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November 15, 2014 - WWE

Ring Rust Radio is a best wrestling uncover on a airwaves, and this week was no different. With clever opinions on Ryback, Luke Harper and more, this is where we need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.

Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world.

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Ryback Plays a Field Ahead of Survivor Series

WWE’s bid to reinstate Ryback as a legitimate hazard continued on Monday’s book of Raw. After primarily fasten Team Authority for a compare opposite John Cena’s group during Survivor Series, The Big Guy had a change of heart and fought off several Authority members after a categorical eventuality compare opposite Cena, and it now looks as nonetheless Ryback could potentially be in line to competition a Authority during Survivor Series.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is Ryback Being Used Effectively?

Although Ryback hasn’t nonetheless been named as a member of Team Cena, required knowledge suggests that a partnership is inevitable. He is no longer a partial of Team Authority and clearly has a dislike for a Authority as well. Given that there is an open mark on Cena’s squad, all a pieces are in place for The Big Guy to make a jump.

If Ryback does turn out Team Cena, afterwards it will place him behind in a categorical eventuality theatre for a initial time given 2013. Ryback’s tumble from beauty was quick, as he seemed to be building into one of WWE’s tip faces. Now that WWE is once again pulling him, though, a fans have squandered no time in embracing him.

While Ryback is radically a face, his eagerness to strike Cena with a Spinebuster means that he isn’t prototypical by any means. WWE seems to be building Ryback into a multi-faceted character, that is something that could assistance him have postulated success this time around.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Although it is positively good to see WWE creation an bid to build some-more stars, one can’t assistance yet consider that Ryback is now in a position that might have improved matched Dean Ambrose. After all, Ambrose has been during contingency with a Authority given a night after WrestleMania XXX and was in a long-running argument with Seth Rollins as well. At a same time, he is something of a furious label who wasn’t accurately penetrating on Cena.

Ambrose is a ideal anti-Authority face, and it would have been engaging to see him struggling to coexist with Cena while also perplexing to take a Authority out of power. Ambrose apparently dislikes a Authority, yet he was abruptly private from any impasse with them after Bray Wyatt interfered in his compare during Hell in a Cell. Ryback might eventually flower in his new role, yet it is tough to repudiate that Ambrose should be concerned in a Survivor Series categorical event.


Rumor Mill

Survivor Series chapter sourroundings theatre for WrestleMania angle? (WrestlingInc.com)


Luke Harper Seemingly Joins Team Authority

Luke Harper hadn’t seemed on WWE programming given a Wyatt Family was primarily removed. After a few weeks of vignettes, however, he finished his lapse during a finish of Raw by aggressive Dolph Ziggler. Harper also announced himself “a group player” to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, that roughly positively means he will paint Team Authority during Survivor Series.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Does Harper Belong on Team Authority?

Harper is undoubtedly one of a many intriguing talents on WWE’s roster, and he now has an eventuality to infer his value as an particular rather than Wyatt’s henchman. Immediately fixation Harper in a categorical eventuality compare could be outrageous for his development, yet WWE positively has to be clever with how it eventually decides to hoop him.

Having Harper get pinned or finished to contention by Cena during Survivor Series wouldn’t do him any favors, given he was on a wrong finish of that distant too many times as a member of a Wyatt Family. Harper needs to have a good showing, and if he is eliminated, afterwards it has to be by suspension or count-out. An contingent singles argument with Ziggler over a Intercontinental Championship looks to be on tap, so carrying Harper mercilessly destroy a Showoff with a chair could indeed give his impression a poignant boost.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Giving a rising star a ambience of a categorical eventuality theatre is never indispensably a bad thing, yet putting Harper in this position does protest a storyline to some degree.

WWE likes to save Triple H’s in-ring activity for special occasions, yet with his energy on a line, it seems apparent that a Game should entrust himself by fasten a group rather than relying on 5 other wrestlers. That doesn’t indispensably meant Harper should be a peculiar male out, yet it does benefaction a proof opening of sorts.

Also, Harper only came off being partial of stable, so putting him behind in that form of sourroundings could be detrimental. There hasn’t nonetheless been any denote that Harper will join a Authority after a compare is pronounced and done, yet maybe carrying him re-debut during Survivor Series by interfering and aggressive Ziggler would be a improved option.

Harper has a talent to thrive, regardless of his impasse of Survivor Series, yet WWE positively should hoop him with care—unlike what it did with a Wyatt Family before to a dissolution.


Rumor Mill

Possible Raw skeleton for Harper (WrestlingInc.com)


Ring Rust Radio’s Friends of a Show Draft

Ring Rust Radio continued a abounding story of holding trimonthly drafts, yet this one had a opposite spin on it. Rather than focusing on an epoch of veteran wrestling, a RRR panelists hold a breeze in that a authorised wrestlers contingency have been a guest on a uncover during some indicate in a past.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: How Did a Draft Shake Out?

RRR has built adult a star-studded list of interviews over a years, and a Friends of a Show breeze positively proves it. Brandon Galvin, Donald Wood and Mike Chiari were means to find good talent in all 20 rounds, and they will positively have some good options for their contingent anticipation cards.

The breeze was twisted in nature, with Galvin picking first, Wood selecting second and Chiari rounding it out with a third pick. Here is a demeanour during a rosters any panelist finished adult with.


Brandon Galvin:

Stone Cold Steve Austin



Bully Ray

Austin Aries

Tommy Dreamer

Bad News Barrett

Adam Cole


Paul Heyman

Jim Ross

Hardcore Holly

New Jack

Al Snow

Stevie Richards

Paul Bearer

Steve Corino

Bo Dallas

Robbie E

Mike Mondo


Donald Wood:

Kurt Angle

Bruno Sammartino

Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Ken Shamrock

Christopher Daniels


Kofi Kingston

Matt Sydal

Sami Callihan

Shane Douglas


Jay Lethal

Dixie Carter

Ethan Carter III


Jim Cornette

Roderick Strong

Tommaso Ciampa

Luke Hawx


Mike Chiari:

Chris Jericho

Jeff Hardy

Rob Van Dam

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

Matt Hardy

Bobby Roode

James Storm

John Morrison

Davey Richards

Eddie Edwards

Honky Tonk Man

Jerry Lynn

Eric Young

Santino Marella

Michael Elgin

Kyle O’Reilly

Adam Rose

Lanny Poffo

Chris Masters

Blue Meanie


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Ring Rust Radio has had an heterogeneous brew of guests, and this breeze illustrates that perfectly. From stream WWE, TNA and ROH stars to Hall of Fame legends, any of a show’s hosts managed to come divided with copiousness of talent.

Since a anticipation cards will be assembled on a basement that everybody drafted is deliberate to be in their prime, that is how a rosters should be judged as well. Picking one register over another is simply a matter of preference, though, due to a apparent relation involved.

Let us know who we trust gathered a best register in a comments section. Stay tuned for a expected anticipation cards subsequent week.


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 6 Fantasy WWE Standings

1. Mike Chiari: 292.5

2. Donald Wood: 282.5

3. Brandon Galvin: 12.5

4. Joe Arcidiacono: 0


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