Stephanie McMahon says WWE isn’t compelling Brock Lesnar during UFC 200

June 30, 2016 - WWE

When Brock Lesnar earnings to a Octagon on Jul 9 to face Mark Hunt in a co-main eventuality during UFC 200, he does so with a blessing of his stream employers during a WWE.

WWE boss Vince McMahon gave Lesnar accede to quarrel in a UFC notwithstanding being underneath disdainful agreement to a graduation and he was unequivocally grateful for that opportunity.

In a lead adult to a fight, a UFC has touted Lesnar as a “WWE superstar” in promotional videos and commercials for a event, though it doesn’t demeanour like a veteran wrestling classification will be returning a favor.

Despite a outrageous participation on amicable media as good as “Monday Night Raw”, that is a tip rated wire array for WWE, Lesnar won’t be promoted by his employers forward of his quarrel subsequent weekend.

“Brock is a singular proposition, though only to get to a broader question: UFC is not a aspirant to a WWE given we are party and UFC is rival sport. It’s unequivocally different,” Stephanie McMahon, arch code officer for a WWE pronounced in a new talk with a Business Insider.

In Brock Lesnar’s box it was unequivocally a special box that we are permitting him to do this fight. But like we pronounced it’s not unequivocally a cross-promotional opportunity, though we are permitting him to attend in that fight.

— Stephanie McMahon

Many spectators have been extraordinary since Lesnar’s participation on WWE programming has been probably self-existent given a quarrel with Hunt was announced and now this explains why.

Lesnar was recently announced as a new cover star for a “WWE 2K17” video game, though there hasn’t been most else mentioned about him on WWE programming in expectation of this quarrel during UFC 200.

McMahon reliable that WWE isn’t unequivocally putting any promotional pull behind Lesnar for his fight, though his coming in a UFC will positively offer as a singular eventuality to move some-more eyeballs behind to a veteran wrestling classification in a end.

“We are not ancillary a quarrel indispensably but, again, it’s not a aspirant to us and a some-more that a superstars, that’s how we impute to a talent, a some-more they do outward of WWE, a some-more recognition it generates and a broader a assembly can be that is afterwards brought behind into a properties. So we commend a value of that,” McMahon said.


Stephanie McMahon alongside Ronda Rousey 

Kevin Mazur

McMahon also explained since a dual properties are so opposite notwithstanding pity many similarities in terms of jaunty bravery and over a tip personalities portion as stars.

McMahon says given a UFC is eventually formed on performance, a star can tumble behind to Earth in a precipitate after only one loss. But that’s not a box with WWE. It’s partial of a reason since she doesn’t demeanour during a UFC as a approach aspirant to a WWE product or clamp versa in terms of a WWE hidden eyes divided from a UFC.

“WWE is all about protagonists and antagonists where eventually a conflicts are staid in a ring with movement that is same to Hollywood. It’s implausible stunt-like movement and a compare itself tells a story, though a assembly is intent in a characters and their storyline. It has to be relatable to them so that they caring to see a tragedy or delight and we’re during an advantage given we can book it,” McMahon said.

“UFC, they can make a large star though a second that chairman loses, they remove credibility, and how do we continue to make that star rise? So we consider we have a best of both worlds and a eventuality to tell a stories in a approach we wish to tell them.”

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