Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE in Danger of Making Babyfaces Too Dark

March 12, 2015 - WWE

1. Who Do we Root For, WWE?

On Monday’s Raw, Randy Orton incited opposite The Authority. He proceeded to tear into Seth Rollins with a fury, torturing and demolishing him. He growled in Rollins’ face during a conflict and had not a dump of forgiveness in him.

He was not alone among WWE‘s babyfaces in borrowing from a heel playbook.

John Cena cranked Rusev‘s neck behind even after he was out cold. He left him fibbing prosaic on his face and afterwards went in for another punch of flesh. At ringside, Lana, tighten to tears, pleaded for him to stop.

And with that, Cena got a compare he wanted, a hitch finished by proceed of torment.

Usually, these assaults would come from a villains. The babyfaces would afterwards arise adult during WrestleMania and accurate revenge.

Going with a particularly black-and-white perspective of good and immorality isn’t necessary, though it feels peculiar rooting for Orton as he reduces Rollins to a mark on a damaged announce table. The same loyal is with Cena. That wasn’t a box of probity being played out; that was an indignant assault that bordered on worried during times.

Even darker superheroes from a comic book world, like Batman, have lines they won’t cross.

WWE has to make certain a possess superheroes live to those same standards. Otherwise, a ring becomes reduction a place where good conquers immorality and some-more of a array where fighters bloody any other.


2. Bray Wyatt’s Barking More than Biting 

WWE can’t forget to let The Eater of Worlds do some ravenous en track to WrestleMania. He has spent a large cube of his time cackling and job out The Undertaker.

Credit: WWE.com

He hasn’t finished scarcely adequate repairs in a ring of late.

Wyatt has a sum of 3 televised matches in February. He has not competed on Raw given Feb. 9 and has missed a final 3 SmackDowns, according to CageMatch.net.

Why not feed him some lower-tier wrestlers? Why not addition his trash-talking with widespread wins over Zack Ryder or members of The New Day? The mic can usually yield so most momentum.


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Kane

Long before Kane wore a tie and served as The Authority’s goon, he looked to get his career going with whatever gimmick promoters threw during him.

In 1993, as Bruiser Mastino, he attempted his fitness during WCW, where he took on Sting. It’s a little-known duration in a large man’s prolonged career.

Thinking behind to his days as Isaac Yankem, The Christmas Creature or a general champion Mastino, one starts to consternation what his career arena would have been like had a Kane persona never come his way.


4. So Much for Giving Divas a Chance

Fans who suspicion that a #GiveDivasAChance transformation altered anything watched in beating on Monday’s Raw.

Yes, a Divas got dual matches on a singular show, though they were the two shortest matches of a night, other than Rusev‘s squashing of Curtis Axel.

AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae lasted 3 mins and 17 seconds, while Natalya vs. Naomi went usually 1:47. There were 3 matches on a uncover that any lasted longer than those dual bouts combined, according to ProFightDB.com.

And strangely, WWE gave Natalya and Naomi a shorter hang over a reduction gifted Summer Rae. Each competition contributed small to a uncover and offering few highlights, mostly due to a miss of time.

In other words, it was behind to business as usual.


5. Where WWE Deserves Kudos

Connor Michalek is set to posthumously win a inaugural Warrior Award during this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony. 

The endowment itself is a good idea: It honors those who have shown good strength and perseverance, as mentioned in The Ultimate Warrior’s Hall of Fame speech.

Giving it to Connor, who upheld divided from cancer final year during usually 8 years old, helps keep his memory alive and brings courtesy to a Connor’s Cure gift started in his honor. It’s a kind of grand pierce that WWE doesn’t get adequate credit for making.


6. Bring on The Briscoes

The Briscoe Brothers would rouse a WWE tab group multiplication in an instant.

That’s been loyal for years, and fans won’t stop articulate about until it indeed happens, until they leave Ring of Honor and a indy circuit and come work for Vince McMahon.

Jay and Mark are a unusual group who have been strong fun to watch in a ring and are even improved on a mic. They would have to tinge down their denunciation for a WWE environment, though a kind of hiss they emanate any time they squeeze a mic is rare. 

There have been talks between a dual sides in a past. Those talks need to start once again.

NXT is now home to some of a best wrestling talent in a world, from Finn Balor to Kevin Owens. Adding Mark and Jay to a brew is a no-brainer. 

Give a tab group multiplication grit, courage and machismo. Give it The Briscoe Brothers.


7. WrestleMania’s Lack of Women’s Championships 

With a proclamation that AJ Lee and Paige will group adult to face Nikki and Brie Bella during WrestleMania, a new trend of not showcasing a Divas pretension during a eventuality will continue.

Looking behind during when WWE chose to have a womanlike champion face a challenger or two, around TheHistoryofWWE.com, reveals that this plan is simply a lapse to WrestleMania’s early days.

From WrestleMania III to WrestleMania XIV, there was usually one women’s pretension compare during The Show of Shows: Alundra Blayze vs. Leilani Kai during WrestleMania X. 

Following that, WWE shifted a approach. In a subsequent 9 years, usually once did a championship go undefended. That enclosed 7 true women’s pretension matches during WrestleMania.

That run finished during WrestleMania XXIV, after that a Divas entered another duration of drought. Only once has a Divas or Women’s Championship been on a line in a final 7 WrestleManias. WrestleMania XXXI will make that one in a final eight.

Credit: WWE.com

This is simply one sign of a illness that is a bad engagement of a women’s division. If there is no impression growth or enchanting stories via a year surrounding a title, because afterwards would a follow for a bullion acquire a mark on a WrestleMania card?


8. Sting’s Greatest Hits during TNA

Triple H and WWE won’t acknowledge a post-WCW and pre-WWE portions of Sting’s career, presumably to equivocate mentioning/promoting TNA. The story a association is revelation is that Sting has been watchful in a shadows for a final 14 years.

For fans unknown with his work during that stretch, it’s good value checking out. He had some glorious bouts, many of that came opposite Kurt Angle. 

That final go-round with Angle gives fans an thought of what Sting is physically able of in his after years. His athleticism isn’t what it was, though if he relies on storytelling he can still lift out some peculiarity work.

That’s what he will have to do opposite Triple H come WrestleMania.


9. John Cena‘s STF

Cena can, in fact, close in a STF correctly. We saw it opposite Orton during a Royal Rumble final year and on Monday night opposite Rusev.

He didn’t put his common good-for-nothing close on his enemy though instead pulled his large arm parsimonious opposite Rusev‘s face. 

Credit: WWE.com

Why doesn’t Cena do it like this each time? It too mostly feels like he’s usually horsing around in there and not perplexing to extinguish a man’s will.


10. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar Build

One can’t contend adequate about how extensive Paul Heyman has been, generally in a final few weeks.

Unfortunately, he’s consistently a usually prominence in this story. Both Reigns and Lesnar aren’t benefaction adequate in a narrative.

Credit: WWE.com

On Monday’s Raw, WWE missed a outrageous opportunity. PW Mania’s Jason Solomon pointed out, “There is NO forgive to have Reigns and Lesnar on a same show, a singular occurrence given how seldomly we see Brock on TV, and not have some arrange of communication between a two.”

With usually dual editions of Raw left, WWE has a lot of work to do to inject electricity into that feud. Heyman‘s sorcery can usually take this hitch so far.

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