivor Series.

At any step, Rollins has delivered.

His matches have been some of WWE‘s best. His work opposite Dean Ambrose has been tremendous. More recently, he’s clicked with Cena in some glorious TV clashes. 

On a mic, he’s a convincingly harsh blowhard. With Lesnar not around many during all, WWE has asked him to be a company’s tip heel for a many of a second half of 2014. He’s owned that role, arrangement a association it can count on him going forward.

Rollins, who is usually 28 years old, bursts with potential. WWE looks prepared to daub into that.

He has a argument with Randy Orton entrance interjection to Rollins Curb Stomping him off TV. He has forged an alliance with Paul Heyman and Lesnar that will positively lead to him being a partial of a marquee storyline during a Royal Rumble. The Architect also heads into 2015 with an all-but-guaranteed universe pretension power forward of him.

While Roman Reigns is still an unproven commodity, Rollins has spent his post-Shield time giving WWE officials reasons to keep feeding him these kinds of opportunities. 


2. Close to John Cena

As many as a destiny belongs to a group who done adult The Shield, Cena still clings to his reason over a present. That shows adult in how mostly he wins. As 2014 comes to a close, Cena now has a .842 winning commission for a year.

Not counting Lesnar, who has had usually a handful of matches, there are few Superstars whose record compares to Cena‘s.

The wrestlers with a best winning percentages in 2014 other than Cena are as follows:

  • El Torito (.917)
  • Big Show (.829)
  • Sheamus (.819)
  • Rusev (.804)
  • Roman Reigns (.771)

We can learn a series of things from looking during those numbers. First, it pays to be a babyface. Only Rusev was a heel for a generation of 2014.

Also note a physique of any of those guys. Aside from El Torito, of course, they are all bulking brutes of varying sizes. The notice that Vince McMahon prefers to spotlight some-more robust guys gets some ammo here.

All review statistics from CageMatch.net.


3. A Kevin Steen Christmas

The male now famous as Kevin Owens would be utterly gentle with WWE throwing him into a Miracle on 34th Street Fight. During his days at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, he incorporated a Christmas present into his offense.

That’s not a mark WWE is going to concede him to do, yet it’s transparent he has fun dishing out mayhem. That means he’ll substantially finish adult confronting Ambrose in some kind of holiday-themed gimmick match.

Ambrose keeps removing sealed adult for these kinds of bouts.


4. Suggested Street Fights 

Ambrose and Bray Wyatt closed out Monday’s Raw with a Christmas-centric hardcore match. It had a high points yet doesn’t review to a best Street Fights in wrestling history.

A partial of that was since we usually saw them quarrel in TLC and Boot Camp matches. Blame also goes to their rivalry’s miss of story.

To get a correct Street Fight fix, revisit or learn this array of clashes in a genre: 

  • Doom vs. Arn Anderson and Barry Windham—Starrcade 1990
  • Triple H vs. Cactus Jack—Royal Rumble 2000
  • Edge vs. Shawn Michaels—Raw, Jan. 22, 2007
  • Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes—SmackDown, Nov. 4, 2011
  • Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team—Ring of Honor Final Battle 2012

The tab review from Starrcade is a short-but-intense underrated hitch value seeking out on a WWE Network. Orton vs. Rhodes doesn’t get talked about enough, too. It’s one of Rhodes’ best efforts, a arrangement of a darker side of him.

Triple H and Cactus’ collision facilities a resources of weapons and a latter man’s eagerness to take an imaginary volume of punishment. 


5. Dolph Ziggler Striving to Make Intercontinental Championship Relevant

Ziggler‘s passion for a IC belt and a business in ubiquitous is assisting to make a often-misused pretension some-more prestigious.

The fact that he and Luke Harper frankly flung their bodies around a steel-covered terrain for a possibility during a championship during TLC positively assisted with that. The Showoff was discerning to express on Twitter what winning it meant to him:

He has since mentioned a pretension in his promos with a bend that feels genuine.

Perhaps he knows a WWE pretension possibility is a prolonged shot for him. Maybe he usually admires a IC title’s history. Either way, that kind of opinion will be one pivotal to giving a pretension new life.

The other component is something he has no difficulty delivering: good matches. His latest invulnerability of a championship saw him tarry opposite Harper in a extensive battle.

The some-more Ziggler produces like this in a name of holding onto a pretension ragged by Randy Savage and Pedro Morales, a some-more it becomes a desired esteem rather than a vale column it has too mostly been.


6. Throwback Promo: Roddy Piper 

Piper is still a bulb after all these years. Even a subdued, mature chronicle of a Hall of Famer, as fans saw in a a Piper’s Pit segment on Monday’s Raw, brims with a mad energy.

Hot Rod mastered a art of a inconstant anti-hero prolonged before Ambrose. Should The Lunatic Fringe ever need combined inspiration, he need usually spin to this promo from 1982.

Piper’s take on a babyface purpose was fascinating. It was electric, singular and good value emulating.


7. WWE Needs to Stop Muddying NXT‘s Product

NXT is churning out Superstars primed for success on a categorical roster. WWE has to usually leave them alone.

Adrian Neville has severely softened during a company’s developmental branch. He’s turn a improved talker and connected with a throng by a mix of world-class athleticism and in-ring storytelling. The devise is reportedly to screw with his winning formula.  

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports that “WWE is prepping a new gimmick for Adrian Neville that has been described to us as ‘Mighty Mouse-esque.'”

That can’t meant that WWE is going to dress him in rodent ears and cape, yet it doesn’t sound earnest in a least. Rather than concentration on his strengths, it looks as if a association is selecting to prominence a fact that he’s short.

How WWE is presenting The Ascension is baffling as well.

Konnor and Viktor’s gimmick is excellent as is. As seen in their new vignettes, though, WWE is vigilant on branch adult a volume on it.

They now competition red face paint and outfits out of some scholarship novella movie. 

What’s a indicate of carrying wrestlers ideal personas during one turn usually to force them to take on sillier things on a categorical roster? That’s about as intelligent as carrying Finn Balor do a stand-up comic gimmick.


8. Men on a Marquee

A change from a determined stars to a rising ones is underway. One can see that when holding a demeanour during a list of Superstars who were in a many pay-per-view categorical events.

Per TheHistoryofWWE, these are a tip headliners for 2014, not counting a Royal Rumble:

  • John Cena (six)—Elimination Chamber, Money in a Bank, Battleground, SummerSlam, Night of Champions, Survivor Series
  • Randy Orton (five)—Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, Payback, Money in a Bank, Battleground  
  • Kane (four)—Extreme Rules, Money in a Bank, Battleground, Survivor Series
  • Dean Ambrose (three)—Payback, Hell in a Cell, TLC
  • Seth Rollins (three)—Payback, Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series
  • Roman Reigns (three)—Payback, Money in a Bank, Battleground

Familiar faces take adult a tip 3 spots. The former members of The Shield, though, are right behind them.

WWE has to have a change change toward youth. Seeing Cena and Orton on tip is tiresome. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns offer new appetite and good promise.

The intelligent pierce is to have them supplement to these totals in 2015, being in a final review on a pay-per-view as many as they were in a final third of a year.


9. Armchair Booking: Darren Young

Young has recovered from an damage and returned to a ring. He tweeted a shot of himself in movement opposite Justin Gabriel:

His lapse is a possibility to rehab his image. There’s a genuine possibility to have his story be one of delight and heart.

Have him go on a losing strain yet be an increasingly tough out in any of a losses. He gives Rusev a quarrel of his life, scarcely upsetting him. Young has good showings opposite Rollins, Big Show and Bad News Barrett once he’s back.

Each time out, he fails. By giving gutsy performances and removing closer to feat with any match, he can force us to compensate courtesy to him.

Rather than his defeats usually being a standing quo, they turn partial of a storyline of him looking to infer himself. When he finally does mangle yet and hit off a tip star, WWE has a good impulse to showcase.


10. A Reminder from Jim Ross

It’s easy to get held adult in picking detached what WWE is doing wrong or covet a association for going a instruction other than a one we envisioned. While deliberating a thought of Reigns being prepared for a spotlight during WrestleMania or not, Good Ol‘ J.R. offering good recommendation for wrestling fandom in general.

Ross writes in his blog, “Bottom line is to simply stay tuned and suffer a float and try not to over investigate a TV programming of any association that promotes a genre.”

We’ll try, J.R. Well, some of us will.

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2308764-ryan-dilberts-10-count-seth-rollins-proving-wwe-smart-for-showcasing-him

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