Ryan Dilbert’s 10-Count: WWE Writing Improving on Way to Fastlane …

February 18, 2015 - WWE

1. WWE Creative Gaining Momentum in Midst of WrestleMania Season

Every year around this time, WWE shakes off a sadness of winter and starts to flourish.

Narratives tighten. Stars start to cocktail adult some-more often. Electricity flows by a product as a whole.

The association might have altered a name of a pre-WrestleMania pay-per-view from Elimination Chamber to Fastlane, nonetheless this annual shift is no opposite in 2015. There is some-more concentration and passion in WWE‘s storytelling right now. It’s again a many sparkling time to be a fan.

WWE, for example, is building toward Triple H vs. Sting in a dictatorial way.

Sting arrives usually intermittently, his mystique strengthening in a process. After unsettling Triple H with physique doubles and control of a video complement final week, only a thought of him was adequate to enrage The Game on Monday’s Raw.

Ric Flair warned him not to take Sting lightly. It’s transparent that a arch handling officer is doing anything but. Sting has wormed his approach into Triple H’s head, environment off his temper.

Without Sting in sight, WWE hyped his approaching collision with Triple H with a intelligent strategy. Sting plays a vigilante armed with visionary abilities and a absolute presence. Triple H is reverting behind to his Cerebral Assassin days, apropos some-more vicious, his snarl flourishing bigger.   

The much-maligned artistic group deserves acclamation for how it’s elevating Roman Reigns as well.

After a Royal Rumble win injured with controversy, WWE has worked tough to palm Reigns movement heading adult to WrestleMania. His arriving hitch with Daniel Bryan doesn’t only feel like a placeholder anymore after a well-timed escalation of passion that led to a show-closing brawl.

Intensity also powers John Cena vs. Rusev. With as warlike as things have spin between them, it’s transparent there will be copiousness of bad blood left over from Fastlane to dive into during WrestleMania.

All this account success is a acquire change from what seemed like artistic autopilot over a final few months.

WrestleMania deteriorate is here. The rise of a WWE calendar is on a way.


2. Intercontinental Championship Hot Potato

Dean Ambrose fans should have certainty aplenty about The Lunatic Fringe’s chances of dethroning Bad News Barrett during Fastlane. WWE has not authorised a Intercontinental Championship to lay on one waist for prolonged as of late.

It’s a pretension a association apparently feels many gentle switching around. Per WWE.com, we haven’t seen an IC titleholder keep a belt over 200 days given Cody Rhodes did so from 2011 to 2012. 

The final few champs would have a tough time devising a power even tighten to that length. On the last 7 pay-per-views where a IC belt was on a line, there has been a new champion 5 times.

Last 7 Intercontinental Championship Bouts on PPV

New Champion?
Extreme Rules 2014
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Payback 2014
Bad News Barrett
Rob Van Dam
Battleground 2014
The Miz
Battle Royal Field
SummerSlam 2014
Dolph Ziggler
The Miz
Night of Champions 2014
The Miz
Dolph Ziggler
Hell in a Cell 2014
Dolph Ziggler
TLC 2014
Dolph Ziggler
Luke Harper


It might shortly be Ambrose’s spin to wear that pretension and knowledge all a non-title waste that come with it. 


3. Documentary Director Talks Jake Roberts Project

Wrestling fans have listened Roberts’ story of his brazen into dark several times over. A new documentary celebrates a tour he took to stand out of that place.

The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts shows a WWE Hall of Famer struggling with his addictions as Diamond Dallas Page tries to assistance him forge a new life. Director Steve Yu recently spoke with CineFix about how a plan got started and because it will interest to an assembly over those who watched Roberts DDT folks to a canvas.

It’s an intriguing interview, effectively whetting a ardour for a film that premiered during a Slamdance Film Festival in January.


4. Rusev vs. John Cena Will Steal a Show

Expect value from Reigns vs. Bryan and some good combative between Ambrose and Barrett. It will be Rusev and Cena, though, who broach a best matchup of a night during Fastlane.

Cena‘s story of excelling opposite bomb monsters like Rusev points to this latest collision being a noted one. Cena has thrived opposite Umaga and Bray Wyatt. He now faces a champion with a identical character to that of those dual men.

For Rusev, this is a proving-ground match. It’s a biggest foe of his career to date, and his resume is full of explanation that he stairs adult when called upon.

As his foe has gotten stiffer, his performances have gotten better. He went from plain movement with Big E to a stellar display opposite Sheamus to win a U.S. title.

With as heated as a buildup between them has been, one has to count on their showdown to be hard-hitting and some-more bar quarrel than wrestling match. That favors both men, providing an ideal theatre for them to stir as they belt on any other.


5. Best of Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine might be headed to WWE. Joe tweeted on Tuesday that he is no longer with TNA:

The subsequent proviso of his career begins. Perhaps it sees him lapse to Ring of Honor or go a AJ Styles track and select New Japan Pro Wrestling instead. Should WWE dip him up, some fans will need a authority on what he has achieved in a past.

Seeking out these matches is a good start:

He could be confronting Danielson (now Daniel Bryan) again some 8 years after their standout opening in Edison, New Jersey. Whether WWE would go with that choice or not, if a association does pierce him in, WrestleMania skeleton will need to be changed.

That’s an glorious place to initial showcase him to a new audience.


6. The Tag Team Division in Transition

Goldust and Stardust are no more. The brothers collided again on Monday’s Raw, signaling a finish of their alliance. 

With as terrible as The Miz is treating Damien Mizdow, that group can’t final prolonged either.

New teams are on their approach to reinstate those, though. The Prime Time Players reunited on Monday’s Raw. That impulse wasn’t finished effectively, nonetheless it was a right move.

This is only what a paper-thin tab multiplication needs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young were both during their rise as a duo. They get a possibility to lapse to that with a whole new set of opponents in front of them.

Bringing adult The Lucha Dragons will boost a multiplication as well. The speedy, jaunty pairing would make good opponents for The Ascension as good as Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. 

The tab division’s peculiarity hits peaks and valleys each so often, and it appears that it is set to strech a former after an uninteresting stretch.


7. Throwback Video of a Week: Sting, Ric Flair 

On Monday’s Raw, Flair talked about his many battles with Sting. For fans who didn’t watch that adversary reveal over a march of 3 decades and with dual promotions, looking behind during one of their beginning clashes is a must.

Sting’s appetite is vibrant, and Flair’s power is fascinating as an talk shortly turns to a brawl. 

This stays one of a best rivalries in pro wrestling history, one that WWE is intelligent to use as partial of a buildup of Triple H vs. Sting. 


8. Erick Rowan, More Hapless Than Monstrous 

While his former “family” members suffer a booty of victory, Rowan is settling into a roster’s reduce tier. 

Bray Wyatt is on a prohibited streak, ripping by his opposition. Luke Harper had a brief IC pretension run and now beats adult a members of a company’s really lowest tier like R-Truth.

Rowan, meanwhile, is losing and losing often. He is 1-4 in his final 5 televised bouts.  

Going serve back, he’s only 4-7 in his final 11 matches. And dual of those wins came on a little-seen Superstars.

Rowan doesn’t need to counterpart Cena‘s winning commission to be an impact wrestler, nonetheless it feels as if WWE doesn’t have any skeleton to prominence a large man. He’s in dilapidation for a moment, holding lumps and examination others go by him.


9. Inserting Seth Rollins into Fastlane

Thanks partly to Randy Orton not being behind yet, Rollins is yet a compare during Fastlane. That pay-per-view is a good mark to have The Viper lapse and kick-start that feud, nonetheless Rollins will need to be in movement for that to happen.

WWE has nonetheless dual picturesque options to find a mark on a label for Mr. Money in a Bank.

Credit: WWE.com

The association can go with a tab compare pitting Rollins, Kane and Big Show opposite Dolph Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback. Otherwise, Rollins and Ziggler can go during it again in singles action

With as many times as they have left during it, though, there needs to be an combined stipulation. A 2-out-of-3 Falls compare would be strong fun if there is adequate time on a show. 

Beyond that, there’s small that creates clarity for Rollins given a stream storylines


10. Praise for NXT TakeOver: Rival

The wrestling universe was examination a NXT Superstars furnish another good uncover final Wednesday. Among a many important compliments those concerned perceived came from dual group who spent many a year toiling on a mat.

Edge praised a Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn rivalry:

Lance Storm sloping his shawl to a women who battled in a Fatal 4-Way for a NXT women’s title:

He wasn’t alone. That view was common by many as Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks showed us once again that women’s wrestling can be distant some-more than what it is on a categorical roster. 


All compare statistics pleasantness of CageMatch.net.

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