Scott Hall Talks Roman Reigns As WWE Champion, Never Winning A WCW/WWE World …

January 14, 2016 - WWE

“I was there and apparently concerned in his compare during WrestleMania final year. We’re rehearsing a compare in Cali final year during Levi Stadium, and it’s a Kliq and a New Age Outlaws out there, and we all know any other. And afterwards there’s Sting, who doesn’t know anybody. He’s an outsider. we only consider he never felt gentle there. Being harm was answered request for him–just let it end.

You need to remember that Vince is never going to go with something he didn’t create. But we didn’t get anything finished during a operation a night before, so WrestleMania day, there were tents in a parking lot set adult with rings for rehearsal. So we’re all in there again, and I’m subsequent to Hulk on a ring apron and Triple H is going over a compare and afterwards he goes, ‘OK, he’ll mangle a sledgehammer, afterwards I’ll strike him with a sledgehammer, and cover him, 1-2-3.’ we looked during Hulk, and Hulk looked during me, and we was thinking, ‘Sting, what kind of counsel do we have, bro? You’re entrance in a doorway doing a job? You weren’t even guaranteed to go over?’ That’s Vince only reminding we who won, even if he’s going to make income a other way.”

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