Southpaw Regional Wrestling Needs To Continue As An Original Series On WWE Network

March 20, 2017 - WWE


The outcome is in, and Southpaw Regional Wrestling—WWE’s satirical take on classical wrestling territories—is a critically acclaimed success. It’s easily WWE’s best strange comedy array given a launch of a WWE Network, though a unhappy thing is not one part aired on a Network. Instead, Southpaw Regional Wrestling was promote exclusively on as a miniseries that could be brought behind by renouned direct if we review into John Cena’s Twitter feed.

The array is now averaging a measure of 9.6 out of 10 on IMDb by 49 reviews. Jason Powell of described it as “a good time and is really value a watch.”

I’ll do him one better, it’s a good time that’s really value a full season.

WWE Network saw a modest increase of 14% from a before entertain in Q4 2016, clearing 1.4 million normal paid subscribers. The association combined some-more than 300 hours of strange ease in 2016, and remarkable WWE Network originals like WWE Story Time among it highlights.

But, distant too often, WWE Network’s “original” programming is simply WWE’s sense of an already-superior show. Story Time is a bad man’s Shorties Watchin’ Shorties. Swerved is a bad man’s Punk’d. Camp WWE is only plain poor.

Fandango as Chett Chetterfield (Credit:

But Southpaw Regional Wrestling feels uninformed and is good within WWE’s wheelhouse, permitting creator Brian Pellegatto and an all-star expel of WWE Superstars to absolutely execute a sub-genre that they know improved than anybody.

Equally as considerable is a impression abyss demonstrated. This is many distinguished among a personas of Lance Catamaran—the Ron Burgundy-esque play-by-play announcer, played by John Cena, who appears to be a callback to mythological announcer Lance Russell of Memphis’ Continental Wrestling Association—and Chett Chetterfield, a bombard of a tone commentator with a celebration problem played by Fandango.

Both Catamaran and Chetterfield are damaged group in a midst of dueling downward spirals. Catamaran primarily seems to have it all together, though a using wisecrack via a array depicts him as an announcer of singular talent who takes good honour in a prior army as a internal writer for 6 weeks in Utica, New York. Each week, Catamaran—despite remaining cool, ease and deadpan—appears closer to an romantic meltdown as he struggles to say sequence of a graduation that is random and feeble run. Chetterfield, who drinks heavily during broadcasts and plainly pines for his unfaithful disloyal wife, is good past a indicate of a meltdown.

Chris Jericho portrays backstage announcer Clint Bobski while Rusev is illusory wrestler Big Bartholomew (Credit:

In further to a party value it could move to a WWE Network, Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a hotbed for monetization. The array seamlessly weaved in waggish selected blurb spots for KFC that featured voiceovers by Ric Flair. In fact, they were so good finished we had to take time to Google either or not “KFC’s Georgia Gold” was a genuine thing. It is. Mission accomplished, sponsorship.

WWE has also teased an arriving merchandise line, featuring a Southpaw Regional Wrestling trademark that is certain to be consumed in droves by wrestling hipsters who will proudly (and, let’s face it, smugly) enclose a rigging as a curtsy to “true” pro wrestling fans.

With such a vast register of WWE Superstars and calculable radio time, unheralded acts like Fandango, Tyler Breeze and The Ascension—who all shined in singular roles—can continue to widespread their wings by a series.

In Southpaw Regional Wrestling, WWE has combined a code with a intensity for a vast niche following no opposite than that of NXT. It would be a contrition if we’ve seen a final of this rarely successful experiment.

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