Slowly But Surely, WWE Is Changing Its Approach To Handling Controversy

June 4, 2018 - WWE

Vince McMahon producing a uncover with son-in-law and vital Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

From a pro wrestling indicate of view—well, also from many others—the many left margin story of a week arrived on a internet final Thursday evening, when The Huffington Post’s Luke O’Brien published an inquisitive piece about a temperament of a lady behind a luridly anti-Muslim and distressingly well-followed Twitter criticism @AmyMek. What this has to do with WWE, of all institutions, was hinted during in a pretension yet not explained until late in a 3,300-word article. O’Brien detected that @AmyMek is indeed a genuine chairman and that her husband, Sal Siino, was hired as a wrestling company’s Senior Vice President, Global Content Distribution Business Development 15 months ago. O’Brien reached out to WWE, seeking if they knew that Siino, whose pursuit enclosed negotiating a TV understanding in a United Arab Emirates, had any tie to @AmyMek. The publisher was primarily told that it was a initial time that they were finished wakeful of a connection, despite yet any elaboration. When he reached out a second time, though, O’Brien got a most some-more concrete response. “No,” pronounced an unnamed WWE spokesperson. “Now that it has come to a attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

WWE is apropos more and more of a mainstream party organisation than it has ever been before, and has a record high batch price, billion-dollar TV deal, and bigger, some-more upscale sponsorships to uncover for it. In short, it is no longer a arrange of entity that can means to omit a story like this, or do anything yet passage it in a bud. It wasn’t always this way. WWE’s record with doing debate and liaison is not a best, and banishment Siino clearly indicates a changing company’s approval of a need to change a approach. Whether this was a outcome of WWE wanting to equivocate alienating Muslim fans (or usually looking to equivocate issues with the company’s friends in Saudi Arabia) or usually noticing that his organisation with @AmyMek finished Siino’s sold purpose dangerously illogical is tough to say. But it’s transparent that this is a organisation some-more manageable to outward vigour than it has ever been before.

You have review about WWE’s some-more antagonistic and evil open family moments in this space. There was a time that they attempted to stretch steroids from the Chris Benoit murder-suicide by stressing that “steroids were not, and could not, be associated to a means of genocide (asphyxiation).” And there was a time when a WWE executive fundamentally accused Dave Meltzer, who had lonesome a storyline exploiting a Gulf War for The National Sports Daily, of shaming a organisation and not reaching out to his company-approved hit for comment, when conjunction was a case.

It’s a change that WWE has clearly been perplexing to conduct for several years, now. They’ve infrequently been too discerning on a trigger. One utterly bizarre occurrence saw Tenille “Emma” Dashwood dismissed in 2014 after being charged with, of all things, shoplifting an iPad case during a Walmart. Since she paid for all else, was regulating a self-checkout lane—and therefore could have lost to indicate it or usually finished so improperly—and had a charges forsaken roughly immediately in sell for village service, there was an evident cheer both online and among her peers. It also didn’t assistance that wrestlers who had been arrested on dipsomaniac pushing charges were not fired, with during slightest dual removing “promoted” to roles on a Total Divas existence show. WWE fast topsy-turvy march dual hours after and reinstated her. Still, there’s copiousness of reason to doubt a instincts of a people job a shots in Stamford.

More recently, there was a Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal, that was slated for WrestleMania. The fan backlash that followed was quick and devastating—the wrestlers that Moolah had lerned purported that she would vigour to have sex with promoters/business associates and indicted her of salary theft, both of that were sincerely widely known, and all yet one of a replies to a initial Twitter proclamation were negative. Fans and media reaching out to Snickers, WrestleMania’s pretension sponsor, led to WWE dropping a name. Moolah’s daughter, armed by a crony who has gotten some Moolah students who explain that they witnessed zero unfavourable in their time with her, is operative on an effort to try to get a Mars candy house to apologize, clearly with a expectancy that this would change WWE to retreat course. The transformation doesn’t seem to have picked adult any kind of steam, and interviews with a Moolah supporters have not refuted any of a specific allegations, usually observant they never saw anything.

As WWE increasingly comes to resemble other vast corporate entities, they have also turn particularly some-more malleable. The WWE was never some-more publicly warlike than in a response to a Benoit tragedy now, yet that proceed would be most reduction effective in a epoch of amicable media and with wider daily news coverage of pro wrestling. Vince McMahon is still Vince McMahon and still using a company, of course, yet a people in his middle circle—including his daughter, son-in-law, and non-wrestling executives—are both some-more successful and some-more cordial than those who were around him in a past. McMahon’s will competence still set a company’s artistic direction, yet his possess ultra-aggressive celebrity is no longer utterly so clear in a promotion’s broader open behavior. This is as it should be: there are some-more checks and balances on a corporate side than ever before, in vast partial since a stakes are aloft now that a graduation is so most bigger.


It’s value observant that there was a lot of room for improvement, here. The apparent viewpoint that WWE should have taken with a Benoit box was that it was a terrible tragedy and that they wanted to yield their talent with a assistance that they needed, romantic and otherwise, to make certain it never happened again. If that unfolding was transplanted into 2018 WWE, that arrange of receptive response seems distant some-more expected than a aged instinct to now bound on a warpath.

It also competence have worked better. Even a media account about “roid rage,” buoyed by justification of Benoit holding extreme doses of his testosterone deputy therapy, could have been explained divided as a bad actor anticipating a loophole that WWE dictated to close. That still seems like a overpass too distant for a WWE, though, mostly since it still admits a grade of fault.

As always with attempts during examining since a WWE does what it does, this is guesswork during some level. And while even incremental change isn’t easy, nothing of these decisions were unequivocally all that complicated. The Moolah change was driven by vigour from a longtime vital sponsor; Sal Siino was really privately someone negotiating deals in a Middle East while being married to a famously destructive anti-Muslim Twitter personality. These were approach threats to a promotion’s bottom line in a proceed that a good many smaller issues aren’t, and it creates clarity that they’re a ones that forced some of a swiftest new change. Still, for a notoriously defensive company, even a tiny step brazen seems like a change for a better, if usually since it’s something other than a aged assertive lunge.


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