The House From WWE’s House Of Horrors Match Is For Sale For Just $36000

May 1, 2017 - WWE

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Last night, a WWE reason a initial ever “House of Horrors match.” It did not go over well.


It was, basically, a quarrel in an abandoned, poorly-lit house. It was a pre-taped segment, done apparent when Randy Orton showed adult to a residence in a limo(!) in a dim of night. It was still balmy in San Jose, where WWE Payback was being held.

Orton and Bray Wyatt reason an ungainly quarrel in a house, one with lots of burst cuts and lots of greeting shots of Orton writhing in pain. It was tough to see. The dual fought in a kitchen. They fought in a room where baby dolls hung from a ceiling. Orton stumbled around a residence into a garland of bedrooms that were kind of creepy. Finally, Wyatt dumped a fridge on tip of Orton, afterwards done a lights go from blue to red.


Wrestling promotions mostly destroy when they try to reason matches outward of a ring. It only so happens that final summer there was a flattering good one. The graduation afterwards famous as TNA reason a Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match, The Final Deletion, reason on a devalue a brothers own. It worked since it was intentionally lovable and campy and stupid and over a top. The House of Horrors compare was only a boring, hard-to-see fight.

As such, it was not well-received. The throng in San Jose booed it. Most of a real-time greeting on Twitter was negative. People were indignant when a compare seemed to only finish with one wrestler removing into a limo. They got angrier when a compare strike a ring for a conclusion: Wyatt seemed in a ring, though Randy Orton was behind him all along! Somehow this finished with Wyatt pinning Orton after division from Jinder Mahal (previously seen working an angle with Rob Gronkowski) and his cohorts.

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