The best and misfortune of WWE SummerSlam

August 22, 2016 - WWE

The second-biggest WWE eventuality of a year has come and gone, and it competence usually have been a many polarizing pay-per-views of 2016. Let’s run by a many highs and lows of SummerSlam.

Best: AJ Styles and John Cena delivered a classic

AJ Styles kick adult John Cena in a 23-minute compare that felt like an hour-long ironman, finishing a 15-time champion with a Phenomenal Forearm after attack a Styles clash. The compare had some-more than a dozen near-falls and was simply a best of a night. Styles finally got his breakthrough win on a large theatre after a integrate WWE pretension waste to Roman Reigns in his initial few months, and Cena won over a unequivocally anti-Cena throng in Brooklyn, exiting a ring to an acclaim notwithstanding losing. 

Worst: The throng during a Barclays Center

The atmosphere in a Barclays Center for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn on Saturday night was electric for each singular match, yet it felt like not many of those fans came behind for SummerSlam. There were usually dual things a SummerSlam throng seemed honestly meddlesome in Sunday: a Styles-Cena match, and booing a new Universal Championship belt. For scarcely each other compare on a label – including a categorical eventuality of a night! – a assembly was astonishingly dead. 

There are a few excuses for this, a initial being that SummerSlam simply takes too long. It’s impossibly tough to keep a throng intent for 5+ hours, and by a finish of a night people were exhausted. It also didn’t assistance that Sasha Banks mislaid her pretension on a second compare of a categorical show, that was a hugely deflating result. 

Many WWE stars deserved improved from a audience, though, generally Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, who had a initial half of their compare overshadowed by a unconstrained “that belt sucks” chants. 

Best: Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

Jericho and Owens are dual stars large adequate to be severe for singles titles, yet they’re hugely interesting as a tab organisation and WWE will hopefully keep them together for a while. It’s a small things – like Jericho fearfully crawling opposite a ring to tab Owens and shun Big Cass, or Owens derisive Enzo Amore’s dances and gestures – that make JeriKO matches a must-watch.

Worst: The categorical event

Many fans were awaiting some arrange of warn during a finish of a customary Brock Lesnar match, after he had suplexed Randy Orton some-more than a half-dozen times and shook off dual RKOs – and WWE set a list ideally for a run-out as Lesnar continued to wallop a bloodied Orton and force divided officials. The throng chanted “Goldberg,” yet what they got was … Shane McMahon, who was strike with an F5. Lesnar exited a ring, and a prevalent feeling in a Barclays Center was “that’s it?”

It was a unequivocally anti-climactic finish to a compare that wasn’t even a second or third best on a card, partly since of a approach WWE handles draining wrestlers in 2016. Lesnar separate open Orton’s conduct – that seemed to be partial of a devise – and a organisation of officials and medics surrounded Orton as blood gushed on a mat. A signaled to ring announcer JoJo that a compare was over, and Lesnar was announced as a leader by TKO while a assembly was still perplexing to figure out what was going on.  

It stays to be seen how active Lesnar is in WWE after SummerSlam, yet a outcome of a compare is obscure given that Randy Orton is a full-time weekly performer on SmackDown who would positively advantage from a outrageous win. Instead, WWE fans got some-more of a same.

Side note: WWE would advantage from Lesnar expanding his descent repertoire, as his matches are removing flattering seared during this point. “Suplex City” is a good catchphrase and all, yet a bulk of Sunday’s categorical eventuality was Lesnar German suplexing Orton, looking tough for 30 seconds, afterwards German suplexing Orton again.  

Best: Sami Zayn and Neville on a pre-show

Sami Zayn wasn’t even on a SummerSlam label adult until a few days before a eventuality notwithstanding his fibre of glorious matches opposite Kevin Owens – Zayn always delivers on large cards – yet WWE threw him into a tab compare with associate NXT alum Neville on a pre-show opposite a Dudley Boyz. If Zayn himself was unhappy during his SummerSlam snub, he didn’t uncover it in a ring. All 4 organisation done a many of their opportunity, and Zayn and Neville total on some extraordinary acrobatic moves.

Best: Finn Balor wins a Universal Championship

While a SummerSlam throng was inventing new ways to impugn a new Universal title, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins were putting on an implausible compare that finished with a startling result. From Balor’s implausible opening – a best of a weekend outward of Shinsuke Nakamura – to his Coup de Grace finisher off a tip rope, he looked like a male estimable of a universe championship, and it was good to see WWE not going with simply predicted results.

Best: Finn Balor celebrates with his relatives during ringside


Worst: Sasha Banks’ frightful falls

The Four Horsewomen have done their names by redefining what women’s wrestling looks like, yet Sasha Banks and Charlotte might have attempted to pull a pouch a small too distant Sunday. Banks had to be helped out of a ring after a compare that featured a series of terrifying, high-risk spots, including a jaw-dropping annulment hurricanrana off a tip rope. Banks seemed to harm her behind and neck early in a compare when Charlotte forsaken Banks on a behind of her conduct in a corner, yet Sasha persevered and continued on.

The outcome – Charlotte convalescent her pretension reduction than a month after losing it on Raw – was a shock, yet Banks isn’t going anywhere and will sojourn in a pretension design as prolonged as she’s not hurt. 


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