Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Not Making Enough Use of The Miz’s Greatness

August 23, 2017 - WWE

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1. The Miz Belongs on a Marquee

WWE usually infrequently seems to commend what it has in The Miz.

At SummerSlam, a intercontinental champion was so distant down a label that during his pre-show six-man tab group compare conflicting The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan he had to perform in a nearly dull arena (h/t Total Wrestling). The subsequent night, though, The Miz stepped into a ring in a center of a showdown between John Cena and Roman Reigns before wrestling in Raw’s categorical event.

The Miz needs to be in a mark he was on Monday some-more often.

He is a company’s best heel. He’s a captivating participation with a microphone in hand. And as we’ve seen in a final dual years, his ring work has softened in a large way.

The Miz is an comprehensive star, and WWE has to provide him like that on a some-more unchanging basis. Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald is among a many who trust The A-Lister is on a tip of his diversion right now:

Yet The Miz isn’t in a midst of a high-profile rivalry. His issues with Jordan didn’t come adult on Monday’s Raw. 

He’s shielded a IC pretension usually twice given winning it in June, per CageMatch.net. WWE had him mired in a argument that stretched on prolonged past a shelf life conflicting Dean Ambrose.

When The Miz addressed Cena and Reigns on Monday, he reminded us that he’s among a best talkers on a register today. His emotionally charged, burning promo is a kind of thing usually a handful of other Raw stars could produce.

He talked about a IC pretension not removing a correct spotlight and being relegated to a pre-show. He said, “I am ill of not removing a honour we deserve.”

He isn’t removing that respect. At slightest not consistently.

He needs to be on a marquee some-more mostly that he’s on a midcard.

The Miz was extensive heading adult to WrestleMania as he mocked Cena and Nikki Bella. That’s a kind of star energy that should be conflicting him all a time. The IC champ should be tangling with Finn Balor and feuding with Reigns.

When No Mercy rolls around on Sept. 24, WWE has to make The Miz a priority.

He’s too damn good to be on a pre-show. He has no business being in a argument that gets minimal courtesy like his adversary with Ambrose. Where he was on Monday, in a spotlight, battling in a categorical event, needs to be a some-more permanent home for The Miz. 

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2. Since Asuka Took a Throne

In an epoch of high pretension turnover, Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship power is special. She has now been champ given final Apr and hold on to a belt by knocking off Ember Moon at TakeOver: Brooklyn III over a weekend.

Since she claimed a title, WWE’s other championships have seen new owners after new owner.

As seen on WWE.com, the Raw Women’s Championship has altered hands 10 times, and there have been 10 reigns with a United States pretension given Asuka became champ. The SmackDown women’s title, that wasn’t even combined until final September, has seen six pretension changes, and a Intercontinental Championship has incited over a same array of times in that span, per Wrestling-Titles.com.

Asuka’s reign, though, is in risk since of a broken collarbone.

WWE hasn’t announced either it will frame her of a pretension or wait until she heals for her subsequent defense. It will be a punch to a tummy if her time as champion ends in injury, with no climactic impulse when someone snatches her crown.


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Bobby Roode

When Bobby Roode sauntered into SmackDown on Tuesday to make his debut on a show, it was distant from a initial time he’s been on WWE’s categorical roster. 

Before he was a TNA cornerstone, before he was NXT champion, Roode was a fresh-faced jobber for WWE. The association spelled his final name a accumulation of ways, including Rood and Rude. And he took a violence from a array of stars along a way.

In 2002, for example, he seemed on Velocity in 2002 to face Albert:

Roode’s WWE story began with him personification a veteran stepping stone. A decade-and-a-half after and a roles were topsy-turvy with his competition Aiden English doing a jobbing. It’s been a furious float for Roode, and it’s transparent it’s not tighten to over.


4. Tantalizing Matchups for Rush

Lio Rush is strictly headed to WWE. The company announced a signing on Monday.

Rush, an uncannily discerning performer, was one of a eccentric scene’s hottest acts. He’s only 22 years old. He has monumental athleticism. And he’s going to make NXT an electric product.

A print posted by Lio Rush (@rushliorush)

A array of matches against Hideo Itami, with those dual group kicking divided during any other during a breakneck pace, would be tremendous. Andrade Almas would make an ideal opponent, too, as he could hang with Rush in a fast-paced matchup. Plus, Almas’ viciousness would span good with Rush’s healthy babyface appeal.

And NXT has to eventually array Rush conflicting Johnny Gargano. Their assembly would be a strife of magnetic, hyper-athletic grapplers. 

NXT can’t go wrong, though. Rush will be fun to watch conflicting only about anybody. The brand’s hardest preference will be who Rush faces first.


5. Wrestling is Everywhere

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted an picture of himself in a lecture room where a TV in a credentials appears to be personification a wrestling match:

Joshua Gagnon of Wrestling Inc pointed out that New Japan Pro Wrestling would have been on AXS TV during a time of this tweet. The G1 Climax contingency make for a good ambience cleaner after a torrent of politics.

Regardless of what we consider of his journalistic work, we have to acknowledge he has good ambience in wrestling.


6. More Risk Than Reward

Big bumps make headlines, though timing is everything.

Undertaker threw Mick Foley off a tip of a Hell in a Cell on a PPV compare and became a fable for it. The earthy cost he paid for a attempt was value it. That’s not scarcely loyal for a man who took things to a impassioned during a frugally attended eccentric show. 

Kayfabe News tweeted a shave of an indie wrestler doing an violent diving bend dump spot:

That’s only not smart. Even if he had connected, he could have simply harmed himself. Is a courtesy he garnered from this value potentially finale his career over?

Yes, a footage is being common conflicting amicable media, though a wrestlers’ name is not even trustworthy to it. He’s not a bigger star since of this, he’s a punchline and a meme.


7. The Injury-Induced Upset

Enzo Amore degraded Big Cass in a Street Fight. That’s a bizarre judgment to type, though that’s what a record books show.

Cass tore his ACL during their hitch on Monday’s Raw, and a referees stopped a compare as a result. That gave Amore an astonishing feat over his aged ally.

It was a initial singles compare Amore won all year, per CageMatch.net. He had left 0-4 before that. 

Big Cass’ record was a finish opposite. He had notched 4 uninterrupted wins after violation divided from Amore. The smack-talking babyface was incompetent to final some-more than 5 and a half mins conflicting Big Cass before Monday. 

Their Street Fight flipped a script, giving Amore a W in just 2:25


8. A WWE Women’s Wrestling Playlist

Women’s wrestling is set to change perpetually in WWE, as a Mae Young Classic contest starts airing on Monday. 

The women’s contest will be a initial of a kind. It’s a healthy subsequent step in an ongoing series where women are removing increasing spotlight.

Before that eventuality unfolds, check out this collection of glorious women’s matches to get pumped adult about a tourney:

Kairi Sane, Toni Storm, Rachel Evers and a rest of a Mae Young Classic margin are going to furnish a subsequent set of noted bouts. They are certain to widen a list of biggest women’s wrestling matches in WWE story in a large way.


9. Bring on a Showdown during a Swamp

WWE’s comedic choice universe, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, entertained once more. The association expelled a new set of videos of a illusory promotion.

Southpaw has been one of a many fun things WWE has ever put together. The wrestlers are clearly carrying a blast. Creativity reigns. Absurdity clicks.

WWE would be correct to go a step serve and indeed furnish a Southpaw wrestling special for a WWE Network. Let’s see The Butchers indeed hit with Tex2Badd. Pit Debbie Desperado conflicting a impression crafted for Becky Lynch. 

The association doesn’t have to dwell too prolonged in this world, though one megacard featuring a Superstars’ alter-egos in movement would be all kinds of entertaining.


10. Korderas on Beach Balls

A apportionment of a throng at the Barclays Center during SummerSlam, Raw and SmackDown didn’t give a damn about what was going on in a ring. It didn’t matter if it was Finn Balor or Tony Nese battling between a ropes, these fans chose to do a call and bat around beach balls.

The common invulnerability of that disregard is “We paid for a tickets. We can do what we want.” Former arbitrate Jimmy Korderas skilfully shot down that argument:

If you’re not meddlesome in enchanting with a in-ring movement and elevating a compare by tension and reaction, because are we even there? If we would rather play with a beach round than watch Balor perform, maybe wrestling is not your thing.

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