SmackDown Live recap: Wyatt Family play enhances setup for a Elimination Chamber

February 1, 2017 - WWE

12:15 PM ET

In a spontaneous conflict for code leverage given final year’s WWE draft, SmackDown Live has outshined Raw again and again. And while a blue code took a singular “L” this week following a staggering book of Monday Night Raw, it wasn’t for a miss of perplexing — and it valid to be nonetheless another instance of how good even a baseline book of SmackDown Live can be.

John Cena contra Randy Orton — for WrestleMania, a SmackDown writers positively didn’t bashful divided from putting a new WWE champion and a Royal Rumble leader together in a hurry.

After opening on Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon announcing a six-man margin for a Elimination Chamber, guaranteeing AJ Styles a destiny one-on-one compare for a WWE championship and environment adult a night’s categorical eventuality between Styles and Dean Ambrose, Cena took to a ring to applaud his record-tying 16th universe championship reign.

Now, if we’re going to nitpick, Cena fell into some bad aged habits with a start of his promo. After positively ripping Styles down final week in a lead-up to their compare during a Royal Rumble, Cena went on to regard Styles profusely. They positively went by a war, and an implausible compare on Sunday, yet like a series of noted instances in Cena’s career (and as Kevin Owens once forked out, in fact), it’s a same pattern: mangle them down and bonus their value when they’ve beaten him or gotten a tip hand, try to build them behind adult with an “atta boy” after he’s run by them.

Cena’s positively waited prolonged adequate to suffer this sweetest of moments in his career, and finished a universe of good in that time assisting to gleam a spotlight on some up-and-coming superstars. If he wants to, he can go out there and win a 17th, 18th or 19th universe championship, yet if Cena’s going to channel his center “Thuganomics” and positively eviscerate a white-hot competition yet vouchsafing them get a word in edgewise, there should be some side effects or consequences to his actions, rather than a bluff walk-back when all is pronounced and done.

Randy Orton: That feeling out there “will never get old”

Randy Orton won his second career Royal Rumble compare on Sunday, yet most has altered for a WWE luminary given his final feat in 2009, and it has done him truly conclude a moment.

  • Triple H return, Samoa Joe opening accelerate intolerable post-Rumble Raw

    What a Royal Rumble lacked in terms of surprises, Monday Night Raw some-more than done adult for, including a categorical register opening of Samoa Joe and a lapse of Triple H.

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  • Back to a harangue during hand. After praising Styles profusely, Cena was interrupted by Bray Wyatt, one of a 6 entrants in a Elimination Chamber, and his sole remaining compatriot in The Wyatt Family for a time being, Orton. Wyatt, who has his possess story with Cena including his initial singles detriment and a noted adversary heading into WrestleMania XXX, boasted about how most he was looking brazen to Cena being sealed inside a cover with him like a rodent in a cage.

    Wyatt guaranteed he will be a new WWE champion and, for a time being during least, Orton simply dovetailed his summary into Wyatt’s, claiming that if Cena somehow got by all 5 of a other participants, his aged opposition would be watchful during WrestleMania.

    “We are going to finish this infamous cycle, and The Wyatts are going to set that championship free,” finished Orton, as he and Wyatt began to tighten in on Cena in a ring. As they entered, a Wyatts’ scary opening strike again and Harper seemed in a ring behind Cena — usually he was there for support, not a 3-on-1 beatdown.

    Shane McMahon done a compare official, and for most of this match, Cena was simply a guaranty in a ongoing destruction of The Wyatt Family.

    The categorical story told was Harper fighting to mangle Wyatt’s spell over him. Harper had had no problem laying a serious violence on Orton, though, and did so both inside and outward of a ring — yet when faced down by Wyatt, Harper stood wide-eyed and solemnly corroborated down, eventually tagging Cena in and stepping out of a ring.

    Wyatt and Orton took control for a bulk of a residue of a match. As Cena incited it around and looked to get a tab to Harper, Orton rushed to tab Wyatt in and a Wyatt Family primogenitor charged over to Harper to glance him down and clearly hypnotize him again.

    In a end, Wyatt seemed to try to mount between Harper and Orton, yet Harper clearly pushed by and pennyless by all — scarcely conflict a Sister Abigail on his former master for a second time (the initial entrance in a Royal Rumble match), yet Orton eventually threw it all off-balance by forcing Harper to conflict him and Harper ate Wyatt’s Sister Abigail instead. Orton scored a pinfall feat over a new champion with a RKO to hang a plain initial 30 minutes.

    The rest of a night had a highs and lows, yet Ambrose and Styles put on an certainly extensive uncover in a categorical event, with The Miz creation an coming on commentary. Without a daze of James Ellsworth, Styles and Ambrose any got to uncover their biggest strengths: Styles, his ability to get a best out of roughly everybody he faces, and Ambrose, his flexibility and ability to tell a story with roughly anyone he gets into a ring with.

    The initial 10 mins or so breezed by seamlessly with Ambrose and Styles trade a tip hand, afterwards Baron Corbin done his approach down to a ring and assimilated a flourishing (and officious preposterously large) participation during a explanation table.

    Miz and Corbin starting barking behind and forth, and as good as a in-ring movement was, they became a story. Quite frankly, Miz showed because he’s been a MVP, in-ring and out, of SmackDown given a code separate by putting everybody (including a cover itself) over while concurrently putting all of his opponents down. Corbin, on a other hand, valid that as most as he’s softened in a ring of late (and it’s been conspicuous to watch), he can’t reason a candle to The Miz on a microphone.

    The courtesy snapped behind to a in-ring movement as Ambrose strike a drifting bend from a tip rope, radically clotheslining Styles as he stood outward a ring. Miz and Corbin afterwards started scrapping and dreaming Ambrose during a pivotal impulse of a match, heading a Intercontinental champion to take out both group during ringside for their trouble.

    This daze handed Styles an eventuality to strike a Styles strife and acquire a pinfall feat (and it was good to see a decisive, if tainted, preference instead of a new trend of double DQs in this form of situation). The Miz slid in a ring to strike a inexpensive “Skull-crushing Finale” on Ambrose, and afterwards Corbin showed his strengths by conflict both Miz and afterwards Ambrose with his “End of Days.”

    Having a pay-per-view dual weeks after a Royal Rumble is distant from ideal, yet with singular options, a categorical eventuality and opener both delivered in terms of both piece and altogether application — and that’s unequivocally all we can ask.

    Hits and misses

    — The women’s tag-team compare between Naomi Becky Lynch and Mickie James Alexa Bliss got a plain volume of time mid by SmackDown Live, and all 4 women delivered. A non-main eventuality being prolonged adequate to get a blurb mangle in a center is a vast deal, and a eventuality didn’t go by a wayside.

    There was clever heel work from both Bliss and James, who any took turns station on Lynch’s hair while gripping her from tagging out. Lynch also did good notwithstanding holding a behind chair to Naomi in this sold scenario. Naomi eventually got a prohibited tab in a late stages of a compare and illuminated a throng adult with some of her high-energy, high-impact repertoire, and eventually picked adult her second pinfall feat over Bliss in 3 nights. It came as small warn that, during her coming on “Talking Smack,” she was awarded a women’s pretension compare during Elimination Chamber.

    — After a mysteriously prolonged deficiency from WWE airwaves, including a head-scratching ostracism from a Royal Rumble pay-per-view (are we revelation me they couldn’t have done a bigger impact than Apollo Crews and Kalisto?), American Alpha laid out an open plea for their SmackDown tag-team titles. While a thoughts of many rushed towards a intensity categorical register debuts of The Revival (especially after Samoa Joe’s coming on Raw a prior night), The Usos answered a call and walked down to a ring.

    But then, so did The Ascension, The Vaudevillains, Breezango and Heath Slater Rhyno. It devolved into disharmony and a fight that carried by an whole blurb break, and a compare never happened. It was a setup for a Tag-Team Turmoil compare during a Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (neglecting to implement a Chamber itself), yet a execution was sloppy. The judgment is an engaging one, though, and there’s still a possibility to lift a rabbit out of a hat.

    Dolph Ziggler contra Kalisto once again, and Ziggler dejected Kalisto in only over dual minutes. He fell behind to a aged propagandize heel tactic of perplexing to expose a luchador, yet that now led to Crews once again creation a save. Ziggler ran for a hills by a crowd, and as a Elimination Chamber label fills out, Ziggler vs. Crews creates a lot of sense.

    — James Ellsworth, all embellished out in his new Carmella-appropriate gear, served as her personal ring announcer and assisted in another victory. Short, and to a point. I’m extraordinary how prolonged a rave to categorical register opponents will be, yet so far, so good.

    — We got a glance of a indignant Daniel Bryan of aged when he had to roar “ENOUGH” to mangle adult continuous contention between Natalya and Nikki Bella. They’ll be going one-on-one during Elimination Chamber too, and a timing seems only about right on that.

    — Cena vs. Orton in a non-title compare subsequent week on SmackDown Live. Take that as we may.

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