The Miz Is Making a Most out of Limited Role in WWE

February 6, 2016 - WWE

In a sardonic promo during a Miz’s luckless run as a babyface in 2013, Stephanie McMahon discharged a former WWE champion as a application player.

The context was derogative as she remarked that he was “living on his possess cul-de-sac of disappointment,” and that he “[peaked] too early.”

But notwithstanding his best days being clearly behind him during an new epoch where he is distant from a focal point, Miz is still anticipating ways to sojourn applicable and useful even as an purported application player. 

Miz played a starring purpose in one of a hottest angles headed into WrestleMania 31, as he returned to his heel roots to align with—and eventually argument with—Damien Mizdow. Though Mizdow got over some-more than anybody could have imagined, fans would not have rallied around him if it weren’t for a sheer contrariety combined by Miz’s healthy heel antics.

The Miz’s Last Five WrestleMania Appearances

WrestleMania 27
John Cena
Main eventuality for a WWE Championship
WrestleMania 28
Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and Booker T) (with Theodore Long, Hornswoggle, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella and Aksana)
General Manager of winning group became GM of Raw and SmackDown
WrestleMania 29
Wade Barrett
Dark compare for a Intercontinental Championship
WrestleMania 30
Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal

WrestleMania 31
Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Made final three

Miz played his partial brilliantly, constantly berating Mizdow and denying fans a right to see him perform, creation Miz a bigger heel while Mizdow held glow as a babyface.

The angle eventually dusty up, and so did Mizdow, though WWE continues to use a Miz in pivotal spots.

This past Monday on Raw, Miz assimilated in on WWE’s ongoing smoke-and-mirrors debate to remonstrate fans that AJ Styles is a immature up-and-comer. Styles turns 39 this year, though WWE Superstars and announcers have used differently irreverent terms such as “kid” and “redneck rookie” to report a newcomer.

It’s no tip that Styles’ debility is on a mic, and WWE realizes this. Midway by his initial judgment in WWE, Chris Jericho cut him off and pronounced all his accolades for him. Monday on Raw, Miz didn’t even give Styles a possibility to contend a word. He did all a complicated lifting. And it was brilliant.

Miz strike all a right buttons in chastising Styles, though he did so in a approach that done fans convene around Styles as against to observation him as inferior.

Stephanie McMahon can learn a thing or dual from this application player. 

Miz called out Internet fans for their hand-selection of what he called “indy darlings,” and reminded Styles that he was in a large leagues.

There were slivers of law to a tirade, that is a box in only about each good promo, and by a end, fans were chanting for Styles. Styles began a shred uncomfortably sitting in a director’s chair. He finished a shred as a rising babyface WWE wants him to be, and it was all since of a Miz.

Whether WWE skeleton on rebooting his run as a wrestler or transitioning him into a manager, there is a lot Miz still has left to offer. This would be a second time in a few brief months that Miz has offering to coach an Internet darling. Toward a finish of final year, Miz offering adult identical services to Neville, to identical results.

But there are legs to pairing Miz with somebody who came from an eccentric wrestling background. This would make a wrestler in doubt some-more of a heel, and not one of those purposeless “cool heels” like Kevin Owens.

Miz is WWE by and through. Few WWE Superstars paint a investiture as many as a Miz, who stays dedicated to kayfabe in many of his interviews outward of a ring.

It’s subsequent to unfit to sojourn a loyal heel in this day and age. But, somehow, Miz has no problem doing so, and WWE needs to take advantage of this while it can.


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