Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Spoiling Bad News Barrett’s IC Title Reign

March 4, 2015 - WWE

1. Bad News Barrett Suffering Leading Up to WrestleMania

There has been a lot of speak about station surrounding a Intercontinental Championship as of late. The pretension is set to be featured in a Ladder compare during WrestleMania, and former universe champs Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan are in a hunt for a belt.

WWE, though, is creation a stream champ demeanour like a left-handed loser.

Bad News Barrett has not a dump of momentum. He has mislaid time and time again while R-Truth sneaks around Elmer Fudd-style and steals his title, and Dean Ambrose keeps theft a belt for himself.

Sure, all this combined spotlight and liquid of challengers is good for a championship, yet WWE has unsuccessful a stream champ. In a past few weeks, R-Truth, Ziggler, Bryan and Dean Ambrose have all degraded him.

As Jason Solomon of PWMania points out, Barrett’s win-loss record is reduction than considerable right now:

Why not make some-more of an bid to execute Barrett as a challenging foe? Why not make holding a pretension off him feel like some-more of a daunting task?

It feels like it will take a special, gutsy bid to unseat Brock Lesnar, Rusev or Kevin Owens. Barrett, meanwhile, feels like a lame-duck champ, a man who stumbled into championship status.

This energy hasn’t towering Barrett in a least; it has remade him into The Brooklyn Brawler.


2. Curtis Axel, No Victories, No Problem

Wins aren’t all in pro wrestling. Curtis Axel is explanation of that.

While a man like Barrett has looked diseased and ineffectual interjection to a bad record, it hasn’t harm Axel. His flourishing certainty in annoy of all a waste he has amassed is all partial of his gimmick. He’s apropos a friendly crook of sorts.

Axel has not won a compare in 2015.

The final time he tasted feat was on Nov. 4 conflicting Justin Gabriel. His losing strain in televised bouts has now reached 17. Even counting residence shows, his winning percentage for a year is .000, carrying mislaid 29 of 29 matches.

In Axel’s case, that doesn’t matter all that much. His stream shtick is formed around how absurd it is that he believes that he deserves to categorical eventuality WrestleMania. The some-more he falls, a some-more absurd that thought gets.

Credit: WWE.com

He’s been a warn strike as of late, interjection to him borrowing Hulk Hogan‘s signature poses and being over a tip when he has a mic in hand.

Losing during WrestleMania will indeed serve fuel him. Feeling slighted entrance out of a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal will give him ammunition to keep his act up.


Match statistics from CageMatch.net.


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano

WWE announced on Monday’s Raw that former WWE‘s women champ Alundra Blayze is headed to a Hall of Fame. She’s a no-brainer inductee carrying been one of a best womanlike wrestlers in association history.

Traveling behind to 1994 reminds us of usually how good she was.

In Tokyo, she shielded a women’s climax conflicting Japanese fable Bull Nakano. The entrances are roughly as fun as a movement itself, Blayze wielding a threesome of patriotism: motorcycles, an American dwindle and stone music. 

The energy of a hitch is something fans don’t mostly see in women’s matches on WWE‘s categorical roster. When fans direct that WWE give a Divas some-more opportunity, this is a kind of sorcery they are anticipating to see.


4. Jon Stewart Kills It on Raw

Jon Stewart’s coming on Monday’s Raw now finished him one of a best guest stars WWE has ever had.

He was clearly vehement to be a partial of a uncover and showed a honour for a pleasantness throughout. His chaff with Seth Rollins was top-notch. 

When Stewart wraps adult The Daily Show, he’ll have a lot some-more giveaway spaces on his calendar. He is acquire behind to a WWE universe anytime.


5. Praise Flooding in for Finn Balor

Finn Balor is station out in a stand of gifted wrestlers during NXT. Again and again, fans, writers and grapplers are saying mass in his future. 

Ring of Honor’s Moose tweeted that Balor is on his brief list for favorite performers right now:

Sadie Gennis of TV Guide laid out 11 reasons because Balor is a destiny of a company, citing his ability to play both a heel and a face, his climax and experience.

Balor‘s former partner with The Bullet Club, Doc Gallows, also had high regard for a NXT star.

In an talk with Chad Dukes (h/t PWMania), Gallows said, “I consider that Devitt, if they can constraint him usually right, he’s gonna be means to captivate an assembly and be a vital league, large quarrel feel luminary in that company.”

It’s tough to disagree with any of that. In his brief time during NXT, Balor has finished good to send a movement he generated during New Japan Pro Wrestling. His draw and liquid in-ring work is forcing folks to compensate pleasantness to him.


6. Intercontinental Championship Ladder Classics

With a probability that Ambrose, Barrett, Ziggler and Bryan could all be in a Ladder compare come WrestleMania, it’s tough not to get one’s hopes adult for that hitch to take a show.

The Intercontinental Championship has a prolonged story with ladder-centric excellence. To get warmed adult for what Barrett and association harmonise during WrestleMania, find out these good matches on WWE Network or elsewhere: 


Michaels‘ dual Ladder matches conflicting Ramon are some-more famous, yet he and The Hitman killed it in a less-hyped compare in ’92. The Heartbreak Kid was positively WWE‘s early aristocrat of a Ladder match. 

Edge and Christian after did their best to wring that pretension divided from Michaels.


7. Little Love for The New Day 

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E had to wish that their new gimmick would give them some-more of a possibility to shine. That hasn’t been a box as of late.

The New Day has been mostly blank in action.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and The Usos didn’t get most shade time on Monday’s Raw. Woods and Co. would have killed for those 3 mins those teams got, though. The blue-clad contingent didn’t make it on a show.

Credit: WWE.com

That’s turn a pattern.

The New Day has missed 6 of a final 10 editions of Raw. SmackDown hasn’t showcased them most either. Counting this Thursday’s show, they have wrestled on usually dual SmackDowns in 2015.

They are not concerned in any feud. They have no WrestleMania compare on a setting other than expected removing lumped into a Battle Royal. 

It’s going to be tough for a patrol to stay certain if it keeps roving a dais like this.


All compare information pleasantness of CageMatch.net.


8. Missing Out on Tag Team Excellence

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd battled The Lucha Dragons final week in a fast-paced, fun compare that few fans saw.

The tab champs looked strong impressive. Sin Cara and Kalisto outdid their work from NXT. But does a good compare unequivocally exist if no one sees it?

WWE‘s continues to have issues with being means to atmosphere Main Event on a WWE Network. That means that a uncover famous for delivering in terms of in-ring movement is relegated to off-off-off-Broadway status.

A standout opening between dual tab teams had a distant smaller assembly than it deserved.


9. NXT Stars Needed

The Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal should acquire NXT‘s best. So far, most of a margin is finished adult of low-tier stars.

Name energy for that hitch is going to suffer, generally with so many Superstars expected streamer for a IC pretension bout.

Bringing in some NXT names adds fad to a match. Fresh faces and guys inspired to infer themselves will usually improved a contest.

Adrian Neville would wow audiences with high-flying skills. Sami Zayn would move an electricity to a match. The same goes for Balor or Baron Corbin, a former by his athleticism and a latter by approach of his participation and power.

To best fill a final spots for a Battle Royal, WWE need not demeanour any serve than a save of talent during NXT.


10. Daniel Bryan, Intercontinental Champ?

Bryan isn’t headed for a WrestleMania categorical event. That existence is still falling in for some.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson presents a probable instruction WWE could take with a renouned star instead, one that includes Bryan winning a IC belt and creation a pretension applicable again around good matches conflicting John Cena, Cesaro, NXT stars and others.

Johnson writes, “Present a IC pretension and Bryan as a wrestling island in a sea of sports-entertainment.”

That has disturb float created all over it. Sign me up. 

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2384664-ryan-dilberts-10-count-wwe-spoiling-bad-news-barretts-ic-title-reign

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