Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Is Failing The Ascension

January 15, 2015 - WWE

1. The Announcers Hurting The Ascension

Someone greatfully remind WWE and John “Bradshaw” Layfield what a squish compare is meant to do.

Newcomers rolling over no-name encouragement talent as a means to deliver them is a time-honored tradition. This kind of compare portrays a rookie as a dangerous force. It gives him a tomato can to vanquish before relocating on to bigger challenges.

For some reason, The Ascension’s prevalence is instead being treated with indignation.

JBL, in particular, is dismissing Viktor and Konnor’s accomplishments. He scoffs during a miss of foe in front of them rather than tell us how wowed he is by their dominance.

On Tuesday’s Main Event, The Ascension took on another span of jobbers and won easily. JBL shrugged it off, observant “It’s easy to kick adult a punching bag.”

When Tom Phillips attempted to censure The Authority for not giving The Ascension tougher opponents, JBL pragmatic it was Viktor and Konnor who were selecting defective foes. 

That’s a accurate conflicting of offered a former NXT tab champs to a crowd. Why make them demeanour like cowards when we can execute them as powerful beasts? Why bonus a repairs they are doing in a ring?

Compare how a announcers have treated The Ascension with how WWE rubbed Razor Ramon’s jobber-crushing. In his WWE debut, he faced a same kind of little-known grappler that The Ascension has faced so far.

Mr. Perfect and Vince McMahon spent many of a compare blown away.

Mr. Perfect exclaimed “Look during a physique of this man” and when Ramon strike his finisher, “I have never seen a pierce like that before.” Ramon won McMahon over quickly, moving him to say, “I contingency contend I’m tender so far.”

That’s a regulation for these squish bouts, one that has worked for years. WWE has strayed from that blueprint, and as a result, The Ascension looks weak.

The announcers have spent a infancy of their airtime slicing it down. Why should fans trust in this twin then?

Pasting a dual with red warpaint and seeking them to call out The Road Warriors aren’t good ideas. Having JBL and association take a dump on The Ascension to acquire it is distant worse.


2. Lucha Underground Ladder Match

The supercharged, innovative Lucha Underground is providing a illusory addition for a WWE fan possibly seeking some-more transformation or sleepy of WWE’s faults.

The Aztec Warfare compare that crowned a promotion’s initial champ final week was a thriller. It was nonetheless another instance of given wrestling fans should supplement Underground to their diet.

One of a show’s best and many enchanting bouts stays a Triple Threat Ladder compare from Dec. 10.

WWE fans will commend Ezekiel Jackson (working as Big Ryck) and John Morrison (going by Johnny Mundo). This compare acts as an announcement for Lucha Underground and creates one consternation given WWE unsuccessful to use Jackson like this.


3. Rumble Winners’ Momentum

Babyfaces headed for a Royal Rumble win initial pad their resumes with other victories. That’s what new story says during least.

Fans anticipating for a Dean Ambrose feat during a Rumble have reason to be disheartened. He hasn’t followed a settlement of a fan favorites who have won a annual 30-man compare as of late.

Not counting Batista, who spent his pre-Rumble time divided from WWE, a final few Royal Rumble winners have looked good down a stretch.

Royal Rumble winners’ win-loss annals in a 10 matches before a pay-per-view:

  • John Cena: 9-1
  • Sheamus: 7-2
  • Alberto Del Rio: 5-5
  • Edge: 8-2
  • Randy Orton: 4-5-1

Orton and Del Rio worked as heels during that stretch. WWE clearly doesn’t worry as many about a villains’ momentum.


4. Throwback Video of a Week: The Macho Man in Memphis

As WWE announced on Monday night, Randy Savage is finally headed to a Hall of Fame. That news is certain to have fans reflecting behind on The Macho Man’s career highlights. There are copiousness of them too.

Several of those occurred before he even debuted for WWE. While operative in Memphis in 1985, Savage had one of his many mean moments, one that had him looking like an unconcerned brute, a male to be feared.

He pounded a Japanese photographer, withdrawal him bloodied and idle on a floor. 

It was only a few months after that Savage changed to McMahon’s company, rolling over Aldo Marino en track to a Hall of Fame career.


5. What Happened to The Bunny?

WWE certain shined a spotlight on The Bunny a lot to only have him disappear.

After Adam Rose throttled him only before Christmas, a rabbit went away, with small discuss of him on TV. It’s intelligent to divert his damage by carrying him lay out for a while, yet there needs to be a end to his story.

Credit: WWE.com

Either Rose crushes The Bunny in a aroused bout, doing divided with him for good, or else The Bunny has a Virgil-like impulse and scores an dissapoint over him. 

With a Royal Rumble approaching, there’s a ideal event to move Rose’s long-eared former fan back. As a warn entrant, he could discharge Rose from a match, environment adult a singles strife in a nearby future.

That’s where WWE can tip off a stupid story with possibly a heel creation an fatiguing matter or someone ripping off that facade and finally divulgence who this bushy associate is. 


6. Goldust and Stardust’s Decline 

After losing a tab group titles, Goldust and Stardust have turn a division’s doormat. They don’t feel a slightest bit dangerous right now, left-handed along for a past few months.

Their detriment to Los Matadores on Tuesday’s Main Event noted their ninth true defeat. Since The Miz and Damien Mizdow dethroned a weird brothers, they have left 1-11.

Credit: WWE.com

That sole feat isn’t considerable either. They knocked off Rose and The Bunny on Dec. 2. 

It looks like Goldust and Stardust could use some battles opposite a internal athletes who have left adult opposite The Ascension lately. 


7. Daniel Bryan Before He Was Daniel Bryan

The pad sorceress is finally prepared to emanate sorcery once again. Bryan’s initial compare in months is set for Thursday’s SmackDown, a showdown with Kane.

To prep for saying him behind to what he does best, find out some of his biggest hits from his life outward of WWE.  

  • American Dragon, Ultimo Dragon and Koji Kanemoto vs. Heat, Tiger Mask IV and Naomichi Marufuji—New Japan Pro Wrestling Nexess (2004)
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuiness—Ring of Honor Unified (2006)
  • Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA—Ring of Honor Glory by Honor V (2006)
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black—Ring of Honor New Horizons (2008)
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi—Dragon Gate USA Untouchable (2009)

Bryan and McGuiness clicked tremendously good together. Watching any of their work together is good value it.

Checking out his battles with possibly Black or KENTA is generally engaging given both group have given changed to WWE. Black became Rollins, and KENTA is now Hideo Itami.

We’ve already seen Bryan strike it off with Rollins again on WWE’s stage; devising what he could do opposite Itami with as many as he has progressed given 2006 is adequate to lift a fan’s heart rate before a bell begins. 


8. Curtis Axel’s Rejuvenation Pt. 1 

Axel is going to get a shot during restarting a engine of his career as Tyson Kidd did final year. His NXT run began in plain conform with a former IC champ battling Itami.

He had some-more time to work with than he’s used to, and saying him opposite a new competition combined some fun energy. Axel looked good here—better than he has in a prolonged time.

The uninformed start is already profitable off.

NXT will fit Axel well. His ring skills are going to be showcased more, and he’ll be treated as a bigger understanding than he now is on a categorical roster. Facing group like Finn Balor and Adrian Neville will give him a good possibility to emanate something noted on a mat.


9. Armchair Booking: The New Day

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E need some-more account concentration for their gimmick to work. Clapping their hands and being certain isn’t enough; they need a catalyst.

WWE would be intelligent to provide them some-more like knights who are looking to stamp out darkness—a three-man cavalry. 

Credit: WWE.com

Let’s contend Bad News Barrett attacks Sin Cara after his match. Let The New Day come charging in and follow him away. Don’t make that a argument yet instead a impulse to uncover off a heroism.

Its subsequent step should be to try to move down The Ascension.

Have Viktor and Konnor harm one of their no-name opponents and demeanour to do a same to a other. Before they can, though, Woods and association pounce. 

The Ascension and a blue-clad contingent afterwards go to conflict several times. The Ascension should win that argument to announce it as a vital hazard to a division, yet a delegate idea should be to make The New Day demeanour volatile and tough in a process.

They final go out in a 2-out-of-3 Falls compare with Kingston struggling with a bad circle for many of a action. That will assistance fans take them severely while providing a uninformed matchup.


10. On Seth Rollins’ Big Night

Rollins finished Monday’s Raw by planting both John Cena’s and Brock Lesnar’s faces into a mat. That followed a shutting shred where he looked each bit a star that those group did.

That impulse felt like a branch point, one that signified Rollins’ transformation into marquee status.

Will Pruett of ProWrestling.net summed it adult ideally when he tweeted:

Regardless of how he fares in a WWE pretension compare during a Royal Rumble, Rollins has announced that he’s prepared and means to be a association cornerstone.


Match statistics pleasantness of ProFightDB.com.

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