Ryback Is Right: WWE Missed a Boat with a Big Guy

September 2, 2016 - WWE

WWE never authorised Ryback to change out of neutral.

A miss of joining and a array of brisk tweaks to his gimmick done The Big Guy’s energy with a association one noted by missed opportunities. It’s easy to know because Ryback was so undone when he left; WWE tripped him up.

Ryback addressed his issues with his former employer on his new podcastConversations with The Big Guy (NSFW language).

This was a initial time a powerhouse non-stop adult about his quarrelsome WWE exit.

Among a many eye-catching things he pronounced had to do with his engagement and his place on a association hierarchy. He said, “I feel I’ve never been their guy.” And about how WWE employed him, Ryback told co-host Pat Buck, “They mishandled me from a really beginning. They mishandled a lot of talents, yet in my box particularly, we consider it’s been mishandled horribly.”

It’s tough to disagree with that. 

When he was steamrolling over midcarders and crowds were chanting, “Feed me more!” behind in 2012, Ryback was white hot. It looked as if WWE had another Ultimate Warrior-type titan on a hands. He boasted a larger-than-life presence, an underrated glamour and an explosive, wrecking-ball in-ring style. 

But in a years ahead, his career floundered.

As Vaughn Johnson of Philly.com forked out, that was partly due to wins so mostly followed by losses:

Ryback‘s career numbers advise that WWE never entirely treated him like a large deal. In 2013, his winning percentage, per CageMatch.net, on TV and pay-per-views was .507. The subsequent year it went down to .430. Those are a midcarder’s stats, not someone fit for a marquee.

And after garnering plenty movement before his showdown with CM Punk during Hell in a Cell 2012, his record tailed off.

Ryback afterwards went 0-7-1 in his subsequent 8 PPVs. He was 8-22-1 from Hell in a Cell onward. 

Beyond a numbers, though, Ryback had to be sad by how many storylines and feuds didn’t turn what they should have.

WWE pitted Ryback opposite Mark Henry, for example, at WrestleMania 29.

This was a strife of dual army of inlet that could have catapulted The Big Guy, flitting a flame from one powerhouse to another. The hitch never perceived a hype it should have, however. Ryback mislaid to Henry, rather than have a star-making impulse where he defeated The World’s Strongest Man.

Henry didn’t tumble later, either. WWE requisitioned a maestro to take down Ryback on Raw 4 months after WrestleMania and again during Survivor Series 2013.

In Jul of that year, WWE Creative baked adult one of a many brash angles of a past few years.

During a compare with The Miz, Ryback pulled a WWE chronicle of boxing’s famous “No mas” incident. The Big Guy quit mid-match, refusing to take any some-more of The Miz‘s kicks. That non-stop a doorway for opposition Chris Jericho to start job him “Cryback.” 

How do we book such a grievous male to be a coward? Why would we repairs his aura like that and not even have it lead anywhere?

Jericho and Ryback didn’t have any good rivalry. They fought during Money in a Bank 2013, and that was that.

WWE after came adult with a intelligent storyline for Ryback where he bullied employees backstage. He sent cameramen and producers by tables, stomping on a smaller men.

It’s an idea Hall of Famer Jim Ross felt was a right fit for him. Ross wrote on his blog, “I can simply see Ryback as a large, rude brag of an criminal in WWE. The impression is globally relatable, and we consider that Ryback could lift it off.”

There was no large boon for a story, though. It didn’t set adult a marquee compare with a babyface station adult for a guys Ryback ran over. The brag shtick simply faded into dust.

Narratives fizzling out like that was a using thesis for Ryback‘s career.

His Intercontinental Championship energy in 2015 finished in anticlimactic conform to continue that trend. Rather than have Ryback dump a pretension during a finish of a bitter, dramatic, full-tilt rivalry, The Big Guy mislaid to Kevin Owens after a hillside to a eyes.

Credit: WWE.com

The followup to that better was disappointing. Owens defended a IC pretension in a five-minute compare during Hell in a Cell that year, and a story finished there. 

And some-more recently, WWE done a intelligent pierce of engagement Ryback opposite Kalisto in a classical David-versus-Goliath story with a United States Championship on a line. This could have been a stellar feud, one that kept both group in a spotlight, one that highlighted Ryback‘s mortal power.

Instead, WWE requisitioned their dual pretension clashes to be on a pre-shows of WrestleMania and Payback, respectively.

The adversary lacked a loyal build. WWE signaled to a assembly that a story was usually filler. 

Looking behind during such a prolonged route of missed opportunities, one can usually consternation how opposite Ryback‘s career arena would have been with a few some-more large wins, with WWE entirely exploring his rivalries and positioning him as a bigger priority.

As he ventures into a subsequent theatre of his career, he can usually wish that he follows in Ethan Carter III’s and Drew Galloway’s footsteps, apropos so successful elsewhere that WWE looks ridiculous for not disposition on him more.

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