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March 18, 2017 - WWE

Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns At WWE WrestleMania 34?

While we’ve nonetheless to strech WrestleMania 33, WWE apparently already has a devise in place for a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 34.

According to a Wrestling Observer Newslettercurrent skeleton call for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar to pretension a eventuality in a WrestleMania 31 rematch:

The WrestleMania 34 categorical eventuality for Apr 8, 2017, that apparently could change, is set for Lesnar vs. Reigns for a Universal title.

The thought is unequivocally many to make Reigns a subsequent Cena, that was a devise for Santa Clara dual years ago, until they motionless to check it formed on fan reaction.

The devise is to once again build for a year and have a large accession during WrestleMania. The thought between now and afterwards is for Reigns to be a face, not usually when he wins a title, though to entirely reinstate John Cena as a lead babyface of a company.


Part of a reason because WWE seems vigilant on pulling Lesnar into nonetheless another WrestleMania categorical eventuality is his eagerness to work an increasing schedule, according to a Observer:

He’s been on TV roughly each week and finished some residence shows of late. The clarity we’ve been given is he will never work a full schedule, though he will work some-more dates over a subsequent year, The devise in place is that Lesnar will do some-more shows from this indicate forward, in what will be a final year of his stream three-year WWE contract.

Even with a lofty pledge of some-more than $1 million (and gain good above that), Lesnar has already proven to be an impossibly profitable luminary to WWE, one who tends to have a certain outcome on all from ratings to live eventuality attendance. In fact, this week’s WON reports that Lesnar’s further to a new Madison Square Garden residence uncover packaged in roughly 15,000 fans, that is one of a many reasons because his pull creates so many sense.

But really, it appears that Lesnar, even with an increasing effort and definite star power, is especially a guaranty in a diversion that is WWE’s try to get Reigns over. Reigns, for all a critique he gets, is a clever sell mover and a popular YouTube attraction, though he’s still struggled to win over a many outspoken fan bottom that continues to disapprove him ruthlessly.

While engagement Reigns in nonetheless another WrestleMania categorical eventuality and giving him another large World pretension win approaching won’t do him any favors with those fans, it’s distinct because WWE approaching won’t give adult on a Reigns pull anytime shortly and because WWE is bathing him to be “the subsequent John Cena.”


Update On Goldberg’s WWE Future


Goldberg is not scheduled for any more Raw appearances after Mar 27, though according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that doesn’t meant we won’t see him combat in WWE again:

Goldberg’s agreement expires during WrestleMania though a run was deliberate a success and a doorway is open to use him for large shows in a future.


As many as some fans approaching Goldberg’s stream WWE run to totally bomb, a accurate conflicting has been true.

Goldberg has peaked seductiveness in a WWE product, as evidenced by his positive outcome on Raw’s ratings and WWE Network hitting a 1.5 million paid subscriber symbol after Royal Rumble, an eventuality that was mostly built around his fight with Lesnar. Although Goldberg has never been and will never be confused for a good in-ring performer, that hasn’t mattered as his definite aura has hold on with today’s era some-more than expected.

WWE is approaching going to have Goldberg take his initial purify detriment ever during WrestleMania 33, though his star energy shouldn’t be harm too many by a detriment to Lesnar as WWE has finished a extensive pursuit of safeguarding both guys. Thus, Goldberg should still, like has given his return, be one of those must-see attractions who shows adult each now and then, quickly spikes business and afterwards goes divided again.

As evidenced by stars like The Undertaker, Triple H and even Cena, WWE has no perplexity when it comes to bringing behind part-timers when it feels like a timing is right, and that trend could and should continue with Goldberg, regardless of either or not he loses during WrestleMania 33.


Latest On Matt And Jeff Hardy Possibly Returning To WWE


Matt and Jeff Hardy are in a midst of an heated conflict with Impact Wrestling over tenure of their “Broken” characters, one that resulted in Impact promulgation a stop and terminate minute to pay-per-view providers in sequence to forestall a new Ring of Honor PPV from airing.

But regardless of a outcome of this situation, a Observer reports that a Hardys are approaching to breeze adult in WWE:

Obviously a Hardys are going to WWE unless things change, approaching after a Lakeland uncover or shortly thereafter.


The Lakeland uncover is a ROH uncover during WrestleMania weekend, where a Hardys will take on The Young Bucks in a compare that is widely approaching to be a Hardys’ swan strain in ROH.

Jeff Hardy recently suggested that, like many expected, a Hardy’s ROH agreement is indeed “short term,” and he also combined that he “would adore to deliver a Broken Universe to WWE eventually.” That “eventually” total to come earlier rather than after as all indications are that Matt and Jeff’s ROH run will finish a night before WrestleMania 33, paving a approach for them to uncover adult in WWE as shortly as that week.

It will be interesting, however, to see how many WWE will change a “Broken” gimmick or if a association will simply have them lapse as a Hardy Boyz of old. Here’s what a Observer had to contend about that:

More likely, if WWE brought in a Hardys, they would change a gimmick completely, or during slightest adequate of it to where they felt they wouldn’t infringing on it, if they felt Anthem had a case.

As intriguing as a “Broken” gimmick is and as over as it got in 2016, WWE might not wish to run a risk of any arrange of intensity authorised movement from Impact in a eventuality that a Hardys use a Broken-like gimmick in WWE. Thus, it’s possible that Matt and Jeff use some arrange of hybrid mix of their aged Hardy Boyz gimmick and a “Broken” one in WWE.

At a unequivocally least, design to see some arrange of teenager alterations to their gimmick should they finish adult in WWE, unless a Hardys are granted a heading and found to be owners of a “Broken” characters.


WWE To Be Without John Cena, Chris Jericho After WrestleMania 33


WWE stars John Cena and Chris Jericho will both take a extensive interregnum from WWE after WrestleMania 33.

According to, Jericho is approaching to debate with his rope Fozzy for many of May and is not advertised to seem for WWE until Extreme Rules on Jun 4. Cena, meanwhile, is not approaching behind until during or after Money in a Bank on Jun 18 as he’s headed behind to Hollywood.


There’s no approach to sweeten it: Losing both Jericho and Cena is a large blow to WWE.

Cena has proven to be such a outrageous assistance to SmackDown’s live eventuality attendance, with a Observer observant that a residence uncover this week in “Charleston, WV, drew 6,000, that was an extraordinary throng for a Monday night uncover in a marketplace of that size.” You can give a lot of that credit to Cena, who is a scarcely forlorn pull when it comes to residence uncover attendance and is such a vicious partial of a blue brand’s live eventuality success, even when he’s in what is radically a midcard argument with The Miz.

While Jericho isn’t a pull that Cena is, he has been, distant and away, one of a many interesting aspects of Raw over a final year-plus, and given that he usually incited babyface, it’s a contrition that he’s set to go divided soon. Raw is unequivocally skinny on a babyface side even when Seth Rollins and Finn Balor around, and Jericho is on glow as a red brand’s hottest babyface act during a moment.

Y2J’s argument with Kevin Owens is a strongest WrestleMania module during a moment, and a code separate has combined a need for WWE to have as many star energy as probable all year long. Jericho is one of those selfless, reputable legends who probably always improves a peculiarity of WWE programming, so he’ll positively be missed during his brief absence.

The usually certain about Jericho’s arriving deficiency is that it maybe will give honourable stars, like Sami Zayn, a possibility to gleam or even pave a approach for someone like Shinsuke Nakamura to get his prolonged awaited call-up from NXT.



  • The WON reports that in 2016 “Shane McMahon warranted about $2,150,000, all as a performer, for his purpose on radio as commissioner as good as for his categorical eventuality income from WrestleMania and Survivor Series.” Seems a small many for wrestling dual matches, no?
  • Shinsuke Nakamura is not advertised for NXT’s UK debate in June, indicating a intensity categorical register call-up after WrestleMania 33, something a spectator reports will occur “very shortly.”
  • reports that WWE could shortly pointer a series of (former) ROH stars, including Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.
  • According to the WON, as of Mar 14, “There were 317 tickets left out of about 55,000 seats for sale during a Citrus Bowl on a primary marketplace though thousands of tickets left on a delegate market,” definition WrestleMania 33, notwithstanding being hold in a many smaller stadium, is still not a sellout. 
  • There is reportedly speak of sending Roman Reigns to SmackDown, and if that happens, design AJ Styles to finish adult on Raw.
  • In regards to Shaquille O’Neal vs. Big Show during WrestleMania apparently being off, here’s what a WON had to say: “It was unequivocally clearly a financial conditions given negotiations had been stability and they hadn’t concluded on a price.”
  • WWE is now holding a tryout, and among a participants is former TNA/Impact star, Wes Brisco. With WWE constantly looking to batch talent for NXT, design during slightest one of a attendees to finish adult signing a contract.

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