Storyline blunders, injuries among WWE misfortune moments of 2015

December 30, 2015 - WWE

We’ve already looked behind during the Best WWE Moments of 2015. In a seductiveness of fairness, we have to cover a flip side. Here are a 10 Worst WWE Moments of 2015.

10. The Ascension interrupts comedy compare for possess follies

It was tough adequate observant Damien Sandow once again do his Randy Savage travesty as “Macho Mandow” opposite Curtis Axel on a May 11 book of “Raw.” Even worse was observant The Ascension interrupting a compare to insult them, claiming that this was a “dawning of a age of destruction.” Instead, they were tossed out of a ring like yesterday’s rubbish in a time-filling shred that serve buried a tag-team.

9.  MexAmerica is born

When Alberto Del Rio done his unannounced lapse during “Hell in a Cell,” it was extraordinary that he had Zeb Colter by his side as he kick John Cena for a U.S. Title. Remember, he formerly ranted opposite unfamiliar stars while aligned with a “All-American American” Jack Swagger. The subsequent night, a span shaped MexAmerica, that was ostensible to be a new nation involving a United States and Mexico. The whole judgment fell prosaic and a pairing never done sense, heading to a dissection weeks later.

8. Stephanie McMahon undoes Charlotte winning championship

It was ostensible to be a stately impulse when Charlotte degraded Nikki Bella on “Raw” to win a Divas Championship and finish Bella’s record pretension reign. Instead, Stephanie McMahon busted a celebration as she forked out that it was Nikki’s twin sister Brie Bella that was pinned so a pretension wouldn’t be changing hands. All of a sudden, a off-and-on Authority figure cared about a firmness of a Divas division. McMahon was once again shoehorned into a supposed Divas Revolution and creation it anything though with forced difference and not vouchsafing it occur organically, that had done a women so renouned in NXT.

7. Snoopamania does not run wild

WWE suspicion that with “Raw” holding place in Los Angeles a week before WrestleMania that it would be a good thought to have Snoop Dogg on a show. Wrong. Instead, a shred fell into a wormhole that enclosed Hulk Hogan fasten him to relive WrestleMania III, kick adult Curtis Axel and, of course, make bad weed jokes to a forced delight of a announcing team.

6. Roman Reigns and Sheamus talk… and talk…and talk

When Sheamus attempted to collect a quarrel with Roman Reigns on Dec. 7, he would have been improved off usually slicing to a chase. Instead, a dual intent in an interminably long, ungainly quarrel of difference that enclosed Reigns accusing a Irishman of bootlegging “tater tots” in his pants.

5. Sami Zayn harmed in WWE debut

A bittersweet impulse observant good man and big-time talent Sami Zayn finally creation his WWE entrance as he was set to face John Cena for a U.S. Title. But in all of a fad as he entered a ring, Zayn furiously waved his arms in a atmosphere and tore a rotator slap in his left shoulder. While he would somehow still have a illusory match, he indispensable medicine that would sideline him for a bulk of a year. He’s usually now returning to a ring behind in NXT.

4. Rusev and Lana storyline ruined

It had already been frustrating to watch Rusev go from beast Russian pacifier to usually another man mislaid in a mid-card trifle in a matter of months. Then he was separate from a poetic Lana and got held in a summer-long, ungainly adore triangle with Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler. When cinema of Rusev and Lana’s real-life rendezvous finished adult on TMZ, WWE motionless to lift a block on a whole thing and serve emasculated Rusev with another detriment and being slapped by Summer Rae.

3. Seth Rollins injured

Seth Rollins was on a hurl as WWE Champion, owning a pretension by a summer — including another successful invulnerability opposite John Cena during SummerSlam in another implausible match. He had grown into not usually a tip heel, though arguably a tip star in a company. Then it came to a hindrance in early Nov when he blew out his knee while confronting Kane in Dublin, Ireland. The timing was usually as bad with both Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan already sidelined and John Cena was holding time off to work on a FOX existence show. Hopefully, Rollins will come behind during full strength in 2016 and retrieve a position he worked so tough for.

2. Reid Flair used in a storyline

In an bid to make a arriving Survivor Series championship compare between Charlotte and Paige some-more emotionally charged, WWE motionless it indispensable to get personal between a women. During their agreement signing on “Raw,” Paige carelessly brought adult Charlotte’s small brother, observant he “didn’t have most quarrel in him” given he upheld divided dual years ago from a drug overdose. It’s a latest box of a outrageous tactic by WWE in regulating a defunct chairman for a storyline, usually as bad as when they did something identical years ago with a late Eddie Guerrero.

1. Not even The Rock can save Roman Reigns

WWE knew it would be a tough sell carrying Roman Reigns win a Royal Rumble, earning a championship compare opposite Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania 31. So they called on The Rock, who usually happened to be Reigns’ cousin, to be out there for a large moment. Even The People’s Champion couldn’t stop a Philadelphia throng from hating a decision, immersion both Reigns and a undetermined Rock with boos. This put in suit a conditions where fans ganged adult on Reigns given he wasn’t “their” choice, altering a months forward with Reigns no longer a choice to win a championship during WrestleMania, as had been designed for months.

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