Steve Austin Talks WWE Cooling Off The Wyatts, John Cena Returning Too Soon, Chris Jericho

February 29, 2016 - WWE

Source: The Steve Austin Show

On a new part of The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin talked about WWE’s injustice of The Wyatt Family, Chris Jericho’s stream run with a company, and John Cena’s new injury.

According to Austin, The Wyatt Family was one of a hottest acts within WWE a brief while ago, though have now cooled off considerably.

“[WWE have] unequivocally homogenized The Wyatt Family. They’ve got good music. They’ve got a good entrance. Bray cuts a ruin of a promo and Luke Harper is starting to cut good promos. He has drastically softened too and we know this guy’s a maestro guy.” Austin continued, “these guys were some of a hottest guys in a association a year [or] a year and a half ago. Here we are now and, we mean, only utterly frankly, it is what it is. They don’t meant what they should to this company. And Bray Wyatt, being a personality of this faction, is holding a outrageous hit. And that’s a caricature of engagement right there because, again, these are some really gifted guys within The Wyatt Family structure.”

As for Austin’s thoughts on Jericho, ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ concurred that while ‘Y2J’ has mislaid a step, he is still behaving during a high spin due to his comprehension and experience.

“Chris during 45 [years of age] is not who he was even 5 years ago and a guy’s going to go down in a [WWE] Hall of Fame and he’s going to be one of a biggest of all time, but, obviously, he can’t work like he used to work. But we meant that with respect. He has substantially mislaid a step. He is 45. we couldn’t do what this guy’s doing. So, now that we have that out of a way, though here’s one of a things. He can’t do what he used to do physically in a ring, though Chris has always been so intelligent about a approach he builds his matches to a crescendo. That’s what he always does. That has been one of his hallmarks. He knows when to put those large wish spots in there, or roughly gets a Walls [of Jericho], or roughly this [or] roughly that.”

Also, during a podcast, Austin implored Cena to redeem entirely from his new shoulder medicine before returning to a squared circle.

“I don’t know how prolonged John would like to wrestle, though as prolonged as he wants to, we wouldn’t rush to come behind [from damage too early] because, man, that dude’s a timber in a gym. His recovering powers are phenomenal, though only don’t try to rush this thing behind since it’s a shoulder and shoulders are wily and it isn’t a time or place to try to jeopardise if we wish another integrate year run.”

In further to these topics, Austin common his thoughts on a probable Roman Reigns heel spin and he pennyless down WWE Fastlane. Click here to listen to a show. If we use any of a quotes that seem in this article, greatfully credit The Steve Austin Show with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for a transcription.

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