Steve Austin on a Cover of ‘WWE 2K16’ Sends Wrong Message About WWE’s …

July 13, 2015 - WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin will beauty a cover of WWE 2K16. The choice is certain to beget seductiveness in WWE‘s renouned video diversion authorization among a sentimental fanbase.

But what about a future?

Landing a cover of WWE 2K16 is not as pivotal as, say, a WrestleMania categorical event. But as we mentioned on this week’s PodNasty Wrestling Podcast, a cover is deputy of WWE‘s biggest stars and whom a graduation depends on to drum adult sales.

The final 3 WWE personalities to seem on a WWE 2K cover were The Rock, John Cena and now Austin.

WWE is now in a transitory duration of new categorical eventers and first-time universe champions. It’s no tip that Roman Reigns is being neat as WWE‘s subsequent tip star. Names like Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and Rusev are also up-and-coming talents who are new to a categorical eventuality scene.

Last Five WWE Superstars on a cover of WWE 2K

WWE Superstar
Age when WWE Superstar seemed on Cover
WWE ’12
Randy Orton
WWE ’13
CM Punk
WWE 2K14
The Rock
WWE 2K15
John Cena
WWE 2K16
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Using stars of a past to foster a video diversion authorization sends a wrong summary about WWE‘s current  goal statement. And as WrestleMania 32 approaches—the association will demeanour to fill a 100,000-seat locus for that event—a informed settlement of WWE disposition on a Attitude Era will expected continue.

WWE took certain stairs brazen this past year as it looks to concrete fresh, new faces as long-lived categorical eventuality stars. WrestleMania 31 finished with pretender Rollins shockingly cashing in his Money in a Bank briefcase for his initial WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But in sequence to truly pierce brazen with a immature core of wrestlers, WWE needs to dedicate to compelling them as categorical eventers until fans get used to saying them during each turn.

Using aged names for new products and special events is a contributing cause to WWE‘s post-WrestleMania peace during that Raw’s assembly shrinks immensely once a part-time stars are gone.

The May 27 book of Raw, only over one month after WrestleMania 31, garnered a year-low rating, per James Caldwell of PWTorch. The uncover reached another year low only dual weeks ago for a Jun 29 edition, per Caldwell.

WWE‘s regulation of relying on determined legends is formulating a enlightenment where fans feel they can collect and select when to watch weekly WWE programming. The enlightenment trickles down to a WWE Network, where shows like Jerry Springer Presents WWE Too Hot for TV and The Monday Night War focus on a 1990s bang period.


The cover of WWE 2K16 could have been used as a mystic flitting of a torch. By selecting an up-and-coming star, WWE could have prepared a assembly that a new epoch is on us.

But a aged ensure stays confirmed in stream WWE programming with no signs of negligence down.


 Alfred Konuwa is a featured columnist and on-air horde for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @ThisIsNasty and allow to his weekly wrestling podcast.

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