Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Missing a Boat with Cesaro

September 23, 2015 - WWE

1. Cesaro Spinning in Place

Cesaro is a tellurian cannonball with his helmet strapped tight, his arms pulpy to his sides, watchful inside a cannon that might never fire.

WWE simply refuses to dedicate to elevating The King of Swing. Regardless of a dictatorial performances he delivers in a ring or a flourishing volume of his supporters, a association keeps him shackled to a bottom of a card. Rather than make him a pivotal contributor, WWE has pegged Cesaro as a incessant stepping stone.

Monday’s Raw was a latest instance of that mindset in action.

With Big Show set to face Brock Lesnar during Madison Square Garden on Oct. 6, WWE indispensable to give a hulk some momentum. Never mind that selecting The World’s Largest Athlete as Lesnar‘s competition is a waste. That’s another evidence for another time.

WWE could have left with any array of ways to boost Big Show streamer into that bout. He could have knocked off both members of Los Matadores, a group clearly headed for a separate anyway. Bringing behind Damien Sandow usually to have Big Show vanquish him and kayfabe harm him would beget some good heat.

Instead, a association pegged Cesaro for a night’s losing duties.

Fans are too mostly discerning to glow off a word “buried” when it comes to losses, yet there is a settlement of improved with Cesaro that is worrisome. He falls often. In a final dual months alone, according to his CageMatch.net profilehe has mislaid to Big Show twice, Kevin Owens 3 times and Randy Orton once.

Cesaro has mislaid his final 6 singles matches on pay-per-view. His final feat of that kind came behind in May of 2014.

Sure, some of that is since he spent some time teaming with Tyson Kidd and capturing a tab group titles, yet it’s still transparent that WWE has finished small bid in showcasing Cesaro and presenting him as a tip star. 

After Kidd’s damage bearing Cesaro behind into singles action, a powerhouse hasn’t even finished it on a label consistently. Night of Champions, Battleground and Money in a Bank all lacked The Swiss Superman’s presence. WWE found a argument and a enemy for R-Truth on dual of those 3 shows, yet zero for one of a tip performers today.

R-Truth does not have fans copy “R-Truth Section” signs in support of him. R-Truth isn’t delivering matches estimable of a categorical event.

Cesaro has a skills to be a marquee attraction. While he’s no mic maestro, he has underrated charisma. Pair that with his illusory in-ring ability and flourishing fanbase, and it’s a no-brainer that he is among a talent WWE should be pushing.

That continues not to happen, though.

He fails to seize any poignant storylines. He is not in a follow for a pretension longer than a few beats. And his win-loss record continues to get hammered.

That has many fans, Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross among them, confused. Ross wrote of a conditions on his blog, “Why is Cesaro losing and not being promoted as a tip star? What am we blank here?”

JP Yim/Getty Images

The bigger doubt is: What is WWE missing? Why isn’t it saying Cesaro’s intensity and his tie with a crowd?

That tie will destroy to stay clever if fans start to see him as a low-level loser. Beat it into a crowd’s mind adequate that a man usually isn’t good adequate by how we book him, and eventually a assembly will start to trust it.

That’s where Cesaro is heading, while Big Show has a large compare lined adult for him and a 48-year-old Kane closes in on a WWE pretension match.


2. John Cena Continues to Conquer Seth Rollins

Rollins has to be praying that he and Cena are finished battling for a nearby future. WWE has finished their adversary a hugely unilateral one.

Rather than use his array of clashes with Cena to rouse him, WWE has asked Rollins to play a partial of a automobile that keeps crashing into a wall.

The latest instances of that came during Night of Champions and on Raw a subsequent night. Rollins mislaid to Cena both times.

As listed on CageMatch.net, Cena is 18-4-2 opposite Rollins since The Architect left The Shield. Overall, Cena is 24-6-2 opposite him. That’s not most improved than a Army football group has finished opposite Notre Dame over a years.

Consider also that one of Rollins’ wins came with Cena on a wrong finish of a three-on-one disadvantage, another came with Rollins carrying 3 group to Cena‘s dual and that Jon Stewart handing Rollins a feat during SummerSlam, and a record looks even worse.

The imbalance is partially a outcome of WWE‘s rejection to have Cena dump many bouts. It’s also innate from a company’s weird engagement of a stream tip champion. Rollins’ universe pretension power has sputtered interjection to a flurry of non-title losses.

Why WWE feels it needs to siphon adult a already determined star while holding behind one on a arise is even some-more confounding than a Cesaro situation.


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Don Slatton

WWE‘s new outing to Texas saw John “Bradshaw” Layfield make his latest problematic reference. During Monday’s Raw, he talked of Don “The Lawman” Slatton‘s exploits.

Slatton was a former bail bondsman and policeman incited in-ring showman who made his name in West Texas from a late ’50s to a early ’80s. How he non-stop this hitch against Henry Garcia is a covenant to how furious a impression he was:

Firing a gun in a core of a ring is positively not a usually weird impulse in his career. As Harley Race minute in his autobiography King of a Ring, Slatton went off a book and attempted to take a NWA pretension from a champ in a sequence compare in Abilene, Texas.


4. Another Trip to a Underground

Pro wrestling is set to acquire behind a envelope-pushing Lucha Underground. The graduation announced on Twitter that a stylishly constructed wrestling sequence will be behind for a second deteriorate in 2016:

That’s large news for WWE castoffs like Ezekiel Jackson who found their balance in this new environment. It means that we’ll Johnny Mundo (formerly John Morrison) and Prince Puma light adult a ring once again. And saying a moist Catrina behind on a TV shade is positively a present for a audience.

Beyond that, though, as upholder Gabe Sapolsky pointed out on Twitter, “This is usually a certain for a whole business.” 

Lucha Underground is not going to plea WWE in terms of ratings, yet as it did this year, it will try a bounds of a medium, offer impulse to other promoters and eventually offer as an outside-the-box choice for wrestling fans. 


5. Expanded Time to Tell Stories 

While there is still room to urge in terms of building impression and utilizing talent, WWE is during slightest removing a time component of a Divas Revolution right.

The association is giving a women’s multiplication most longer matches in large spots than it has in a past. Night of Champions continued that new trend.

Length of Last 4 Women’s Division PPV Matches

Match Time
Night of Champions
Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte
PCB vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella
Charlotte vs. Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks
Money in a Bank
Nikki Bella vs. Paige


That outlines 4 loyal PPVs where a women’s compare went over 10 minutes, a array radically unheard of in a past. Those shows’ women’s bouts average out to 12 mins and 28 seconds. The normal compare time of a final 4 PPV women’s multiplication bouts was 7:04.

That’s a certain WWE has to keep up. 


6. Reddick‘s Top 5

Oakland Athletics’ outfielder Josh Reddick recently penned a piece for The Players’ Tribune. In it, he named his 5 favorite wrestlers of all time:

  1. Triple H
  2. John Cena
  3. Steve Austin
  4. Ric Flair
  5. Shawn Michaels

Not a bad list. We’ll usually leave it there and let a exhilarated discuss about where he is right and wrong begin.


7. Naomi Needs a New Move

Not each finisher can be as ideal as Sweet Chin Music, yet a pierce with that Naomi finishes off her opponents is usually not good enough.

It’s not during all plausible that her butt-smacking someone’s face can do them in. And it’s not as if this is a spectacular-looking move, either. 

The folks from the Mat Men podcast asked a doubt that WWE should be seeking itself:

Someone as jaunty as Naomi should be doing something most reduction stupid and most some-more thrilling.  


8. Stellar Ric Flair Title Wins

After Charlotte outlasted Nikki Bella during Night of Champions, WWE finished certain to expostulate home a fact that she is Flair’s daughter.

The Nature Boy told fans on Monday’s Raw that examination his small lady take home a bullion was a bigger impulse for him than any of his possess pretension wins. That might be true, yet he stoical many a classical when winning a heavyweight crown.

Seek out these pretension wins for possibly a sip of nostalgia or an scrutiny of a past: 

Beating Race announced Flair’s attainment on a large stage. The thespian compare used carnage and in-ring psychology to make that attainment a grand one.

Steamboat and Flair were always ideal rivals, both character-wise and in a ring. Their 1989 conflict is among a many masterpieces they constructed together. 

And a decade after knocking off Race, Flair kick a beast Race managed. The competition is a showcase of Flair’s versatility. He could develop on a pad with a high-flyer like Steamboat, a super heavyweight like Vader or usually about anybody with a pulse.


9. Emma Awaits Opportunity

At NXT‘s initial residence uncover in Texas, Emma took on Bayley for a NXT Women’s Championship. In a non-televised bout, Emma flourished as a intense, bloody heel in hunt of glory. She kicked Bayley with nasty kicks and grappled with her on a belligerent in hypnotizing fashion.

As we stood to extol her and Bayley for their efforts that night, we couldn’t assistance yet consternation if other fans were meditative a same thing as me: Why on earth aren’t we saying this chronicle of Emma on TV?

With a NXT women’s multiplication in need of abyss and constant workers, Emma should during slightest be Bayley‘s arch opposition during Full Sail University. Beyond that, she’s entirely able of being a pivotal spoke in a women’s multiplication on a categorical roster.

Credit: WWE.com

She’s clever in a ring and is usually a improved gimmick divided from unequivocally joining with fans.

As most as Cesaro supporters have reason to complain, Emma is arguably a bigger box of WWE‘s wasting talent. The Swiss Superman is during slightest consistently on a screen, proprietor punching bag or not.


10. Booker T on Rusev

Hopefully, WWE Creative tuned in to a Night of Champions pre-show. That’s where Booker T laid out usually where Rusev needs to conduct next.

The former universe champ said, “I wish to see a aged Rusev back. Rusev was a monster. He was a torpedo during one point, holding everybody out of a game. He needs to get his concentration behind and quit meditative about these honeys.”

Booker T is spot-on here. Rusev was during his best as an powerful predator. This eloquent story with Lana and Summer Rae has sucked most of a life from his character.

A lapse to force is in order.


Match times pleasantness of ProFightDB.com..

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