The WWE Draft: Rebuilding ‘Raw’ and ‘SmackDown’ With These Picks

April 30, 2015 - WWE

It’s been 4 years given WWE hold a breeze to modernise a Raw and SmackDown rosters, and while we positively haven’t missed carrying Theodore Long in a lives, maybe it’s time to revitalise a suspicion – generally with a association moving SD to a USA Network in 2016.

In fact, with so much talent fighting for TV time (Push Cesaro!) bringing behind a WWE Draft is probably a good thing. So regulating a NFL Draft as a indication – a initial turn kicks off tonight in Chicago – we asked ourselves a question: If we were to reset a rosters on Raw and SmackDown and reconstruct any code from scratch, that WWE Superstars would we start with?

Thanks to a fine folks at Cageside Seats, we already know who any NFL group would take, yet we wanted to omit a pro diversion and usually do an honest-to-goodness WWE Draft. Don’t worry, we conferred with Corporate Kane first, and even set adult some belligerent rules: Everyone on a WWE register was accessible (though in a box of a Rock, we done an exception), a tab group usually depends as one collect and we were authorised to drop into a low waters of NXT, too.

Aside from that, many like a build to Bray/Undertaker, we kind of done it adult as we went along – this is a illusory breeze formed on veteran wrestling, after all. With Rolling Stone‘s Kenny Herzog serving as GM of SmackDown, and sports editor James Montgomery taking over Raw – and after a silver flip to settle breeze sequence – here’s who we’d take, and why.

SmackDown: #1, Seth Rollins
Herzog: we suspicion about being shocking with a initial pick, yet during a finish of a day, it’s kind of tough not to take a stream – and no doubt destiny – WWE champion. we don’t see this being a passing thing for him; he’s their male and he’s healthy, super-talented and fun to watch, yet some-more than that, it seems like Rollins is going to be a tie in a due stage for a subsequent few years.

Raw: #1, Brock Lesnar
Montgomery: I’m holding him notwithstanding his shortcomings and schedule, given he’s a many widespread and constrained male when he’s in a ring. Even when he’s not on TV – radically handling as a haunt champion – we can feel his presence. And if you’re going to start with a building block, we competence as good get a biggest building block. Oh, and we theory we get Paul Heyman with him, too!

SmackDown: #2, Neville
It’s a bit of a swerve, yet I’m high on him. we was high on his prospects opening out of NXT, too, and we don’t caring about all a things we can gloss over time – we don’t come opposite a talent like him unequivocally often. More than anything, he’s a reason to watch, and we wish people to watch SmackDown. we consider we saw Monday on Raw that he can win over any throng with his matches.

Raw: #2, Roman Reigns
If this were a few months ago, we don’t know if we would have done this pick, yet he’s decidedly over now, his movement his usually flourishing and his work in a ring is improving. we kind of feel like he’s definite during this point, and we’ve seen what he and Lesnar can do, so I’d like to see them do some-more of it.

SmackDown: #3, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Can we have both of them? we wish them as a Authoritative participation on my roster, even if Triple H is a part-time male now. It’s a vital pick, we guess.

Raw: #3, Dean Ambrose
It was possibly him or a male we gamble you’re going to collect next, yet when in doubt, we go with a younger guy. we feel like they’ve unequivocally screwed adult Ambrose each step of a approach given a Shield split, yet notwithstanding all that, he’s still over, and we consider his work in a ring is good. He’s plausible as an IC champ, we could give him a run with a Heavyweight belt, too.

SmackDown: #4, Dolph Ziggler
He’s solid, if zero else. I’m meditative that we have to be unwavering of carrying faces and heels, yet those things aren’t permanent. Ziggler can do ’em both, yet it seems like he’s a tie as a face now.

Raw: #4, Daniel Bryan
His damage story concerns me, yet he’s over with a fans, and if he has to offer as a TV commissioner, usually engagement matches, he can do that, too. And apparently when he’s healthy, he’s fantastic. A unsure pick with extensive upside potential.

SmackDown: #5, Rusev and Lana
I competence bewail this, given we get a feeling they won’t be a package for many longer. Lana can be a Diva and be fine, yet we don’t know what happens to Rusev yet her; maybe they’re meditative of expanding his character?

Raw: #5, John Cena
Hate me if we want, yet with a fifth pick, he’s a steal. You gotta pierce some merch, and if zero else, he’s proven that he’s peaceful to work each week and he’s a fighting champion. As GM, I’d charge fewer “springboard Stunners” though.

SmackDown: #6, The Lucha Dragons
I wanted to get in on a tab teams before a run begins. we desired them down during NXT and they’ve already gotten over on a categorical roster. we consider they could do large things in WWE.

Raw: #6, The New Day
This competence be too high for them, yet we get 3 guys here, so I’m going with New Day. Kofi is great, and we consider Big E is unequivocally underrated and they got over as heels fundamentally of their possess volition. Plus we unequivocally favourite their compare with Kidd and Cesaro during Extreme Rules.

SmackDown: #7, Bray Wyatt
I need a small heel here, and while we don’t indispensably see what other people do in this guy, he’s one of a large bads, so, whatever. He could advantage from some refocusing, and that’s what I’d do with him. This is not a unequivocally low roster, by a way.

Raw: #7, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro
This firms adult my tag-team division, and we get dual unequivocally versatile guys with one pick. we would also substantially put Cesaro in a Heavyweight due picture, just given he rules. And we get Natalya, too.

SmackDown: #8, The Usos
This is a bit risky, yet we need some-more tab teams, and hopefully Jey gets healthy. They competence not be active for, like, 4 months, yet even if Jimmy’s back, and he and Naomi have some kind of angle where they get into a conflict, during slightest we have them.

Raw: #8, Kevin Owens
Man, we need some Divas here, yet we adore this dude and we would adore to see him argument with Brock Lesnar. He’s a future, his work as a heel champ during NXT has been incredible, his storyline is totally plausible and he usually has that “It” factor. If I’m a GM, I’m job him adult on Monday.

SmackDown: #9, The Bella Twins
I don’t need them both, yet I’ll take them both. we unequivocally wish Nikki – her run as Divas champ has unequivocally been good. I’m contemptible if you’re reading this, Brie. 

Raw: #9, Finn Bálor
Bálor is substantially a softened all-around wrestler than Owens, yet I’m a small disturbed about how aspects of his impression – his entrance, a makeup – will interpret to the normal wrestling fan. we feel like Owens fits a mold of a blue-collar soldier that WWE’s always had success with. He fits a code a bit better, yet I’m happy we finished adult with both of them. Next to Neville, Bálor competence be a many gifted workman in all of WWE.

SmackDown: #10, The Rock
There are a integrate of large names still out there, yet we feel like I’m flattering objective, and we don’t know if they’re unequivocally a reason people balance in for a uncover – this male positively is. He doesn’t seem often, yet when he does, we wish him to seem on my brand.

Raw: #10, Randy Orton
A classical instance of a dreaded “character questions” obscure a guy’s breeze stock. When he’s motivated, he’s good – though he’s not encouraged all a time. Regardless, he’s always going to be in mix, he substantially has another run during a Heavyweight championship in him and we can see him operative with some of a immature guys. Though if I’m a GM of Raw, we will charge he contingency wear pants.

SmackDown: #11, Sheamus
His gimmick is going to get old, and we don’t see him carrying a lot of due runs in him, yet for right now, we need that big, beast heel, so we need Sheamus. At 11, he’s a value pick!

Raw: #11, Sasha Banks
Talk about value! we need to start building a Divas division, so I’m holding a wrestler who we consider is one of a destiny stars, not to discuss a stream NXT champ. She’s got good feuds in her future.

SmackDown: #12, Naomi
I’ll answer that with Naomi, who we consider has been doing good work as a heel. Also, now we have a whole Uso fast on my brand.

Raw: #12, Paige
She’s off TV for a time being filming some reticent movie, yet her and Banks together – that’s a flattering plain start to a Divas division. Also, as Raw GM, I’m no longer job them Divas. These are wrestlers, and that’s how I’m doing this. You can have Eva Marie.

SmackDown: #13, Wade Barrett
In a aged days, I’d substantially take an encouragement male like Heath Slater here; we need guys like him. But I’m fearful I’ve got some Bad News – I’m holding Barrett. He’s a good worker, a good heel and he’s over with fans, notwithstanding WWE not meaningful how to make his gimmick work. The King of a Ring win is a step in a right direction, though.

Raw: #13, Charlotte
This cements Raw as a premier home of women’s wresting. Plug her in with Sasha Banks and Paige and let them work. All 3 are great. I’m going all-in on NXT, in box we couldn’t tell.

SmackDown: #14, Sting
You competence be going for immature talent, yet when this male reappears, we wish him on my show. Even if he’s a part-timer, fans adore him. It’ll be him and ‘Taker during WrestleMania 32 – usually give them a few months to build adult a compare and watch a greeting from a fans.

Raw: #14, Luke Harper
I consider Harper works his donkey off. He’s underappreciated, and we consider he can go flattering far. You need tip hands, and we need big, commanding guys who can work – he’ll get another 5 years in WWE formed on that alone. Maybe we can collect Rowan adult off a waiver wire; I’m flattering certain he’ll go undrafted.

SmackDown: #15, The Miz
He’s a workman in-and-out of a ring, and he’s a male who’s usually so good during being bad. Even yet he’s off filming some Hallmark film 3 or 4 months out of a year, we need guys like him on your roster.

Raw: #15, Ryback
They never give this male anything to do, yet he’s terrifying, and we feel his work in a ring has improved. He gets a cocktail whenever he comes to a ring, so during this point, fuck, given not?

SmackDown: #16, Sami Zayn
I suspicion about holding a commentator here, or JJ Security, yet instead I’m holding Sami Zayn. I’m not disturbed that he looks like the male from those Scotts commercials – he’s a other male outward of Owens and Bálor down in NXT, he can go and people like him even with his foolish music.

Raw: #16, The Prime Time Players
I need another tab team, and they’ve been doing good work recently. Also, we feel like there’s something there, and Titus O’Neil, if they ever gave him a legitimate shot, is the sum package.

SmackDown: #17, Cody Rhodes
I’m not holding him as an change ego; this is a good time for him and Damien Sandow to be a babyface group yet any due or change egos – usually dual guys opening off of demented gimmicks who people appreciate. You could also chuck him right in a IC picture.

Raw: #17, Vince McMahon
I don’t even know what his purpose is anymore, yet it’s a 17th collect of a draft, so I’m going with a ultimate heel. You can have him go back-and-forth with Bryan if D.B. can’t wrestle, we settle cross-brand feverishness with his daughter and Triple H on SmackDown and we get to play this .GIF on a TitanTron every week.

SmackDown: #18, Hideo Itami
As a asocial fan, we don’t see how he’s going to get over on a categorical roster, yet he’s a take this late in a draft. Give him a bit of time to adjust to a WWE style, and he could unequivocally dominate. He’s already creation swell in that regard.

Raw: #18, The Realest Guys in a Room
I was going to take Alex Riley, usually so we could bury him each singular week. Instead, I’m bringing a new New Age Outlaws to my tag-team division. They can work a bit, they’re super over with fans and we adore their whole gimmick. Enzo Amore competence be a best in a biz when it comes to articulate trash. And we can’t learn that.

SmackDown: #19, Kane
I’m fundamentally holding him to keep him divided from Raw, given of his story with Daniel Bryan. He can still work, he’s softened than Big Show in my opinion and we don’t wish to see a Team Hell No reunion on your brand. Counter strategy!

Raw: #19, Damien Sandow
I feel like he was removing over with his pseudo-shoot, I’m-a-real-guy promo on Raw before they incited him into a fifth grader. So I’m holding him here, and I’m bringing him in as Damien Sandow, normal guy, plain wrestler. You can see it removing over.

SmackDown: #20, Bo Dallas
Bo-lieve! There’s a lot of upside and room to grow here. we adore Bo, yet it seems I’m in a minority. we could group him with his hermit Bray, yet I’d make him get absolved of a Bo-tee and a wrestling clothes first.

Raw: #20, Big Show
Fuck it, I’ll take Show. He’s still a steer to behold, his compare with Reigns during Extreme Rules was softened than we suspicion it could ever be and we need a participation like his on TV. He’s substantially a biggest large male of all time, so given not?

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