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November 11, 2017 - WWE


WWE Clears Roman Reigns, Planning On The Shield Vs. The New Day At Survivor Series

Roman Reigns is prepared to lapse to a ring and strictly reunite The Shield.

According to (h/t WrestleZone), Reigns has been privileged to combat and will lead The Shield in a compare opposite The New Day during Survivor Series:

Roman Reigns has been privileged to lapse to in-ring competition…The devise for Reigns is to reunite with The Shield to take on The New Day during a WWE Survivor Series on Nov 19th.


Reigns had been battling a viral infection that has kept him out of elect given Oct 16th, an hapless unfolding that forced WWE to mislay Reigns from a TLC label and reinstate him with Angle.

TLC was ostensible to symbol a central in-ring reunion of The Shield, and a wish was that a trio, that was arguably WWE’s biggest lift during a heyday in 2014, would infer to be a ratings bonus for a red brand. Instead, WWE has been yet Reigns for roughly a month, that approaching caused a series of a company’s artistic skeleton to change. If we take a “glass is half full” proceed here, though, we are now set to get a compare between dual of a many successful stables in WWE history.

The New Day was once a absolute hottest act in WWE while The Shield constructed 3 of WWE’s tip singles stars in Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, so it’s tough to call this hitch anything yet a dream match. In a ideal world, WWE would have gotten to build adult this compare for several months, yet with both stables on opposite brands and a reunion of The Shield widely approaching to be a proxy one, WWE had to lift a trigger on a hitch as fast as possibly.

Now that Reigns has been cleared, a usually judicious time and place for this compare to occur is during Survivor Series, that now feels most some-more like a “Big Four” pay-per-view with a further of Reigns and news that we’re approaching removing The Shield vs. The New Day.


Will AJ Styles Lose The WWE Title Back To Jinder Mahal?




AJ Styles defeating Jinder Mahal for a WWE Championship might have been a last-minute decision.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t SEScoops), it was usually within a final week that WWE motionless to pierce a pretension from Mahal to Styles:

Per a news from Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio, someone from India contacted him several months before and indicated that WWE was promotion Jinder Mahal as a two-time WWE Champion. Dave Meltzer responded by observant a ad played no cause in what happened final night due to a fact that a preference to change a title-holder was finished usually a week ago.

Meltzer also suggested that those who indispensable to know about a pretension change usually found out about it this week, and remarkable he himself usually found out about it a morning of SmackDown. He also reported that a strange devise was for “The Modern Day Maharaja” to “absolutely” control into India as WWE Champion, and there’s still a probability that can occur as Styles still isn’t advertised to be a partial of a tour.

Cageside Seats adds that “there’s already copiousness of conjecture that Jinder Mahal could win a WWE pretension behind from AJ Styles when WWE tours India in December..”


Vince McMahon reportedly finished a call final week to put a pretension on Styles, that was rather of a startling decision.

There were unconfirmed reports that Mahal would reason a WWE Championship all a approach until WrestleMania 34 and dump it there to John Cena, even yet a widespread faith among doctrinaire fans is that Mahal isn’t universe pretension material. Still, a Nov 7th book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE did not see presumably a decrease or an boost in business with Mahal as champion, so a prevalent suspicion was that Mahal’s pretension energy would during slightest final by a debate of India in December.

Styles’ pretension win suggests, however, that WWE has finished estimable changes to a destiny artistic skeleton and that Mahal might dump behind down to a midcard. Then again, there’s always a probability that WWE fast switched a pretension to Styles usually to give fans a dream compare between Styles and Brock Lesnar during Survivor Series, with a goal of putting a pretension behind on Mahal during some indicate after a pay-per-view yet before WWE’s debate of India.

It’s no tip that WWE is looking to gain on a recognition of pro wrestling in India and a 1.3 billion citizens, so maybe Styles’ pretension energy will be ephemeral in sequence to get a pretension behind on Mahal. The normal wrestling fan will tell we that Styles is a most some-more challenging champion and should substantially reason a pretension until during slightest WrestleMania 34, yet if McMahon is vigilant on still pulling Mahal as a tip guy, that might not matter.


Why Did WWE Bring John Cena Back For Survivor Series?




John Cena was announced this week as a warn late further to Survivor Series, where he’ll be a fifth and final member of Team SmackDown.

So, given is “The Champ” back? According to Cageside Seats, Cena’s lapse is a approach outcome of WWE anticipating to boost ratings for a blue brand:

Vince McMahon finished a call to have AJ Styles better Jinder Mahal for a WWE pretension final week. That, and bringing John Cena behind for a Raw vs. SmackDown match, were finished in response to bad ratings on Tuesdays, generally a Halloween episode.


Initial reports indicated that Cena would offer as a special guest referee for Mahal vs. Lesnar, that fans apparently had unequivocally small seductiveness in seeing, yet now that Styles is a WWE Champion and will face Lesnar instead, that pretension vs. pretension compare doesn’t unequivocally need Cena involved.

It creates most some-more clarity to supplement Cena to a 5-on-5 compare both given that hitch could use Cena’s star energy and given it could potentially offer as a approach to light Cena’s subsequent feud, maybe with someone like Bobby Roode or Samoa Joe, a latter of that Cena is scheduled to face at an arriving live event). Of course, it’s no tip that Cena is WWE’s biggest draw, yet Cena as an in-ring performer will beget some-more seductiveness than Cena as special guest arbitrate approaching would have given proof says fans compensate to see Cena wrestle, not referee.

Especially when we cruise that there seemed to be small hum for Survivor Series before to a further of Cena and a proclamation of Lesnar vs. Styles, it clearly creates a ton of clarity for Cena to be figured into a 5-on-5 match. It’s good famous that Cena’s days in WWE are numbered, according to a male himself, and given of that, he has finally changed into a purpose as a good reputable maestro rather than a once loathed babyface we had grown accustomed to.

As such, Cena is impossibly profitable to WWE these days as a part-time captivate whose effect on a company’s business is definite and unparalleled. While his entrance during Survivor Series might be a one-off understanding that doesn’t indispensably outcome in a new storyline for him, it’s something WWE fans should suffer while it lasts given it might not occur for most longer.


Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Kicked Off WWE Tour?




Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might have worked their approach into a doghouse.

According to a news from Pro Wrestling Sheet, a two SmackDown superstars were apparently sent home from a company’s debate of a UK as a disciplinary measure:

Pro Wrestling Sheet has schooled Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn went opposite a artistic gauge given to them before SmackDown final night and we’re told it contributed to them being sent home. Multiple sources tell us Sami and Kevin were ostensible to “feed” for New Day following Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston yesterday, yet for some reason they didn’t follow directions and left a ring…Owens strike a ring as shortly as a compare finished and pounded Kofi as planned. However, he and Sami fast bailed from a ring. New Day afterwards stood waiting, same for a sound organisation who didn’t play anyone’s music, and a shred finished awkwardly when a dual wrestlers clearly went off book by not holding their designed violence afterward.

Since edition a story on Owens/Zayn being sent home, mixed sources reached out observant a twin have been somewhat formidable to work with newly and seem unfortunate backstage. (h/t total a following about what might have led to Owens and Zayn being sent home early:

PWInsider is stating that there were several things that were building adult including Owens angry aloud on a WWE talent bus. One chairman pronounced that it was “the final straw” after several days of touring. Another chairman felt that it wasn’t a vital emanate and that Owens, who has been unfortunate in new weeks, was “just venting” and that total with what happened during Smackdown forced government to take action.


This outlines a second time in as many months that Owens was sent home from an general tour, yet a initial came usually after a family puncture that resulted in Triple H donating his residence uncover deputy compensate to Owens.

The latest news per Owens and Zayn being kicked off a general tour, however, is a startling spin of events. While there are other superstars, past and present, who have had reputations of being formidable to work with, we’ve never listened such reports about Owens or Zayn in a past. By all prior accounts, they’ve been indication superstars for WWE, that would explain given they’ve been positioned as arguably a tip dual stars on SmackDown as of late.

But with conjunction Zayn nor Owens now positioned for a mark on a Survivor Series card, that will, of course, lead to conjecture that there is some-more going on than meets a eye. WWE typically likes to bucket adult a general events (there were usually 7 of them in Q3 2017) with as most talent as probable given they occur so infrequently. Thus, promulgation dual tip superstars home early should be taken as a pointer that their control was deemed unpropitious adequate to aver such extreme disciplinary movement holding place.

Perhaps some-more sum will be suggested in a future, yet for now, it looks like Owens and Zayn (and generally a former) are being penalized for crude control on a tour, that might eventually leave them both in a doghouse in a brief and prolonged terms. That could play a vital purpose in their pushes, or miss thereof, on SmackDown, and we should see in a entrance months either WWE continues to retaliate them for their control by a engagement of their characters.



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