Should WWE SmackDown Move To A 3-Hour Format?

May 2, 2018 - WWE

WWE SmackDown has found itself in a catch-22, with a boatload of gifted superstars though not adequate time to showcase all of them.


One of a biggest problems that has tormented a blue code given a code separate returned in 2016 is, ironically enough, one of a biggest strengths. The fact that SmackDown has a two-hour weekly promote creates it some-more appealing to some fans because, in comparison to Raw, it’s simply easier to lay by a two-hour uncover than a three-hour one. SmackDown tends to get true to a indicate though most filler or segments that are simply meant to kill time.

On a other hand, dual hours doesn’t give WWE adequate time to pull all of a blue brand’s superstars during once. Prior to a new Superstar Shakeup, we saw a prolonged list of implausible performers skip extended TV time, well, given WWE didn’t have adequate time and space for them. Not even top-level stars like Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura were defence to that effect, that mostly left them though a estimable storyline or unchanging TV role.

Naturally, that has reignited a discuss about what SmackDown’s destiny competence hold: Should a uncover pierce to a three-hour format? Or is it improved off as a two-hour show?

WWE’s stream TV agreement expires in Septemer 2019, and in a rather mocking twist, a latest gibberish is that if WWE were pierce to FOX, Raw would revert behind to a two-hour format. Although doing so would, in a eyes of many fans, make Raw a most some-more savoury uncover to consume, one ignored emanate it would emanate is that it would leave many of a red brand’s stars though a unchanging spot, usually serve exacerbating a problem that already exists.

That same emanate is already carrying a conspicuous outcome on a blue brand, and really, it has been given a code prolongation came behind scarcely dual years ago. Especially when we take blurb time into consideration, dual hours isn’t adequate time to scrupulously flush out storylines when your register consists of 33 masculine talents and 12 womanlike talents as SmackDown’s now does. Perhaps that’s because a USA Network was once rumored to be considering pierce SmackDown to a three-hour format, an thought that was apparently floated around though apparently never came to fruition.

Given a stream construction of a SmackDown register and WWE’s failing TV deal, however, we have to consternation if it’s probable that SmackDown moves to 3 hours whenever WWE lands it subsequent TV contract.

Although many fans mostly protest about viewership fatigue, observant that a perfect volume of WWE calm can mostly feel like a charge to consume, a bottom line is that income talks, and if adding a third hour to SmackDown puts some-more income in WWE’s pocket, afterwards that’s accurately what a association will do. According to WWE Corporate, a TV understanding with NBC Universal, that nets a association $180 million annually, is a biggest source of revenue.

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