Samoa Joe Makes WWE Debut During NXT Takeover Unstoppable

May 21, 2015 - WWE

After experiencing a good understanding of success in TNA and on a eccentric scene, Samoa Joe is finally bringing his earthy code of wrestling to WWE.

He done his NXT entrance on Wednesday during the NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable:

He interfered during a Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn compare and would after residence a crowd:

He sent out a chatter after a movement had concluded: 

Count Paul Heyman among a supporters of Samoa Joe:

Aside from some prior work as encouragement talent, Joe has been one of a tip talents of a past 15 years to not work for a tip wrestling graduation in a world.

The Orange County, California, local initial done a name for himself in Ring of Honor commencement in 2002, and he combined to his resume when he done a jump to TNA in 2005.

After a decade with Impact Wrestling, though, Samoa Joe motionless to leave a association on Feb. 17:

That news was met with a good understanding of warn due to a fact that Joe has been synonymous with a TNA code given primarily creation a leap.

There was copiousness of conjecture per what his subsequent pierce competence eventually be, and Joe betrothed that he had some good things in store for his fans:

That began with a lapse to ROH for a initial time given 2008, though an even bigger dash was nonetheless to come.

WWE was immediately brought adult as an choice by carefree fans, and that probability truly came into concentration after Joe seemed on WWE fable Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast.

Per Jeremy Thomas of, Y2J announced following a talk that Joe told him off a atmosphere that he was in negotiations with WWE.

Now that Samoa Joe is set to join a tellurian sovereignty that is WWE, there is copiousness of amour surrounding how he competence eventually be utilized.

It can be argued that Joe is seasoned adequate to go true to a categorical roster, though pristine wrestling fans would expected cite a stop in NXT.

There is a outrageous importance on technical wrestling in WWE’s developmental system, and there is no necessity of intensity dream matches on a list for Joe.

One of them could come opposite Finn Balor, who showed a good understanding of indebtedness for his counterpart after he announced his goal to skip TNA:

Many have wondered how Joe competence eventually transport in a large leagues, and it shouldn’t be prolonged before they finally find out.

The Samoan Submission Machine is one of a best in-ring workers in a world, and he has a singular demeanour that deviates from a normal in WWE.

Joe has been a tip man during any and each one of his stops in a wrestling business so far. Based on his lane record, there is reason to trust that will continue in his new surroundings.

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