Seth Rollins Has Been Hurt by Booking During Current WWE Title Run

June 7, 2015 - WWE

Seth Rollins winning a WWE World Heavyweight Championship competence be a misfortune thing that has ever happened to him.

Common believe dictates that winning WWE‘s many critical championship outlines a career apex, though if a win and successive pretension defenses are injured in technicalities, a champion suffers.

This has been a box with Rollins. Through mixed pretension defenses, a first-time champion is solidifying his WrestleMania win as a fluke. To fans, a Rollins impression is presented as somebody who has no business holding a universe championship. Literally. As of this writing, he doesn’t even have possession of his possess title.

Rollins’ underwhelming run is commencement to resemble that of Sheamus‘ in 2009-10. Sheamus is still recuperating from that luckless reign.

Seth Rollins’ Three Title Defenses

WWE Extreme Rules
Randy Orton
RKO was banned. Rollins strike a RKO on Orton and transient a cage.
WWE Payback
Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
Outside division from The Authority led to Rollins win.
WWE Elimination Chamber
Dean Ambrose
Rollins mislaid around pinfall though a preference was reduced to a disqualification.

Rollins is doubly hindered by both a past and present. He’s constantly flanked by The Authority, a fast that contains bigger stars and improved performers than Rollins is now. As we mentioned on a PodNasty Wrestling Podcast, WWE refuses to stop reminding fans of his career rise when he was a member of The Shield.

Rollins can’t get adult from underneath anybody’s shadow.

Kevin Owens, a stream NXT champion uninformed off a form of purify feat over Cena that Rollins is light-years divided from, is a some-more convincing universe champion than Rollins.

Sure, slippery victories are partial of Rollins’ character. But as a universe champion it is critical that his chosen in-ring ability has some emphasis. WWE needs to settle that he can win matches on his own, and when he doesn’t win that approach it was since he chose not to. Instead, he’s a form of champion who needs underhanded deeds to win matches.

Kane is usually as critical to Rollins’ universe pretension defenses than a champion himself. Kane was ringside for all 3 of Rollins’ universe pretension defenses. He also interfered in all three. He was partial of a chapter for dual of these defenses.

Rollins’ arriving ladder compare opposite Dean Ambrose presents nonetheless another event for annoying outward interference. Rollins defiantly extenuation Ambrose his rematch during Money in a Bank, amidst conjecture that he is being overprotected by The Authority, is a good instruction for a character.

Moving forward, Rollins should continue to grow stubborn, refusing assistance from The Authority while insisting on fortifying his pretension on his own. Rollins might not be a misfortune WWE champion ever, per Reigns’ claim, though he’s positively on gait to being one of them.

The usually approach he can spin this around is on his own.


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