Sasha Banks Will Be Key to Advancement of WWE Divas Division

June 10, 2015 - WWE

Every transformation needs a leader, and any regenerated authorization needs a centerpiece, and should WWE dedicate to creation a Divas multiplication a correct showcase of women’s wrestling, it has a ideal chairman to fill that role: Sasha Banks.

Much of what is compulsory to make that burst depends on WWE‘s changing a mindset. The association will have to start divvying adult airtime most differently, come adult with some-more concerned stories for a women and pierce divided from a thought that a roster’s females are eye candy meant to fill in gaps between a genuine beef of a program. In addition, WWE will need a substructure on that to build.

Banks can be accurately that. She’s a rarely entertaining, good gifted wrestler who is able of spearheading genuine change in a women’s division.

Her work during NXT is a glance into a splendid destiny for both her and WWE‘s women in general. With her as a developmental brand’s tip champion, women’s matches are as expected as a marquee ones involving men. With her as NXT royalty, a review about women carrying some-more suggestive roles during WWE is gaining momentum.


Credit Charlotte and Paige before her for being among those to light a initial fires. Banks, though, is now fanning those flames, churning them into an combustion WWE can’t means to ignore.

At one time, it was tough to list 5 new standout women’s wrestling bouts. Banks has done that charge most easier, rattling off 3 present classics from Dec to May:

  • Banks vs. Charlotte—NXT, Dec. 12, 2014
  • Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. BayleyNXT TakeOver: Rival
  • Banks vs. Lynch—NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable

Her latest vital match, a exhausting win over Lynch, was a debate de force. Hype for a compare was on a categorical eventuality level. The movement resided there as well. It was a kind of wrestling compare that army fans to cringe, pant and hearten in succession.

As late wrestler RJ Singh points out, this wasn’t simply good by women’s standards:

This wasn’t Banks’ peak, either; this was a preview of what she could do if changed to a categorical roster, supposing that WWE shifts a proceed to engagement women.

As glorious as Charlotte, Natalya and Paige are, Banks is a best womanlike performer on possibly a WWE or NXT theatre right now. Her ring work is crisp. She’s entertainingly vicious. Banks blends technical bravery and climax to emanate a ideal in-ring concoction.

She’s Alberto Del Rio with 4 times a charisma. 

Her ring work is artistry. It’s a vital partial of what will propel her to stardom, what can make her a soldier WWE leans on to change a division.

Hall of Famer Jim Ross is among those seeing her excellence:

Those skills make her a kind of special talent WWE can place on core stage. If WWE wants to wow fans with collisions between women, Banks is going to have to be a vital factor.

Plug her into any matchup and it’s now an electric one: Paige vs. Banks, Natalya vs. Banks, Nikki Bella vs. Banks. All of these guarantee to be of a draw-the-audience-in variety. And she’s firm to emanate sorcery in any of those matches and more.

So far, she’s shown a Shawn Michaels-like peculiarity of bringing out her opponent’s best. Lynch’s opus came opposite Banks. So many of Charlotte’s biggest hits embody The Boss.

Even when operative opposite a tender awaiting like Alexa Bliss, she’s shown that she can furnish a peculiarity show.

This talent will make it easier for WWE to build a legitimate women’s division. She expands a company’s options for tip feuds. She assures WWE a high-quality hitch on any vital show.

Officials during a NXT turn have satisfied that Banks is division-foundation material. In further to awarding her a NXT Women’s Championship, they have asked to her main event a house uncover in Philly and to be a consistently distinguished partial of NXT any week.

Building a much-improved women’s multiplication will take some-more than one woman, of course. WWE has copiousness of other talent able of elevating it. The essay group will have to means a women some-more time and some-more narratives. Vince McMahon and Company will also have to adopt a new truth about a wrestlers on a register who occur to be female.

This construction routine is not going to be easy or short. But in Banks, WWE does have a substructure on that to start building.

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