Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Title Tournament Will Be Big Boost for Dean Ambrose

November 11, 2015 - WWE

1. The Lunatic Poised to Earn Major Spotlight

Dean Ambrose will shortly be swimming in opportunities. 

Even if he doesn’t take home a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during Survivor Series, a contest to confirm a subsequent titleholder will spell feat for The Lunatic Fringe. He is set to strife with a array of top-notch opponents, conflict in a marquee pay-per-view compare and figure prominently in a subsequent vital section of a Roman Reigns story.

Ambrose’s side of a joint boasts some of a best in-ring performers in WWE today. He’s firm to be a partial of during slightest dual clever showings.

Dolph Ziggler awaits him in a second round. And while a discuss about possibly The Showoff is able of being a loyal superstar rages on, there’s no evidence about his ability to gleam in a squared circle.

Add a high stakes of a contest and Ziggler vs. Ambrose is certain to be excellent.

And should Ambrose make it to a semifinals, a expectancy is that Kevin Owens will accommodate him there. That’s a show-stealer in a making. Bad blood has started to rise between these two, as WWE looked to be positioning them for a argument opposite any other before Seth Rollins’ damage forced a thespian change in plans.

If Ambrose and Owens conflict on past Survivor Series, that’s a argument that has a intensity to be one of a best of Ambrose’s career.

Owens’ written astuteness promises to make their chaff memorable. Both group surpass during combative and some-more customary wrestling, so design a array of peculiarity clashes ahead, including expected a gimmick compare during a TLC PPV.

Before that, Ambrose is a safest gamble to make it to a finals out of him Owens, Ziggler and a leader of a Neville-King Barrett match. With Owens already holding a Intercontinental Championship, it’s not expected he gets a genuine impulse during a universe title. Ziggler hasn’t been treated like a legit contender. Neville and Barrett lay on a reduce tier altogether.

Plus, there is some-more amour surrounding an Ambrose-Reigns final than any other pairing. Their stream fondness adds one ruin of a subplot.

So design them to be a final dual group standing, and for Ambrose to supplement another PPV WWE pretension compare to his resume.

Once that bell rings and a dual former stablemates face off, Ambrose might finish adult being what Mick Foley was during Survivor Series 1998—the pathos-generating babyface who mislaid out to misapplication and a corporate faction. On Monday night, WWE teased a intensity heel spin for Reigns when Triple H attempted to lure him to join a dim side.

That bit of indication could possibly be a setup for Reigns to lift a page from The Rock’s playbook and turn a corporate champ, or Ambrose might be a one who takes Triple H’s offer in secret.

Either way, Ambrose is set to be during a core of a vital drama. 

At a really least, he has an IC title-centered adversary opposite one of a hottest heels in a company. His best-case unfolding is to travel divided WWE champ, withdrawal Reigns in his wake. Ambrose is betrothed a softened position than he has been in a final few months in possibly case.

Leading adult to Hell in a Cell, Ambrose was Reigns’ second banana, a understanding crony mostly forced to mount in a background. Rollins’ knee ripping underneath him non-stop a doorway for Ambrose to be closer to core theatre instead.


2. 0-1 Doesn’t Spell Doom

While Tyler Breeze losing in his entrance compare might have some observant that as a pointer that WWE doesn’t consider many of him, story shows that not winning right divided doesn’t meant one won’t win down a road.

The common approach to broach new wrestlers is to have them go on a winning strain opposite low-level opponents. It’s a approach to build them up, to paint them as genuine threats.

WWE hasn’t always left that route, however. These 4 group mislaid their initial WWE match:

All 4 of them went on to win a WWE title. Guerrero is already in a Hall of Fame. Cena and Jericho are thatch to join him. Bryan has a clever box for induction, too.

Breeze is a distant opposite citation than any of those wrestlers, nonetheless their stories are a sign not to rush to tab someone “buried.” 


3. Throwback Video of a Week: Shawn Michaels

Seth Rollins mislaid his pretension off-camera, with no fanfare, no thespian moment. WWE simply announced that he would have to empty his championship due to his disjoin knee damage and changed on to determining who will take his place.

Michaels relinquished his climax in distant some-more noted fashion. His “I mislaid my smile” debate stays one of a many absolute of his career:

WWE would be correct to give Rollins a possibility for some mic time during his recovery, to give him his possess possibility to display over no longer possessing a universe championship.


4. Wide Gap in a Women’s Division

The NXT women’s multiplication is in a bizarre place. It’s dual tiers exist miles apart.

At a top, Bayley is abounding as a gutsy fan favorite with a clever tie to a crowd. Alexa Bliss has morphed into a top-level heel. Asuka is only plain enthralling to watch.

But those women don’t have adequate peculiarity competition. If they aren’t confronting any other, they have to conflict raw, unproven, injured prospects.

Dana Brooke is a painfully bad actress. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay come off as generic, too easy to forget moments after a bell rings. And Eva Marie is not prepared to be on TV during all. She’s a awkward tyro only reckoning out to work a collection of a medium.

Contrast that with Bayley and Bliss and it feels like NXT is dual leagues in one.


5. Racism in Wrestling

Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show tackled competition issues in wrestling with a assistance of Virgil.

Beyond a party value, this is a conversation-starter. Stereotypes posing as impression traits has prolonged been a wrestling tradition. 

WWE has in many ways softened in terms of softened illustration of minorities, though. Notice how aged all a examples (Kamala, Virgil, etc.) are. And while some might disagree that The New Day asks a contingent to strip and jive, a gyrating, loudmouth boaster is a purpose reserved to white wrestlers as well, from Rick Rude to Fandango.


6. Cesaro’s Arsenal Keeps Growing

It’s agreeably startling that WWE hasn’t dubbed Cesaro “The Swiss Army Knife.” He has a prolonged list of ways to attack.

His pierce set is one of a many strong on a roster. He continues to lift out new weapons, adding abyss to his bouts in a meantime.

The King of Swing has begun to use a unique pinning multiple where he slips his leg over his opponent’s neck and folds them adult on a canvas.

Cesaro hasn’t nonetheless destitute out all a moves he used on a indy circuit. Instead, he is solemnly introducing them, consistently gripping things fresh. That’s a sound strategy, one that needs to be copied.

As he battles on, design him to whip out a Ricola Bomb and an Unidentified Flying Opponent during some point.


7. The Inverse for The Ascension

Konnor and Viktor went from front-runners during NXT to also-rans during WWE. They are a longest-reigning NXT champs. At WWE, they haven’t even been in a championship conversation.

Credit: WWE.com

That separate between what they were during a developmental code and what they are now is many transparent with a demeanour during a numbers. 

The Ascension have mislaid 20 out of their final 25 matches and 32 out of their final 40. At NXT, though, they mislaid only 7 times total. That includes a 15-win streak.

WWE has noticed them distant differently than a NXT writers did. The best possibility they have of going on a strain is to fibre together losses. In non-six male matches, they already have one going with 6 defeats in a row.


8. Standout Tournament Matches

The impetus to climax a subsequent WWE World Heavyweight Championship promises to broach some in-ring greatness.

Cesaro and Roman Reigns are set to conflict in a second round. So are Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. By a finish of it, fans could have also seen a earnest showdown between Alberto Del Rio and Reigns, too.

That creates it tough not to start meditative behind to some of WWE‘s best contest bouts. It was mostly before a finals that a tourney’s classics emerged, as one can see from this list of endorsed matchups

Bulldog and Owen were tab group partners when they faced off. That combined a constrained energetic as their partnership imploded in a office of gold. Ambrose and Reigns could good tell their possess chronicle of that story during Survivor Series.


9. The Boss as a Mocking Tool

Fans keep chanting for Sasha Banks. WWE keeps regulating that as a account apparatus rather afterwards only listening to a audience.

On Monday’s Raw, Natalya taunted Naomi by derisive a “We wish Sasha!” chants from a crowd. That’s a technique Brie Bella used before her.

It’s an peculiar thing for a babyface like Natalya to do. She’s perplexing to stir adult tragedy between a members of Team B.A.D. and in a approach sneer during outspoken fans. How is that prolific for her character?

Shouldn’t she be saying, “Yeah, we wish Sasha, too. we wish to face a best” instead?

Why not indeed give a fans what they’re demanding? Natalya doesn’t advantage from regulating chants about another wrestler. And WWE doesn’t advantage from stability to keep a wrestler fans keep emphatically requesting on a bench.


10. On Kevin Owens Making Up for Seth Rollins’ Absence

WWE needs a tip heel with Rollins left for during slightest half a year. Brock Lesnar isn’t around adequate to fill that role. Bray Wyatt could be losing some-more movement if WWE has Undertaker and Kane run over him.

Luckily, a register facilities a specialist heel in Owens.

James Montgomery wrote for Rolling Stone, “Dude is a treasure…not to discuss a opposite breed of heel than Rollins ever was. So design a association to gaunt on him hard in Seth’s absence.” That would be a intelligent move, noticing that a champion has a prohibited palm and creation full use of it.


All compare statistics pleasantness of CageMatch.net.

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