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April 21, 2018 - WWE

WWE Reportedly Wants The Undertaker To Wrestle More Often

If WWE has a way, we will see a lot some-more of The Undertaker going forward.

According to PWStream, WWE is carefree that “The Deadman” will be means to work a handful matches in 2018:


The Undertaker is uninformed off a WrestleMania 34 compare opposite John Cena that lasted reduction than 3 minutes, apparently given WWE was disturbed that Undertaker would be incompetent to combat a compare of any genuine length.

Yet, that didn’t forestall WWE from adding The Undertaker to subsequent week’s vast Greatest Royal Rumble event, where he’ll face Rusev in a box compare after that compare was combined behind to a card. WWE is pulling out all a stops for a GRR uncover in Saudi Arabia both given it is a company’s initial uncover there as partial of a 10-year understanding to run events in a country and given this star-studded eventuality will approaching keep a record WWE Network subscriber count going strong.

However, a fact that The Undertaker will be competing in his second compare in 3 weeks positively lends faith to PWStream’s news that WWE wants to use him some-more mostly this year. Of course, that approaching depends heavily on Undertaker’s health, and judging by his ridiculously brief WrestleMania 34 compare opposite Cena, it’s protected to assume that WWE is endangered about his ability to combat a extensive match. But there is also clearly still a outrageous fan bottom that wants to see “The Phenom” continue to contest in a ring.

You could disagree that a discuss about either or not Taker would indeed combat during WrestleMania 34 is one of a categorical reasons since a WWE Network subscriber count peaked to some-more than 2.1 million. Likewise, wrestling statistician Chris Harrington recently conducted an analysis of WWE Youtube viewership and resolved that The Undertaker was WWE’s sixth biggest captivate in that regard, suggesting that he competence indeed have some sketch energy left.

As prolonged as Undertaker is augmenting seductiveness and is physically means to wrestle, design to see him continue to do usually that, maybe some-more than he has during any prove in new memory.


Possible Plans For AJ Styles And Daniel Bryan



Both AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are set to argument with a rising heel on SmackDown.

According to Cageside Seats, “Big Cass is being deliberate for a vast pull in 2018, with a argument with AJ Styles probable after he works with Daniel Bryan.”


Big Cass had been out given final Aug after undergoing knee surgery, nonetheless after his warn lapse on this week’s SmackDown, it appears WWE has vast things in store for him going forward.

SmackDown has a new demeanour register following a Superstar Shakeup, and judging by his conflict on Bryan, Big Cass is being positioned among a likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and The Miz as a tip heels on a blue brand. The babyface side, on a other hand, total to be carried by Styles, Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, definition that, in all likelihood, we will see a cycle of all of these stars feuding with one another in one way, figure or form for a subsequent year.

The blue code positively now has a extensive core of stellar babyfaces, and Cass should take it as a vast pointer of certainty that WWE is pairing him with Styles (WWE’s No. 2 sell seller) and Bryan (who boosted WrestleMania 34 sheet sales), arguably a dual biggest draws and many renouned stars on Tuesday nights. It looks like WWE will rest heavily on Bryan and Styles on a face side while Cass has a best shot of rising adult a ranks on SmackDown and staying there, generally if he delivers during his approaching feuds with Styles and Bryan.

If we demeanour during SmackDown’s new history, a show’s TV ratings increasing almost in both 2016 and 2017 when a register was not scarcely as star-studded as it is now. That should bode good for SmackDown going brazen given now that it has a illusory brew of determined babyfaces like Bryan and Styles, as good as rising heels like Cass and Nakamura, a sky is a extent for a unexpected installed blue brand.

It’s usually a matter of either stars like Cass penetrate or float when given a spotlight because, rest assured, this competence be a usually possibility he gets to settle himself as a tip talent and a new beast heel.


Brock Lesnar Reportedly Working On ‘Per Appearance’ Deal



There continue to be questions surrounding Brock Lesnar’s standing with WWE.

Although one new news settled that Lesnar sealed a “multi-year” contract and simply pronounced that he re-signed with a company, PWStream reported around Twitter that Lesnar is now being paid “per appearance” rather than on a “fixed contract:”


Lesnar’s agreement expired a day of WrestleMania 34, nonetheless after he surprisingly degraded Roman Reigns in a show’s categorical event, there has been a lot of conjecture about what his destiny competence hold.

While reports state that Lesnar competence finish adult operative for WWE and UFC simultaneously, others advise that Lesnar will dump a Universal Championship to Reigns during a Greatest Royal Rumble eventuality and afterwards leave WWE afterward. However, this latest news from PWStream could potentially chuck an engaging curveball a way. Although Lesnar had apparently been operative on a bound agreement that featured a singular array of dates, his new agreement competence simply need him to be paid each time he shows adult on WWE programming.

There are apparent pros and cons to that deal, however. The Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc) recently reported that Lesnar’s new understanding came with a “significant compensate raise,” so even nonetheless “The Beast” is already one of WWE’s tip paid stars according to FORBES, it would seem that this new agreement will cost a association even some-more income going forward. After all, Lesnar competence be prone to work some-more dates if he is going to be paid per date rather than on a bound contract, so it’s possible, nonetheless not indispensably likely, that he competence combat some-more frequently going forward.

On a flip side, that reported lift competence be on a per-appearance basis, definition that WWE would use Lesnar even reduction frequently than it has in a past few years to equivocate profitable him an unreasonable volume of income that competence be improved off being used elsewhere. Again, there are still a lot of questions per Lesnar’s status, however, and there are no definite answers in regards to how many longer Lesnar will be around, how frequently he’ll seem or how he’ll be used.

But with a Superstar Shakeup ensuing in an liquid of star energy on both Raw and SmackDown, WWE will be usually excellent with or nonetheless Lesnar and no matter what his destiny competence hold.


WWE No Longer Planning To Do Brock Lesnar Vs. Bobby Lashley?



WWE competence have already scrapped skeleton for a vital compare involving a recently returning Bobby Lashley.

According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), there are now “no plans” to do Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar:

There has been a lot of conjecture on WWE presumably doing a compare between Bobby Lashley and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, nonetheless The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there are no skeleton for a match, during slightest right now. The Observer had reported in Jan that Lashley competence start a module with Lesnar after WrestleMania, nonetheless Lesnar was not wakeful about it during a time, even nonetheless he’s ostensible to be told of his programs in advance.


Even before to Lashley returning to WWE on a post-WrestleMania book of Raw, there were rumblings that his return argument would be opposite Lesnar, nonetheless as remarkable above, there is no decisive word on what Lesnar’s destiny holds.

All of a doubt per how many longer Lesnar will be around is approaching a best reason for WWE apparently scrapping his rumored argument with Lashley. After all, it would be formidable to suppose WWE not wanting to do a Lashley/Lesnar argument given that it would be zero brief of a dream adversary featuring dual really achieved MMA fighters with considerable jaunty backgrounds. There aren’t many intensity dream matches that would array dual stars with such jaw-dropping physiques and definite auras opposite one another, nonetheless Lashley vs. Lesnar would apparently fulfilment that.

What’s more, it positively looks like Lashley could now turn a outrageous pull in WWE. In Chris Harrington analysis of YouTube viewership for videos between Dec 2017 and Apr 2018, he resolved that Lashley was a third biggest pull on a site during that span, behind usually Lesnar and Roman Reigns. That’s an considerable attainment for someone who usually returned to WWE a integrate of weeks ago and hadn’t achieved for a association in some-more than a decade before to that.

Given that Lesnar and Lashley seem to beget some-more seductiveness than many stars, this is a dream compare that WWE should do before it’s too late, and utterly frankly, it competence be too late really shortly given Lesnar has a really pale destiny in WWE. That’s since it would make clarity for Lashley to improved him in a nearby destiny and radically take over his purpose as Raw’s many unstoppable star in a eventuality that “The Beast” bolts behind to UFC.



  • Raw averaged 3.622 million viewers, a poignant nonetheless approaching dump from a 3.921 million viewers for a post-WrestleMania 34 episode. Now comes a genuine test, however, with a red brand’s new demeanour register anticipating to reason that viewership plain going forward.
  • Viewership for a latest partial of SmackDown was down 5.3% to an normal of 2.796 million, and with a blue code clearly removing a improved finish of a Superstar Shakeup, it’ll be engaging to see how those numbers swell going forward.
  • Dean Ambrose was added to and afterwards removed from several live eventuality advertisements for this week, indicating that he’s still distant off from a lapse after undergoing triceps medicine late final year. Seth Rollins suggested, however, that Ambrose competence lapse within a subsequent few months.
  • WWE also private Rusev from his Greatest Royal Rumble box compare opposite The Undertaker and afterwards combined him back. The reasoning? Comments done by Rusev and Lana about Undertaker during an talk with TMZ reportedly dissapoint WWE management, nonetheless once “The Deadman” pronounced he didn’t have an emanate with their comments, Rusev was re-added to a match. However, Pro Wrestling Sheet (h/t Cageside Seats) is refuting that news and observant this was “just a box of Vince McMahon changing his mind.”
  • Current skeleton call for Ronda Rousey to eventually argument with Natalya as her initial categorical register singles rivalry, in vast partial given a dual have lerned together. It also creates clarity given Natalya is one of WWE’s some-more high-profile womanlike superstars due to her unchanging purpose on Total Divas.
  • Jason Jordan’s lapse is imminent, and he will approaching be pushed as a tip heel on Raw whenever he does come back.
  • An announcement competence have spoiled Greatest Royal Rumble plans as both Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali are being advertised for a event. No surprises there, given their recognition in a Middle East.
  • There are indeed vast skeleton for Baron Corbin, who is expected to be pushed as a categorical eventuality star after his pierce to Raw. Vince McMahon is reportedly a vast fan of “The Lone Wolf,” so it’ll be engaging to see if he gets a Braun Strowman-like pull or struggles in a midcard like he did on SmackDown.
  • WWE reportedly attempted to bring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to a Greatest Royal Rumble, nonetheless he declined a offer, nonetheless a latest denote that Austin will substantially never combat again.
  • Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley and Daniel Bryan are a betting favorites to win a 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match, while contingency prove Roman Reigns will kick Brock Lesnar for a Universal Championship.
  • Even nonetheless Orlando usually hosted WrestleMania 33 final year, a city is already looking to bring behind WrestleMania in a nearby future, and with WWE mostly returning to WrestleMania horde cities really quickly, that’s positively not out of a area of responsibilities.
  • Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz will take place on mixed live events during WWE’s debate of Europe in May, a probable indicator of destiny artistic skeleton for both stars.
  • From TMZ (h/t WrestlingInc): “Illinois tattoo artist Catherine Alexander has filed a lawsuit opposite WWE and 2K Games, according to TMZ Sports. Randy Orton’s tattoo artist claims that 2K and WWE used her designs nonetheless accede in a WWE 2K video diversion series.”
  • It looks like FOX and ESPN competence form an doubtful partnership to land UFC’s subsequent TV deal, and if that’s a case, it seems approaching (though positively not impossible) that WWE would not finish adult on FOX and would substantially sojourn on a USA Network when a stream TV agreement expires.
  • Despite reports to a contrary, Dolph Ziggler has not sealed a new WWE deal, and his agreement reportedly expires during some prove this summer. Whether or not he’s pushed alongside Drew McIntyre on Raw should give a plain denote of either or not he’ll be withdrawal in a nearby future.

Blake Oestriecher is an facile propagandize clergyman by day and a sports author by night. He’s a writer to a Forbes @SportsMoneyBlog, where he essentially covers WWE. You can follow him on Twitter @BOestriecher.

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