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September 5, 2015 - WWE

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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. ROH universe and TV champion Jay Lethal also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Sept. 8: TNA star and former WWE Superstar Tyrus (f.k.a. Brodus Clay)


Seth Rollins to Wrestle 2 Matches during Night of Champions

Seth Rollins became a double champion when he degraded John Cena during SummerSlam with a assist of Jon Stewart, yet he might have bitten off some-more than he can chew. That is given it was announced on Raw that Rollins will have to urge a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Sting and a United States Championship opposite Cena at Night of Champions.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: How Many Titles Will Rollins Leave NOC With?

The Vigilante determined himself as a tip contender for Rollins’ universe pretension on a post-SummerSlam book of Raw by aggressive a face of a Authority.

Cena was still looming, though, and with a avowal that any championship will be shielded during Night of Champions, many fans figured there was a unequivocally genuine probability that Rollins would be forced into confronting Cena as good given a former U.S. titleholder has a rematch clause.

That came to fruition, that puts Rollins in a flattering singular mark as distant as WWE is concerned. Ring of Honor now has a double champion in Jay Lethal, who binds both a ROH World Championship and a Television Championship. He has been forced to urge both titles in a same night, and it creates for a constrained product. Since Rollins is arguably a best in-ring workman in a universe today, it stands to reason that he will surpass in a identical situation.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Rollins positively hasn’t been requisitioned quite good given winning a universe pretension during WrestleMania, yet that hasn’t detracted from what he has finished in a ring. The former Shield member frequently puts on match-of-the-night candidates, and he has finished so opposite some of a biggest names in a business. When he faces both Sting and Cena during Night of Champions, he will be locking horns with mythological performers who have been atop a universe of maestro wrestling during several points.

While that will be good for Rollins’ profile, a fact of a matter is there is a good possibility he exits Night of Champions yet any titles. Rollins simply won’t kick Cena cleanly, and given it seems doubtful someone will meddle on Rollins’ behalf, a contingency are unequivocally most in preference of Cena convalescent a United States Championship.

Things are a small reduction certain in a universe pretension compare given putting a belt on 56-year-old Sting doesn’t seem like an ideal move, yet Sheamus is still a cause as a Money in a Bank agreement holder, and his participation suggests Rollins will be a biggest crook of a night by dropping both of his championships.


Rumor Mill

Backstage news on Rollins contra Sting (PWInsider Elite around


Charlotte Earns No. 1 Contendership for Divas Championship

Nikki Bella is on a verge of apropos a longest-reigning Divas champion in WWE history, yet her run with a pretension could be reaching a end as she will have to face Charlotte in maybe a toughest exam of her whole reign atop a division.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What Is a State of a Divas Revolution?

On a heels of Team PCB’s feat during SummerSlam, all 3 members were placed in a Beat a Clock Challenge, with a Diva who available a best time earning a shot during Nikki’s title. While Becky Lynch posted a good time, Charlotte’s was better. Paige had a possibility to one-up Ric Flair’s daughter, yet her hitch with Sasha Banks went to a time limit, that authorised Charlotte to acquire her initial shot during a Divas title.

Charlotte has fast worked her approach by a ranks in WWE, and a former NXT Women’s champion is on a hill of presumption a No. 1 mark on a categorical roster. WWE fans have been desirous for change in a Divas multiplication for a unequivocally prolonged time. That change has been apparent in NXT, yet while a likes of Charlotte, Becky and Sasha removing called adult have breathed new life into a multiplication to some degree, a instruction of a storyline has been distant from perfect.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

The contingent of Divas teams going adult opposite any other is an angle that has clearly jumped a shark. WWE had an eventuality to do something unequivocally engaging by carrying a PCB members face any other in a Triple Threat compare for a No. 1 contendership, yet it motionless to go with a Beat a Clock Challenge instead. That led to 3 less-than-ideal matches, yet it also seemed to a set a theatre for some swell within a Divas division.

Paige was clearly dissapoint she did not kick Charlotte’s time, and while a Team PCB members congratulated any other, there were hints of tension. A Paige heel spin could be on a horizon, that would emanate an glorious storyline involving a Diva who begged for change attempting to squish a Divas revolution.

There is no doubt a Divas transformation has mislaid some movement given it started, yet a approach things played on Raw suggests brighter days are forward for women’s wrestling in WWE.


Rumor Mill 

Backstage news per NXT Divas match (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


RRR Interview with ROH‘s Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal is a 14-year maestro of a wrestling business, and his talent has always been obvious. Things have truly come together for him in 2015, as he now binds both a ROH World and Television Championships. The 30-year-old star is now among a hottest line in wrestling, and he recently sat down with Ring Rust Radio to plead his standing as ROH‘s tip dog.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Lethal?

Lethal determined himself as a workhorse for ROH after apropos a longest-reigning TV champ in a promotion’s history. That led to an eventuality to face Jay Briscoe in a champion-versus-champion match, and a former TNA standout took full advantage.

He is now a double champion who is fortifying both titles in a same night on pay-per-view. WWE is doing something identical with Seth Rollins, nonetheless Lethal isn’t assured that WWE‘s preference was desirous by ROH:

I usually occur to consider a sum coincidence. In wrestling, you’re constantly perplexing to do what’s never been finished or what hasn’t been finished in a unequivocally prolonged time. we can usually remember such an eventuality function and a one that comes to mind is [Ultimate] Warrior and [Hulk] Hogan, Intercontinental pretension and universe pretension [at WrestleMania 6].

That was a mindset, and I’m certain it’s their mindset too. To contend that we desirous their storyline, if we could find out that it was 100 percent true, we would be so honored. Man, what an respect to contend we did something that desirous a No. 1 wrestling company in a world. Especially given for years they have finished things that have desirous other wrestling promotions.

Even if WWE‘s artistic instruction is small happenstance, it positively creates both ROH and Lethal demeanour great. Rollins is an glorious choice to combat mixed large matches in a same night given his in-ring work is about as good as it gets, yet he has large boots to fill in terms of vital adult to what Lethal has finished in that same role.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Lethal has prolonged been a arguable star able of excelling anywhere on a card, yet it took some time before ROH motionless to go all in on a New Jersey native.

It has valid to be a good preference to this point, and even yet it is uncharted H2O for Lethal, he insists he is unequivocally gentle in that role:

I wish this doesn’t sound too cocky, yet we don’t feel any vigour in that aspect. To use your words, we feel like if ROH hitched their car to me, it’s given they are enjoying, like, determine and approve of all we am doing.

If we didn’t sojourn to usually do what we am doing, afterwards we feel that could have some disastrous impact. we am in a mark we am in given we merit it and work tough and have been doing something a association likes. Just keep doing what we am doing and a association will keep fondness it and happy that they put me in that spot.

I don’t feel any vigour in that aspect given we will usually keep doing what we have been doing.

Lethal has always looked like a healthy in a ring, and he has reached that standing both on a mic and from a character-development standpoint as good given branch heel and fasten army with Truth Martini. Lethal is banishment on all cylinders, and his batch as one of a tip stars in a wrestling business will usually continue to rise.


B/R Article

Jay Lethal Talks Pressure during Ring of Honor, John Cena vs. Seth Rollins and More (via Donald Wood)


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4. Mike Chiari: 25


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