This Week In WWE Biz: Brock Lesnar Plans, Dean Ambrose Returning?, Roman Reigns’ Odd Push, More

May 12, 2018 - WWE

WWE Not Using Brock Lesnar At Money In The Bank?

Don’t pattern to see “The Beast” combat anytime soon.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer (h/t SEScoops), Brock Lesnar will not be fortifying a Universal Championship during Money in a Bank subsequent month:

Lesnar is not advertised to seem on Monday Night Raw over a subsequent few weeks, yet Money in a Bank on 6/17 would be a subsequent judicious eventuality to see a champ in action.

However, on a latest book of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer suggested that Lesnar is not scheduled to contest during Money in a Bank. ‘He competence have concluded to do a understanding until SummerSlam, or maybe a Jul show, yet he’s not on this one.’


Recent reports suggested Lesnar competence urge his pretension opposite Roman Reigns of Braun Strowman during Money in a Bank, yet both of those skeleton are totally out a window.

Reigns appears to be relocating on to a bone-fide argument with Jinder Mahal while Strowman was a initial luminary to validate for a men’s Money in a Bank ladder match. With “The Big Dog” and “The Monster Among Men” unequivocally moulding adult to be a customarily suitable opponents for Lesnar during Money in a Bank, it’s protected gamble that Lesnar indeed won’t seem during a pay-per-view and substantially won’t have another compare until presumably Extreme Rules in Jul or SummerSlam in August.

That, of course, means Lesnar will indeed transcend CM Punk’s 434-day WWE pretension energy to spin a longest reigning universe champion of a complicated era, that has substantially been finished by design. What’s notable, however, is that a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc) has reported that Lesnar’s recently sealed agreement expires before SummerSlam, that means that he’ll presumably have to pointer a new understanding to sojourn Universal Champion or will be dropping a pretension during Extreme Rules.

With Lesnar expected to lapse to UFC for during slightest one some-more fight, WWE competence select to get a pretension off him soon, yet with conjunction Reigns nor Strowman doing so notwithstanding mixed opportunities, a association has requisitioned itself into a corner. There are substantially no challenging opponents for Lesnar, outward of maybe Seth Rollins (who is already a Intercontinental Champion), that competence explain given WWE isn’t regulating “The Beast” during Money in a Bank.

That translates to another extended widen of Raw carrying no Universal Champion, withdrawal many of Raw’s categorical eventuality design yet many instruction while creation Rollins “the champion” on Raw by default.


Update On Roman Reigns’ Push And Why He’s Feuding With Jinder Mahal



On an partial of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), it was also pragmatic that Mahal is being used as a replacement opposition for Reigns due to a astonishing deficiency of Lesnar.

With Lesnar out of a equation, WWE is relocating brazen with a pull of Reigns, and according to Meltzer, is fixation him in a argument with Mahal in hopes of removing him cheered:

They’re perplexing to tell a story and we can’t trust it given they’ve been perplexing for a integrate of months, yet they’re still perplexing to tell a story that [Roman Reigns] is Daniel Bryan and government is screwing him over and that’s given he’s not a champion. But nobody buys it.

They’re perplexing to figure out a approach to get people to hearten him. We’re ostensible to cruise that all these things that happened — a whole thing that they preference Brock Lesnar yet it didn’t work. we theory for whatever reason even yet it didn’t work nobody has a improved suspicion so that’s what they’re going with.


You know things are removing bad when fans walk out of a pay-per-view categorical event because they’re so undone with a engagement of a luminary who is ostensible to be “the guy.”

Alas, Vince McMahon is apparently still a large believer of Reigns and still believes he is indeed “the guy,” so rest positive that WWE will continue to do anything and all in a energy to try to get Reigns over. However, fans still aren’t reacting to Reigns a approach WWE wants, and there are substantially no signs that will change anytime soon. If anything, it’s removing worse, and rather than simply angry about Reigns, fans are starting to denote their loathing of his pull by actions rather than difference alone.

Perhaps a customarily loyal approach WWE will recur a pull of Reigns, or cruise branch him heel, is for fans to take actions that will impact McMahon’s bank account. That would embody consistently tuning out of Raw or unsubscribing from a WWE Network, which, if adequate fans do it, competence finally locate McMahon’s attention. The problem with that truth is, it’s misleading accurately how many fans truly resent a pull of Reigns (do we unequivocally know what commission of fans honestly dislike him?) given his clever sell sales suggest he’s not scarcely as hated as we competence think.

The fans who hatred Reigns are simply a many vocal, and even yet it’s transparent that Reigns’ pull customarily isn’t operative (no matter what your thoughts on him are), WWE will continue to do things like pairing him with Mahal in hopes of changing that perception. Will it work? History says positively not, yet that won’t forestall WWE from trying, no matter how many times he fails.

The customarily loyal approach to pill a Reigns conditions is to give him an extended heel run (maybe dual years or more) and afterwards spin him babyface again, and many like that same truth has worked for Seth Rollins, chances are it would for Reigns as well.


Daniel Bryan Expected To Re-Sign With WWE



Despite rumors to a contrary, Daniel Bryan isn’t going anywhere.

Many fans have been speculating that Bryan will leave WWE when his agreement expires after this year, yet according to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Cageside Seats), “plans call for Daniel Bryan to hang with WWE over his stream contract.”


Bryan’s agreement officially expires this September, and after Bryan recently suggested that he designed on going to New Japan, Ring of Honor and/or CMLL if WWE didn’t transparent him, rumors flush that Bryan could finish adult withdrawal WWE anyway.

The suspicion is that if WWE doesn’t book Bryan well, a non-WWE wrestling stage is so prohibited right now that Bryan could shaft a association and would now be a hottest giveaway representative in all of pro wrestling. But given he was privileged to lapse to a ring roughly dual months ago, WWE has positioned Bryan good as an tip midcarder, and even yet he’s not “the guy” on SmackDown, he’s still one of a many renouned stars and many featured acts.

Although it’s expected that Bryan will customarily be positioned behind names like Reigns, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles on a babyface side, fan greeting to him is as clever as ever and could change that. Based on Bryan’s new detriment to Rusev, WWE is positioning him as a star who will need to recover his balance after a extensive layoff, and that’s indeed a intelligent storyline that could solemnly yet positively build him behind adult as a categorical eventer, maybe with a WWE pretension win as a boon down a road.

There are so many large feuds, and intensity money-making ones, left for Bryan, including rivalries with stars like The Miz, Samoa Joe, Lesnar, Rollins and Reigns, that it would be a officious shocker if WWE doesn’t re-sign him to a large income understanding before his agreement runs out in September.


Kurt Angle Says Dean Ambrose Will Return ‘Soon’



Raw is about to get a large boost of star power.

During a new QA eventuality of Facebook (h/t SEScoops), Raw General Manager had a following to contend when asked about a standing of a harmed Dean Ambrose:

Dean will be behind unequivocally soon. we can’t criticism on when though.

PWInsider (h/t Ringside News) adds that “Ambrose indeed changed to Birmingham, Alabama a month or so ago and has been vital there full-time in sequence to feature efforts as he rehabs his injury.”


Ambrose’s former Shield stablemate Seth Rollins also recently hinted that Ambrose, who’s been sidelined given Dec after undergoing triceps surgery, would lapse soon, and that gels with new reports indicating that Ambrose was removing closer to an in-ring return.

It will be engaging to see what WWE chooses to do with Ambrose, who was final positioned as a tip babyface on Raw, that is unexpected installed with fan favorites. The red code facilities Reigns, Rollins, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode during a tip of a babyface pecking order, so accurately where Ambrose will fit in with that brew isn’t clear. You could positively make a box that SmackDown needs him some-more than Raw does, either he earnings as a babyface or not.

Ambrose has prolonged been one of WWE’s many renouned stars, carrying been a tip sell inciter in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well, yet it’s a protected gamble that he’d, during a unequivocally least, be positioned behind Rollins, Reigns and Strowman on Raw. On SmackDown, on a other hand, he would presumably be neck and neck with stars like Bryan and Styles for a mark as a show’s tip babyface, depending on a booking. Speaking of which, a artistic group should strongly cruise a heel spin for Ambrose, generally if he earnings on Raw.

Raw unequivocally does not have a definite No. 1 heel, and yet Ambrose has never had a singles heel run given The Shield disbanded in 2014, he’s widely noticed as someone who would flower as a villain. “The Lunatic Fringe” is a gimmick tailor done for a heel performer, and given Raw boasts such a built babyface roster, branch Ambrose lax as a demented heel is positively value a risk during a time when there are some-more than adequate babyfaces who can assistance collect adult a slack.



  • Raw viewership bottomed out to an average of customarily 2.689 million viewers, a show’s misfortune series of a year. Though some of that dump can be attributed to a NBA and NHL playoffs, it expected had a lot to do with fan rancour to a terrible Backlash pay-per-view and a continued pull of Reigns.
  • SmackDown also had its misfortune viewership of 2018, normal a measly 2.293 million viewers for a lowest assembly given a 2017 Halloween episode. Much like Raw, WWE can censure that dump on both a feeble perceived Backlash PPV and foe from a NBA and NFL.
  • Kevin Owens has signed a five-year agreement prolongation with WWE, definition that, exclusive something variable happening, he will be a large partial of a company’s skeleton until during slightest 2023.
  • WWE reportedly had no skeleton to pull AJ Styles as a categorical eventuality star but was forced to do so formed on throng reaction. Needless to say, that’s worked out unequivocally good for all parties involved.
  • WWE may be bursting adult Rusev Day given “Aiden English doesn’t have a demeanour WWE officials like,” a weird logic for violation adult what is clearly one of a company’s many renouned acts.
  • WWE has signed a dual remaining members of MMA’s “Four Horsewomen,” Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. The dual stars have already reported to NXT, so it’s a protected gamble we’re going to get that rarely expected “Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen” compare during some indicate in a future.
  • It looks like we will be removing a first-ever tab group Money in a Bank match, even yet customarily dual MITB matches (one men’s and one women’s) have been announced so far. Smart move, WWE.
  • Ronda Rousey missed this week’s Raw due to her impasse in filming for Shark Week. Insert part-timer fun here.
  • Orlando is already looking to move behind WrestleMania after customarily hosting a eventuality in 2017. Given that WWE returned to New Orleans for a biggest PPV of a year after customarily 4 years, it wouldn’t be a warn to see Orlando land a PPV in a nearby future, generally given a primary location.
  • There is conjecture that a Big E singles pull could be on a horizon and presumably lead to The New Day violation up. Big E has a ton of intensity as a singles star, yet New Day’s clever sell sales may forestall that separate from function anytime soon.
  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE will announce a subsequent TV understanding by September, and formed on a series of new reports, it would be a warn if Raw and SmackDown finish adult anywhere yet FOX or a USA Network.
  • The site also reports that WWE’s Australia show, that was set for Oct in a track that could chair 100,000 fans, is now adult in a atmosphere after unconfirmed issues have put a uncover in jeopardy. That would be a large detriment for WWE even yet a uncover substantially wouldn’t beget as many income or seductiveness as a Greatest Royal Rumble one in Saudi Arabia did.
  • WWE also is attempting to trademark “Great American Bash,” suggesting a association be looking to move behind a former WCW pay-per-view as a PPV again, a special eventuality on a WWE Network or maybe even a residence uncover like it did with Starrcade.
  • WWE apparently has high hopes for Mandy Rose with association officials observation her as a star in a making. Expect a large pull for Rose on SmackDown as WWE tries to concrete her as one of a faces of a women’s division.

Blake Oestriecher is an facile propagandize clergyman by day and a sports author by night. He’s a writer to a Forbes @SportsMoneyBlog, where he essentially covers WWE. You can follow him on Twitter @BOestriecher.

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