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June 3, 2017 - WWE


WWE Plans For Brock Lesnar And Braun Strowman After Extreme Rules

Whoever wins a Fatal 5-Way compare during Extreme Rules will simply be fed to Brock Lesnar during Great Balls of Fire.

According to a Jun 5th Wrestling Observer NewsletterLesnar’s new No. 1 contender, whoever it is, will be a “one-and-done” before Lesnar moves on to a SummerSlam argument with Braun Strowman.


Recent betting odds prove that possibly Finn Balor or Seth Rollins will emerge winning during Extreme Rules, yet here’s a question: Does a leader of that compare unequivocally win anything during all?

It appears WWE is vigilant on Lesnar vs. Strowman during SummerSlam and Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 34, definition that whoever faces him during Great Balls of Fire, expected Balor or Rollins, roughly confidently will remove to “The Beast” in unilateral fashion. Raw has already hit a 2017 ratings low five times this year, all after WrestleMania 33, that shows that probably no full-timer on a uncover can pierce a needle a approach that Lesnar can.

Lesnar is a known ratings draw, generally during times where he’s requisitioned to be impossibly dominant, that could spell doom for whoever he faces during Extreme Rules. Though Rollins and Balor are among a tip stars on Raw, they are not noticed to be on a same turn as Lesnar, who is WWE’s biggest draw and appears to have a transparent trail to a Universal pretension compare during WrestleMania 34.

So, don’t be astounded if a leader of a 5-way compare during Extreme Rules ends adult worse off given of a win than he was before it. And appreciate a artistic team’s engagement of Lesnar for that.


What Is Planned For Kurt Angle Texting Storyline With Corey Graves?




Kurt Angle could be headed for a vital storyline with Stephanie McMahon, according to Cageside Seats:

The angle started on a latest Raw with Corey Graves, Kurt Angle and a poser content will expected be used, during slightest in part, to move Stephanie McMahon behind to television.


There are dual things to cruise here: Angle’s intensity in-ring lapse and WWE’s insistence on relying on a McMahon when ratings plummet.

WWE is shameful for bringing behind a member of a McMahon family, customarily Vince yet infrequently even Stephanie or Shane, during times when it feels like a product is struggling. It’s protected to contend that, given Raw’s historically low ratings and SmackDown struggling in that dialect as well, WWE is expected going to move behind a McMahon in hopes of branch things around.

While Stephanie’s lapse competence usually outcome in a brief boost in seductiveness in a WWE product (she is probably WWE’s No. 2 sell seller among females), it’s what this storyline could meant for Angle that could unequivocally help Raw. Angle has finished it famous that he thinks he will combat in WWE again, and as a Hall of Famer and one of WWE’s biggest stars of a past 20 years, his intensity in-ring lapse would positively spike seductiveness in a lackluster Raw.

WWE’s part-timers, like Goldberg and Undertaker, have proven to be draws for TV ratings and a WWE Network subscriber count, and Angle roughly confidently would be, too. Thus, let’s wish that his intriguing storyline with Graves could be what starts his highway to during slightest one some-more compare in WWE.


Latest On Hulk Hogan Potentially Returning To WWE




Don’t be astounded if Hulk Hogan earnings to WWE soon.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), there is copiousness of gibberish within WWE about “The Hulkster” streamer behind home:

There has once again been lots of speak within WWE about Hulk Hogan returning to work for a company.

It’s probable he’s re-hired for some arrange of Ambassador purpose in a nearby future.


WWE opened a doorway for a Hogan lapse final year when a association used his voice in a commercial, and usually this week, he was featured in WWE Kids magazine, that is usually accessible internationally.

Hogan, of course, was fired by WWE behind in 2015 when audiotape of secular remarks he finished were expelled and WWE was left with no choice yet to recover Hogan, expected out of fear of open recoil if a association kept him underneath contract. But roughly dual years after Hogan’s firing, a dirt surrounding this debate appears to have settled, and by many accounts, WWE seems meddlesome in bringing him back.

In light of the recent bullying liaison involving WWE announcer JBL, WWE has shown a eagerness to occupy stars who are held adult in controversy, even yet fans have called for JBL to be fired as a outcome of his. The disproportion between a situations of Hogan and JBL, however, is that Hogan’s actions were held on fasten while JBL’s were not, that is expected since JBL has faced no repercussions for his reported bullying, even yet many former WWE stars explain reports about it are true.

But as has been a box with JBL, who hasn’t faced many open recoil given gibberish surrounding a bullying liaison has died down, WWE has shown that time heels roughly all wounds. That positively appears to be loyal with Hogan, who could shortly be behind during a time when WWE is recuperating from a detriment of domicile names like Goldberg and The Undertaker.


More On Jinder Mahal’s Push, WWE’s Impact In India




WWE has strew even some-more light on since Jinder Mahal is being pushed so heavily.

According to a latest Wrestling Observer NewsletterIndia is WWE’s “No. 1 market” in terms of “television viewers, amicable media supporters and YouTube shave viewers.”


That would improved explain since WWE is adhering with a pull of Mahal, notwithstanding many fans not being too happy about it.

According to Cageside Seats, “WWE has apparently been happy with a preference to make Jinder Mahal champion, privately what it’s finished for YouTube and amicable media.” Even yet it’s usually been a integrate of weeks given Mahal won a title, his “Punjabi Celebration” did, in fact, turn out to be a YouTube hit while SmackDown’s viewership has indeed trended adult given he won a belt.

That’s good news for WWE, that perceived a ton of inhabitant broadside in India for Mahal’s win over Randy Orton during Backlash. However, it’s value zero that, according to a Observer, India is still not a outrageous moneymaker for WWE given WWE Network subscribers are low in a country, as are sell sales, definition that India competence be WWE’s best marketplace yet not indispensably financially.

Mahal’s pretension win has been a mainstream story in India, however, that is a initial step in a right instruction and a probable pointer that Mahal could be in line for an extended pretension reign. Even yet some fans aren’t anxious with a unproven Mahal as champion, he’s achieved good so distant and WWE is reaping a advantages internationally.

Unless that changes, Mahal should sojourn a top-tier star, even if he does dump a WWE pretension during some indicate in a subsequent few months.



  • The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Money in a Bank tickets have been ignored given of “how costly a building seats are now for PPV shows,” that is something WWE competence wish to cruise changing in a future.
  • Randy Orton’s agreement apparently stipulates that he does not work all residence shows, that is since he hasn’t been operative as many residence shows recently.
  • According to a WON, “WWE residence uncover assemblage for Mar averaged 5,500 that is adult 14 percent from 4,824 in Mar final year. ” That’s a clever pointer for WWE as, along with TV ratings, live eventuality assemblage is one of a company’s many significance business metrics.
  • Raw once again drew a lowest assembly of a year this week, and yet some of that censure can be put on a Memorial Day holiday, it still should be a matter of grave regard to Vince McMahon and company.
  • The Observer also records that Dalton Castle’s ROH agreement expires this month and that he could be WWE bound. With NXT in apocalyptic need of some-more stars, Castle would be a ideal fit there.
  • WWE government is really high on Alexa Bliss, according to the WON. She should be a No. 1 star in a multiplication for a subsequent 5 to 10 years.
  • Creative skeleton for Rusev have reportedly changed, that is a contrition given that SmackDown could positively use him. However, with Jinder Mahal’s beast pull as partial of WWE’s try to enhance in India, WWE apparently has no skeleton for another “foreign beast heel.”

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