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May 6, 2017 - WWE


Brock Lesnar WWE Return Plans Includes Feuds With Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, More

Brock Lesnar will be appearing some-more frequently during his stream pretension energy than his final one.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats), Lesnar will be operative some-more dates as Universal Champion than he did as WWE Champion a integrate of years ago and is penciled in for a series of vital feuds:

Brock Lesnar is approaching to be around some-more during this Universal championship run, according to a Observer, nonetheless so distant customarily Great Balls of Fire and SummerSlam skeleton are set for him. It’s approaching Lesnar will have pretension defenses opposite a likes of Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, during a unequivocally least.


Raw viewership has plummeted given WrestleMania 33, dipping from 3.767 million for a post-Mania partial to usually 2.87 million this week for a wreckage of scarcely one million viewers in reduction than a month.

What does Vince McMahon customarily do when ratings tumble so badly so quickly? Well, move behind a vital luminary who can be a “quick fix,” of course.

Although Lesnar isn’t advertised to urge a Universal Championship until Great Balls of Fire on Jul 9, WWE competence be forced to move him behind progressing after this week’s Raw viewership strike a 2017 low. There are copiousness of potentially outrageous matches lined adult for Lesnar, including a aforementioned bouts opposite guys like Balor, Rollins and Strowman, who is substantially a biggest intensity competition for Lesnar right now as “The Monster Among Men” is roving an implausible call of momentum.

Raw’s programming hasn’t been terrible given WrestleMania, yet it does seem to be blank a hint that Lesnar could provide, generally in a never-before-seen argument with someone like Balor or Strowman. And if Raw live eventuality assemblage also consistently dips (like it did final year and earlier this year) to go along with sagging ratings, rest positive Lesnar will be behind to boost business and assistance beget a renewed seductiveness in a struggling WWE product.


What’s Next For Strowman And Roman Reigns?




Despite what is being pronounced on TV, Braun Strowman is not harmed and is approaching to continue his argument with Roman Reigns streamer into Extreme Rules subsequent month.

According to reports from Pro Wrestling Sheet and Sportskeeda (h/t Cageside Seats)

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet says his sources tell him a Braun Strowman damage announced on Raw is “part of a storyline and not legit.” Which is in line with an progressing news from Sportskeeda that Extreme Rules will underline a Strowman/Roman Reigns ambulance compare to blow-off their feud.


If there’s anything that would infer to be a outrageous wreckage to Raw right now, it’s a wreckage of Strowman, who has been a best thing about a uncover for months now.

Just cruise that this week’s Raw, that lacked appearances from both Strowman and Reigns, dropped to an ancestral low after Strowman had previously seemed to be a ratings pull for a show. Strowman vs. Reigns has done for constrained TV on a uncover that has a series of other feuds that are rather lackluster, including Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins and whatever is going on with a Intercontinental Championship.

Reigns vs. Strowman has a lot to contest with right now, given that a NBA Playoffs are doing intensely good in a ratings, and with no part-timers (like Goldberg, Lesnar or Undertaker) around, that has put many of a vigour on these dual for a time being. It’ll be engaging to see how fans respond to a third Reigns/Strowman bout, that seems like a pledge for Extreme Rules, as a continued build toward their rubber compare will still have to contest opposite a NBA Playoffs and strike shows like Dancing with a Stars.

This is one of those times of a year where even if gripping Reigns and Strowman off of TV creates storyline sense, WWE unequivocally can’t risk holding possibly star off TV for prolonged when they’ve been a many interesting partial of Raw (and a show’s biggest draws) given WrestleMania 33.


Kurt Angle Expects To Wrestle In WWE Again




Kurt Angle believes he will combat in WWE again, yet maybe not until subsequent year.

Angle recently told WrestleZone Radio the following about stepping behind into a ring:

I know they are going to drug exam me continuously. It’s no some-more than anybody else yet else yet they are going to. It’s one of those things where they are going to guard me and see how we do. we don’t consider it’s an emanate of “if” they are going to we consider it’s “when”. That’s my opinion yet we will be wrestling down a highway during some point. It competence not be this year, it competence be subsequent year, we don’t know. They haven’t pronounced a word yet my theory is we will combat again in WWE. we usually don’t know when.


WWE expected mislaid dual of a biggest part-time draws during WrestleMania 33, when both The Undertaker and Goldberg seemed to have wrestled their final match.

Of course, the WWE Network normal subscriber count jumped up during a initial entertain of 2017, when Undertaker and Goldberg played large roles on Raw. Likewise, their participation during WrestleMania 33 helped a Network nearly strech a dual million subscriber mark the day of a show, that goes to uncover a extensive sketch energy of special attraction-type wrestlers.

Angle fits a check as a part-time captivate as he’s good past his days of being a full-timer yet is positively someone who would rise seductiveness in WWE given that he’s a Hall of Famer who hasn’t wrestled for a association given 2006. On this week’s Raw, WWE indeed seemed to lay down a substructure for Angle to potentially combat Bray Wyatt, and there is no necessity of intensity dream opponents for a former Olympic bullion medalist, including Rollins, Reigns, Balor or even Samoa Je.

While Angle doesn’t design to combat again until 2018, he’s a primary claimant to, like Lesnar, step adult for a vital compare or dual after this year when WWE feels he’s indispensable a most.


Latest On Hulk Hogan Potentially Returning To WWE




Could Hulk Hogan be entrance behind to WWE?

According to a May 8 book of the Wrestling Observer NewsletterHogan recently suggested that he’s in negotiations with Vince McMahon to lapse to a company:

Hulk Hogan did an designation signing over a weekend in Los Angeles and when asked about a apparent question, usually pronounced he and Vince are talking. Then again, it is Hogan. The answer to a doubt of his returning is always about when a feeling it is a time when a association feels there will be no intensity unite backlash.


When it comes to a Hogan return, it’s always felt like a matter of when rather than “if” he’ll lapse to a company.

Hogan’s daughter Brooke claimed late final year that her father would be behind in WWE in time for WrestleMania 33, yet that apparently didn’t happen. And a lot has altered in WWE given then, generally in regards to notice of a association and how it responds to intensity open family nightmares, given that WWE has dealt with a satisfactory share of those recently.

Consider a bullying liaison involving JBL and Maura Ranallo, who has since left WWE, and a outcome that conditions has had on a company, with many fans calling for JBL to be fired and overwhelmingly so. There has been a lot of critique destined during WWE per a doing of a huffy theme like bullying, so given that Hogan was dismissed in 2015 for his use of secular slurs, a intensity Hogan lapse could set off a firestorm of critique destined toward WWE.

After all, how would it demeanour for WWE if Ranallo leaves a association while JBL stays and Hogan comes back? Regardless of where we mount on a issues concerned here, it’s tough to repudiate a disastrous outcome that a Hogan lapse could have on WWE’s image, generally if it happens anytime soon.



  • In regards to Matt and Jeff Hardy apropos “broken” in WWE, the WON had a following to say: “The faith is that they are doing a build toward it and we had been told weeks ago that a sides were in negotiations for a allotment where WWE would finish up shopping a rights to a gimmick from Anthem.” Given that Matt, in particular, has been not-so-subtly utilizing elements of his “Broken” character, a prepared theory is that WWE is tighten to reaching a understanding with Anthem for a rights to a gimmick.
  • This week’s Raw garnered a lowest rating of 2017, averaging usually 2.87 million viewers. The show’s ratings do tend to dump during this time of a year, however, so a new ratings slip isn’t something to tatter about. Yet.
  • SmackDown’s viewership also hit a 2017 low, and during usually 2.3 million normal viewers, is dangerously tighten to that dreaded dual million mark. Although the ratings dump is totally normal, WWE competence start to worry if ratings don’t change out in a nearby future.
  • Although Chris Jericho was created off of TV on this week’s SmackDown, he is expected to return later in a year. That’s good news for a blue brand, that is sorely lacking in terms of tip talent and has struggling ratings to simulate that.
  • According to WWE’s initial entertain gain report, “WWE Network averaged 1.49 million paid subscribers over a initial entertain 2017, that represented a 16% boost from a initial entertain 2016.” That’s customarily somewhat adult from a 1.478 million a association averaged in a fourth entertain of 2016, though.
  • Adam Cole’s Ring of Honor agreement has expired, and his two many expected destinations are reportedly New Japan and WWE. With NXT in need of tip stars, Cole would be a ideal fit as a intensity face of a brand.
  • According to a Observer, “PPV income for a entertain increasing from $2.1 million to $2.8 million. At this indicate it appears a PPV decrease has stabilized and that a people who are still shopping on PPV are stability to do so, that is a good sign.” For some reason, fans are still profitable $60 for a PPV instead of $10 for a Network, that is good for WWE but, as a consumer, doesn’t seem to make most sense.
  • Jinder Mahal is not now scheduled to win a WWE Championship, yet with WWE recently rising in India, that could positively change as a association looks to dilemma that market. It expected depends on either or not Mahal is means to resolutely settle himself as a tip heel.

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