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September 12, 2015 - WWE

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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. TNA and former WWE star Tyrus (aka Brodus Clay) also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Sept. 15: WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund


Sting Plays Mind Games with Seth Rollins

The adversary between Sting and WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins continued on Raw in a form of a Vigilante holding Rollins’ statue hostage. With a handpicked face of a Authority being wrapped adult in dual matches, a Icon took advantage of a conditions by pulling a statue into a rubbish truck, where it was subsequently crushed.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is Sting Being Presented Properly?

The story arc involving Sting teasing doing something to Rollins’ statue around a uncover wasn’t distinct an angle that would have played out on Raw during a Attitude era. Stone Cold Steve Austin mostly defaced property, and a fans ate it up. Sting’s actions didn’t have that same form of vibe, though, as a essay group focused too many on perplexing to make Stinger demeanour laughable rather than critical about holding Rollins’ title.

WWE also did something identical with Rollins around a show, as he was done to demeanour like a fun for a many part. Rather than putting a universe pretension on a pedestal and building an heated argument over a company’s tip prize, a argument has been incited into a punchline of sorts. The Raw angle focused roughly only on a statue rather than a championship, that isn’t ideal with Night of Champions fast approaching.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

There was a ton of fad among many WWE fans when Sting sealed with a company, and many of that stemmed from a thought he would be presented likewise to how he was in WCW.

While Sting enjoyed a good understanding of success with his surfer gimmick, his many iconic persona was positively Crow Sting. He maintains that same look, yet zero else about a stream chronicle of Sting is suggestive of that enchanting time in his career.

Sting is instead regulating over-the-top comedy in a same approach he did in TNA, that didn’t ring quite good with many fans. Allowing Sting to be a mostly silent, puzzling figure who lurks in a shadows and strikes opposite Rollins and a Authority was a best track to take. WWE went a opposite way, and it hasn’t been good so far.


Rumor Mill

Backstage news on Sting’s Raw appearance (PWInsider around


Nikki Bella to Defend Divas Championship Against Charlotte on Raw

One week after Charlotte became a No. 1 contender to a Divas Championship in a Beat a Clock Challenge, it was announced she would accept her pretension compare on a go-home book of Raw before to Night of Champions rather than a pay-per-view itself, that means Nikki Bella’s try to spin a longest-reigning Divas champion in WWE story is in jeopardy.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Will Nikki Become a Longest-Reigning Divas Champ?

Nikki is now only one pretension invulnerability divided from leading AJ Lee as a longest-reigning Divas champ ever. WWE has clearly wanted to erase AJ from a record books around this process, yet a combined spin of Charlotte carrying a possibility to stop it creates some doubt.

Along with Sasha Banks, Charlotte has been presented as a many widespread Diva in a division, that means something will have to go badly in sequence for her to not win a title.

That could occur in any series of ways. The easiest would be for Nikki to get herself intentionally disqualified. That would be an apparent pierce for a heel to make and would safety her record, yet it would also concede a rematch to take place during Night of Champions. Since all a pieces tumble into place, that seems to be a likeliest unfolding during this point.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

While a DQ finish seems like a transparent front-runner, WWE has a possibility to kick-start a Divas series in a large approach if it is peaceful to get creative. One thought to cruise would be to run an angle that sees Charlotte get knocked out before a compare and is so incompetent to compete.

That would lead to finger-pointing during a heel trios of Team Bella and Team B.A.D., yet it could eventually be suggested that a sceptical Paige was responsible.

WWE seems to be subtly teasing a Paige heel turn, and that might be a pivotal to creation certain a Divas series is a success. Paige branch on a NXT Divas she advocated would be a good story, and it seems approaching to occur either WWE runs a whodunit angle or not.

Regardless of how WWE gets there, demeanour for Nikki to keep a Divas Championship on Raw before carrying to put it on a line once again 6 days later.


Rumor Mill 

Backstage news on NXT Divas plans (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


RRR Interview with TNA’s Tyrus

After several years in WWE as Brodus Clay, Tyrus done a jump to TNA final year. He has been concerned in many of a company’s tip angles alongside TNA World Heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III ever since and left behind to his roots as well. Tyrus recently sat down with Ring Rust Radio and discussed what a transition to Impact Wrestling has been like for him.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Tyrus?

Few would have ever approaching Tyrus to have success in WWE with a gimmick predicated mostly on dancing, yet that is precisely what he did as a Funkasaurus. After he transitioned divided from that character, though, he was solemnly phased out until his contingent release.

Tyrus had no necessity of options during his ordering since of his measureless distance and estimable charisma, yet he eventually desired what he saw in TNA:

The biggest thing to me, and we had a eventuality to pointer with other companies, it was a altogether professionalism. A large thing to me was to be means to be in a conditions where we could pronounce my mind openly generally when it came to my character. Get a tangible right feedback and not have too many chefs in a kitchen and concede me to be me. They didn’t block me with a garland of fake promises and furious stories.

Dixie pronounced we would like to have we here and only do your thing, and that was adequate for me. we suffer a family atmosphere and everybody in behind is unequivocally tighten with one another. we fit in right divided and a locker room is only superb here.

The gifted star has been front and core in TNA for a past year, and now EC3 is a universe champ, he is mostly employed in a categorical eventuality picture, that is a large step adult in comparison to how he was positioned late in his run with WWE.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Now Tyrus is resolutely confirmed in TNA, a concentration is starting to change toward what he might be means to accomplish as an individual. He has thrived as EC3’s bodyguard. However, he possesses a ability set indispensable to be successful as a singles star as well.

While it stays to be seen what TNA has designed for him, Tyrus has some ideas with courtesy to how he could potentially take that subsequent step:

The one thing we have schooled in perplexing to be successful in this business is timing. Sometimes we are a fly on a wall, yet unequivocally we have your possess personal agenda. You have to play a diversion a approach that they play it.

It’s always been my devise either it’s been to be a tab group partner and get a tab group bullion or a singles championship, that’s always been my mindset and that’s what we sight for, and I’m peaceful to work my donkey off to put myself in that position.

Sometimes with politics being what it is, infrequently we have to hide in underneath their noses, then, all of a sudden, they can’t do anything about it.

Although EC3 is TNA’s tip guy, there is copiousness of room for others to emerge. Tyrus is among those who might get that opportunity, and formed on what he was means to accomplish in WWE underneath formidable circumstances, there is reason to trust there are large things in his future.


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 9 Fantasy WWE Standings

1. Joe Arcidiacono: 195

2. Donald Wood: 110

3. Brandon Galvin: 82.5

4. Mike Chiari: 35


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